• A Day in the Life: Cainnon, October 8 & 9

    "Monday was wrap-up day at the new Forth Worth store. Opening day is Thursday so there wasn’t much time left! We were busy finalizing major projects and adding all the finishing touches. Beauty is often found in the little details, after all! 

    For lunch, Clint, Booty and I went over to Chimys, a Mexican Resturant, and grabbed some chimichangas. After work, we moseyed on over to the Gold Standard to celebrate how awesome we are. I don’t know who was buying, but I didn't pay for anything. Booty grabbed me an Irish Car Bomb, then Mario offered me the Mexican version (just add a shot of tequila!) .

    Tuesday was a short work day, but a long ass travel day. My lovely boss Kim made sure we were fed before we got on the plane. We sat on the front stairs of the store and said our goodbyes over BBQ. I left the store around noon, but didn’t make it back home in Atlanta until midnight. 

    To sum up my trip to Texas, we worked hard, laughed harder, and got the job done. Make sure to stop by and check out our work in person if you happen to be in the area, you won’t be disappointed! Follow me on Instagram to catch anything you may have missed @Cainnon.

    Live music and tons of free fun starting at 7 PM tonight, Thursday, October 11 at the new Fort Worth store, located at 2735 W. 7th St.!"