• 2nd Annual Teen Creeps Art Exhibition

    Not busy next Friday? Then I've found something cool for you to do. On Friday, September 6th at The Vex in Los Angeles, the 2nd Annual Teen Creeps Art Exhibition, sponsored by Vans, Blood Is The New Black, and Origami Vinyl is happening. Named after the No Age song, "Teen Creeps," the event is being put on for a second year by Clara Polito, whom you may have heard of because of her awesome baking company, Clara Cakes. The art show has an excellent DIY mentality, and features artwork created by teenagers of LA. Admission is free, but make sure you bring a little cash for tasty treats that will be sold at the show, and wear your dancing shoes because there will be performances by Cherry Glazerr and Party Jail, plus a DJ set by Origami Vinyl. Come out and support independent art! RSVP here!

  • Karen O "The Moon Song"

    If you've seen the trailer for Her (that movie about falling in love with your AI computer!), you might have noticed that it featured part of a song by Karen O. Now the song, titled "The Moon Song," is available on Soundcloud in full. It's a cute, catchy song, and the movie looks just as promising. —Katie
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  • Video: A Letter From Fred

    Slow news day, so you know what, just watch this video and try not to float away on a sea of your own tears. GOOD LUCK. —Katie
    (via Buzzfeed)
  • Trend: Soft Pants

    Soft pants are totally a thing and it's great! Because most of them have elastic waists! So they're basically pajama pants that you can wear outdoors!!! The fashion gods have heard our cries, y'all. I mean, I love high-waisted pants as much as the next gal,  but if I'm shoehorned into a pair of those things and then go out for a burger, my whole day is over. I either need to go home and change, or figure out a way to hide the fact that I'm sitting at the table with my pants unzipped. Glorious soft pants allow for maximum burger consumption! Celebrate good times, C'MON! Here are some of my favorites. —Katie

    Staring At Stars Heroine Harem Pant

    Staring At Stars Majestic Pant

    Ecote Knit Harem Pant

    Somedays Lovin Muchacho Floral Pant

    Staring At Stars Acid-Wash Lounge Pant

    BDG Side-Zip Sweatpant

    Tallow Taveler Harem Pant

    Ecote Curved Yoke Harem Pant

    Silence + Noise Pull-On Track Pant

    BDG Tapered High-Rise Lounge Pant
  • Dreamy Room Accessories

    Those stills up there are from The Virgin Suicides because I can't think of better roomspiration if you're trying to keep things dreamy. I mean, look at that zodiac mobile! Isn't that the best thing you've ever seen? Here are some more items to help get your room looking as beautiful as Kirsten Dunst's imaginary room did in 1999. —Katie

    Paddywax Apothecary Candle
    Other scents include tobacco and patchouli, in case you're also going for the dreamy hippie vibe.

    Turning Triangles Terrarium
    Fill it with plants or dinosaurs. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

    Astrological Jewelry Stand
    So handy. HAHA. HA. HA. BA-DUM-CHING.

    Tarot Card Tray
    Love these trays. Will patiently await one for the death Tarot card because my soul is black.

    Magical Thinking Geo-Tinted Candle Holder
    These also come in terrarium form, as shown below.

    Magical Thinking Faceted Hanging Terrarium
    See? So fun!

    Spitfire Girl Terrarium Kit
    In case you're a DIY nightmare, this is a handy, mostly pre-made terrarium kit. All you need to do is arrange the items and BOOM! You're done!

    Star Crystal Kit
    You can grow your own crystal! How baller is that?

    Mosser Terrarium Kit
    And even easier terrarium kit for the DIY failures out there. Like, there is literally no way you could mess this one up.

    Grow Crystal Plants
    Grow crystals on cactii!

    Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book
    So you can match your lifestyle up to your aesthetic choices.
    (Photos via Steven Andrew Garcia)

    Malibu's Live in the Lot Recap

    In conjunction with the grand opening of our newest and prettiest UO store in Malibu, we teamed up with Converse to present our Live in the Lot music series with live performances by Bleached and Dum Dum Girls. It was quite a treat for us and everyone else who came out to the mellow beach vibe of Malibu to enjoy the tunes, drinks and yummy food trucks! Huge thanks to Converse for co-sponsoring and to everyone who came out and made the event a success! —Tania

  • Interview: Tepsic Magazine

    Tepsic Magazine is the large-format brainchild of Morgan Tepsic, who sends customized disposable cameras to artists and asks them to document their lives. The results are poster-sized spreads of a rarely seen perspective; a trip behind the scenes with musicians like recent cover subjects A$AP Rocky and Toro Y Moi. I spoke with Morgan about the simplicity of disposable cameras, making a DIY magazine and what's next for the mag. Angelo

    When did you first realize you wanted to make magazines?
    I don't think I ever realized that I wanted to make magazines, really. I just really wanted to share with people great pictures and art from artists that I really respected and liked. I guess magazines were really just the cheapest outlet for me to get stuff I liked out there. The first time I worked on a magazine was in 2009 when I contributed some weird art for a friend's zine. But I wanted to take a concept of a magazine and see how far I could take it.

