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4/20 Beauty Products

If you're going green in your life, why not go green with your beauty products as well? You know. Greeeeeen. —Katie

Rich Hippie Perfume
This Rich Hippie perfume smells like marijuana. So you'll attract every white boy with dreads within a 2 mile radius.

Earthly Body Skinny Dip Hemp Seed Glow Oil
Hemp! It really is useful for everything.

Apothecanna Pain Creme Massage Lotion
At senior week, this girl in my class fell off a balcony and a rumor that went around was that they eased her pain with marijuana. This lotion is sort of like that.

Hologram Nail Polish

Portland General Store Cologne
Alright, so it's not wacky tabacky, but this tobacco cologne will still satisfy the risk-takin' smoker in all of us.

Anna Sui Hand Cream
Herbal, man.