• A Bunch of Really Important Sh!t Happened Yesterday

    In case you accidentally slept through yesterday, or your 'returns-results' drinking game has left you with a major hole in your recall of the historic events that happened in the last 24 hours, here's a brief rundown. —Kate

    1. We re-elected Barack Obama to second term of President of the United States, which is great, because he's pretty much the coolest.   

    2. Colorado and Washington voters passed amendments to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Thousands across the country start looking into real estate in Boulder.

    3. In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin defeats Tommy Thompson to become the first female senator from Wisconsin, and the first openly-gay person to serve in the US Senate. Hell motherf**king yes.

    4. Two old white dudes learned that spouting off with out-of-touch and offensive comments about rape might not be such a good idea. Though they may live in the dark ages, their electorates clearly do not. 

    5. Maine and Maryland become the first states to legalize gay marriage by popular vote

    6. New Hampshire elected the first-ever all-female congressional delegation, basicially making November 6, 2012 the BEST. GIRLS. NIGHT. EVER. 

    7. Young people and minorities turned out to vote in numbers that almost matched the historic levels of the last election, disproving many Republican touts of Obama's 2008 victory being merely a one-off. 

    True that.