    What drew you to disposable cameras?
    The most important thing to me was getting cameras out to as many artists as possible, and so that really left me with no other choice than disposable cameras. But then after I began decorating them for the artists, I really embraced the realness that disposable cameras capture. It can be spontaneously glamorous at times and capture the energy of the night really well, because people aren't afraid of being themselves with a dinky, funky looking camera around. The camera becomes a part of the party and knows that the next night everyone is gonna forget about the pics they took anyway. That's the beauty of it. A camera that's hidden in plain sight.

    To me, the large format is nostalgic to when my room used to be plastered with posters and magazine covers. Is that a vibe you were going for? 
    Exactly. I remember my brother having a stack of Transworld mags that went up like 5 feet, and I would just spend all day picking out my favorite pics from different issues. I never understood why music magazines were heavily focused on the opinion-side of things. If I had the choice to pay good money to spend on nothing but dope pictures or pages filled with opinions I may not agree with and corny interviews, I'm gonna want the pics every time. I'm doing the magazine for those people who dig looking at pictures.

    How do you typically approach an artist you want to feature? How has the response been from musicians?
    The approach has always been from the standpoint of a fan. Once the artist realizes that there is a mutual understanding of art in its many forms and how their contribution would be dope, then it's cake. The response has definitely changed since the first issue. I got ignored by a lot of artists that I ended up printing in future issues because THEY contacted me. Just goes to show being persistent pays off.

    People like A$AP Rocky, Toro Y Moi, even Anthony Bourdain — those are huge gets. Do you feel like now nobody is out of your reach? Who's somebody huge you would love to feature in Tepsic, or can you give a hint at who might show up in the next issue or two?
    Nobody is out of my reach. I may not get an artist immediately when I want to, but I usually find a way to eventually explain to their crew what I'm doing is something they need to be a part of. I'm never going to give out hints of who's in the next issue, but I will say that I would print an entire issue shot by Kanye if I ever got the chance. I need to get that on the record just in case he's out there shopping on UO or something.

    The mag is almost entirely image based. Is that a direct refusal of text-heavy publications? Do you plan to feature more writing in the future or is Tepsic inherently an image driven project? 
    I'm not going to say I'll never feature writing in the magazine, because at the end of the day it's a magazine created by the artists featured...so if an artist felt the need to express themselves using text, then I wouldn't be opposed to it. But as for now, I like to keep it with as many photos as possible without anything you don't need. I'm creating a personal commentary between the pictures the artists take and the readers of the magazine. 

    What advice would you give to kids who want to make magazines but think it might be too hard or expensive?
    If you're strapped for cash use a Xerox machine and do what you can. Letting loose of your creative side is the best thing you can do for your mind. Even if the project you're working on kinda sucks, it's still one step closer to another great idea/project/whatever. The first magazines I ever made were used making a simple word-processing app that was free, and if you don't have a computer then I'm wondering how you can read this right now.

    Who are 3 artists you're especially digging right now?
    Kanye, Drake, DJ Shadow 

    Where do you see Tepsic in 3.66 years? 

    I'm not gonna stop evolving and changing how I deliver the message of Tepsic. Times change, people change what they like, technology changes how we see things and I change my mind pretty much every 30 minutes. But if you stick around for the ride, I guarantee the journey is exciting to watch.

  • Recap: FYF Fest 2013

    FYF's annual festival happened this weekend in Downtown Los Angeles, at the L.A. State Historic Park in Chinatown. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the festival, and man, did they book a great lineup to celebrate their double digits. Bands like My Bloody Valentine, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Thee Oh Sees, Solange, Mac Demarco, and so many more performed amongst the large amounts of beer and dust at the festival, which last year grew from one day to two. Read my recap below of who played my favorite sets, and how I saw Mac Demarco chilling on top of a bunch of hay bales at one point on Sunday. You never know what you'll see at a music festival, right? Maddie

    My first set on Saturday was brought to me by Mikal Cronin. I've been wanting to see him ever since he released his second album a few months ago. He played songs new and old. I was so happy to finally hear "Apathy," and "Weight" live!

    FYF is a festival you get down and dirty at; no shoe was left untouched by dirt and dust. Tons of people came prepared with their bandanas at the ready.

    Next was Ty Segall performing at Charlotte's Stage around 5PM, and he had lots of kids waiting to see him. He played his new record, Sleeper, basically in its entirety, with what he called his Sleeper band. Ty finished out the set with some of his more well-known songs, like "Girlfriend" and "You're the Doctor."

    Toro y Moi brought the disco vibes to the early evening with a super fun set. Let's be honest, I'm always down to get groovy at a music festival.

    I headed into Samantha's Tent, where most of the more electronic bands played, to see a bit of Classixx, the L.A. based DJ duo.

