• About a Band: Tomorrow's Tulips

    All week long we'll be learning a little bit more about each of the bands in our Burger Records lookbook and feature. Up first: Tomorrow's Tulips.

    If you could dream of the ultimate band to describe summer in California, who would it be? In my opinion, it would be Tomorrow's Tulips. Alex Knost and Ford Archbold, the duo that makes up the band, created some of the most perfectly "lo-fi"jams on their latest record Experimental Jelly that was just released on Burger Records last year. Knost and Archbold are just as sun-soaked as their music, both with bleach blonde hair and tan skin. Below, Alex tells me about why he started the band, his favorite spots to surf, and his top summer tunes.
    Photographs by Dominic Santos

    Hi Alex! Tell me a little bit about how Tomorrow's Tulips formed.
    I started Tomorrow's Tulips as a sort of refuge from the band I was currently in at the time. I needed a release from the frustration that was trying to make a "group work" and to play without over-analyzation or any premonition of what was needed to succeed. It was a fresh start to accept failure from a listener or onlooker, and simply create. I originally started the group with an ex-girlfriend playing drums.

    You released Experimental Jelly just last year. Who or what were your main influences when recording the record?
    Being in the open, having an exposed fragility; that is what binds humanity and emotion. Our world is masked by media, fashions, trends, and technology. The end result has been isolation, and that isolation stems insecurity and jealousy amongst a community. I wanted to write songs, or at least take a step towards being naked.

    Do you feel living in California has a large influence on your music?
    A person's environment is always a role in what they are producing. I think there's a mix of embracing that and also an effort to alienate it. It's the uncomfortable situation of staying where you know what's going on, much like living at your parents' house.

    Aside from music, I know you are an avid surfer as well. What's your favorite place in California to surf?
    I enjoy the beach breaks in between the track homes and parking meters.

    What tunes are at the top of your summer playlist?
    Television Personalities "Do You Know What They're Saying About Me Now" and Conspiracy of Owls "A Silver Song."

    What's your favorite thing to do during the summer besides surfing and playing music?
    Visit OCMA, ride a bicycle, and go to openings.