• About a Band: together PANGEA

    All week long we'll be learning a little bit more about each of the bands in our Burger Records lookbook and feature. Up today: together PANGEA.

    Together PANGEA just released their latest album Badillac this year.  Along with their friends at Burger Records, together PANGEA are currently on a mission to bring the era of garage rock back. William Keegan, Danny Bengston and Erik Jimenez are the guys behind the band.  I talked to bassist Danny about the band, how they started, why they love working with Burger Records and the bands they say we should be keeping our ears open for.
    Photograph by Alice Baxley

    Hey Danny! So tell me a little bit about together PANGEA and how you guys came to be.
    Well, me and William started playing music together probably like ten years ago, then we met our drummer Eric when I was going to Cal Arts, and yeah, it just took shape from there.

    You just released your full-length, Badillac, which has a definite California feel. What about the state influenced the record?
    Maybe nothing directly; I think just sort of living here in general and having this sort of artistic community and Burger Records and bands like that. Your friends influence you a lot, I think, sort of by default.

    What do you like most about being able to work with a label like Burger Records?
    They’ve always been really supportive of us and they hit us up pretty early within the first year of Burger starting. We didn’t have a label or anything, but we had friends who were with Burger and we were figuring out how to become part of the thing. They reached out to us and they’ve always been super supportive and they’re down to help us out any way they can, whether it was like in the early days getting us on bigger shows and things like that, whatever we needed. We signed with a major label and they were nothing but supportive, and we’ve made it work so we can continue to release things with them. We even have some new plans to release some cool new things in the future together.

    What's your idea of an ideal show? I know your shows get pretty rowdy..
    Yeah, I don’t know. Any all ages show, I’d say. Usually a lot of our fans tend to be younger, a lot of them tend to not be 21, or a lot of times not even be 18. I think that’s the biggest thing - an affordable all ages show, that’s the ideal thing for us. They definitely do get rowdy.

    What's your favorite thing to do in LA during the summer?
    Just swimming! Usually my favorite thing to do is go swimming in rivers, swimming holes and stuff. There are a couple that are within like an hour of here that me and my friends frequently hit up. You can’t drive around every day to go swimming, so we end up going to a friend’s pool if someone’s around. If all else fails we end up swimming on the roof of The Standard in Downtown. It’s close to our house and there’s good drinks.

    What's your go-to summer album?
    Various, we’re on tour pretty consistently, like most of the summer we’re going to be in Europe, and when you’re on tour you kind of end up listening to whatever the person who’s driving plays. I don’t know, Beach Boys are always good. I’m a huge Beach Boys fan. The album Surf’s Up is really amazing, Pet Sounds is great, the really early Beach Boys.

    Speaking of what music you listen to, what are some bands you've had your eye on lately?
    Meat Market is incredible. We did a tour with them about a year ago, and that was one of the most fun tours ever. I don’t think they have released on Burger yet, but they definitely have played a lot of Burger shows, like at South By they played and stuff. I know everyone in the band totally loves those guys. We just had The Garden open up for us a couple times, like at our Troubadour show, and those guys are really rad. I really like the hip-hop stuff they’ve been doing. Those are the big ones for me lately. Audacity, those guys are like our best buddies from way back, everything they do is awesome. They just released a new 10”. It’s not new, it’s like their lost album which they did when they were teenagers before their first album, which was Burger Records’ first proper LP release. So that just came out, and that’s really cool.