    After a quick bite to eat, I ran to the Carrie Stage to see Deerhunter perform right at sundown. They were one of the main bands I was looking forward to seeing at FYF. Every year I hope they play and finally they did! Bradford Cox wore a dress and black wig, because he is the most interesting person ever. They even played my favorite tune of theirs, "Nothing Ever Happened."

    My second to last set of Saturday night was Thee Oh Sees, who provided maximum fun with their always excellent and energetic live show.

    Saturday night was closed out by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which I was most excited for. Karen O is such a legend, and pranced all about the stage first wearing her multi-colored shiny cape, then revealed her perfect silver shorts-suit. The band performed their regular set, but I was mostly happy to hear "Phenomena," a song that is forever stuck in my head, with good reason! They even released Y-shaped confetti into the crowd at one point.

    Sunday started with Chicago kiddos, The Orwells, featuring a pants-less Mario, the band's lead singer.  Also, there was lots and lots of crowd surfing of course.

    I did catch some new bands at FYF this year, one of them being Guards. I enjoyed their loud yet still chill jam at the end of their set.

    After Guards I saw Kurt Vile, whose sweet guitar melodies are always so lovely to hear. He played some of my faves, like "Jesus Fever" and "KV Crimes."

    I told you I saw Mac Demarco smoking on top of a bunch of hay...

    Then I stopped by Charlotte's Stage to see No Age, mainly to hear my favorite song of theirs, "Teen Creeps." Apparently they've played FYF more than any other band!

    Sunset is my favorite time to see bands perform at festivals, especially bands like Beach House, whose music is paired perfectly with the fading sunlight. Here's a photo I snapped of lead singer Victoria Legrand with the band's magical backdrop.

    My favorite set of the weekend was by MGMT, who I have been waiting to see for two years! I admit that I had a total MGMT fangirl stage at one point, so this was very exciting. They even brought out Henry Winkler, who you may know from Arrested Development, to play the giant cowbell during "Your Life Is A Lie."

    Finishing off FYF this year was My Bloody Valentine, who haven't played in LA in nearly a decade, so this was a big one! They weren't allowing any fancy photography, though, so here's a quick photo I snapped with my phone. It was so cool to hear an original shoegaze band in person.

    FYF was quite the success this year, since the lineup was so stacked this time around. With all of this great feedback, I wonder who they'll get next year!
  • Cosmonauts: "What Me Worry"

    Orange County, CA based dudes, Cosmonauts just released this video for their song, "What Me Worry," off of their new album, Persona Non Grata, out now on Burger Records. The video shows footage of the band on their recent European tour while playing this excellent trance-rock tune. This band is definitely one I'm adding to my giant list of fuzzy-rock favorites. Maddie
  • Movie Style: The Dreamers

    Spoiler alert: The Dreamers is a really creepy movie. But it's about people in the '60s in France, so it's obviously tres chic. (That means stylish right? I mean that this movie is stylish.) The awesome Michael Pitt, awesome-r Eva Green and some other good looking guy basically hang out and talk about pretentious films but also have weird sex for two hours. Oh, and smoking. There's a lot of smoking. Don't smoke. But do dress like the kids in The Dreamers. Angelo

    Smoking is not tight, but if your cigarettes are red, it looks kind of tight. 

    Pitt peeing in the sink is the least creepy thing that happens in this movie. 

    Levi's and Chucks: never not a good option. 

    Oh shit, mom and dad are home, and all we've been doing is hanging out naked. 

    Oh shit, there's some sort of revolution happening and I don't understand the historical context but look at that great sweater.

    Get the look:

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Women's High-Top Sneaker

    Levi's 511 Rinsed Playa Jean

    Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Coincidence & Chance Baby Corduroy Overall Skirt

    UO Watch Cap

    Kimchi Blue Velvet Skater Dress
  • Carla McRae

    I'm really loving Aussie illustrator Carla McRae's cute and colorful illustrations which are of everything from sailors and sk8r girls to some of my favorite musicians like Claire Boucher and Cassie Ramone. I'm also into her Grumpy Girl t-shirt which is just perfect for every life situation in which you seriously don't wanna talk to anyone. Hazel

  • FYF Fest 2013 Street Style

    FYF Fest 2013 was the best possible way to end summer in Los Angeles, and while I was there, I snapped photos of some of the people that braved the late August heat in style. At FYF, I always see a ton of vintage mixed with new, plus lots of grunge vibes! Basically, the festival-goers are always well-dressed, no matter how hot it gets at the dusty festival grounds. Here are some of my favorite looks from the weekend. Maddie

    Overalls and mini floral dresses were definitely a staple at the fest.

    This girl's sheer sparkly slip and t-strap docs were a perfect combo.

    Loving the loose overalls paired with a striped shirt.

    Excellent denim shirt dress and diagonal striped shorts!

  • Recap: Afterfest LA

    Last Friday night, Afterfest made its way to Los Angeles, at the Fonda Theater, which was so much fun. The event was in association with FYF, and was a perfect way to start off a full weekend of music. We were treated to groovy DJ sets by Making Time DJs Dave P. and Sammy Slice, plus GODDOLLARS. In between all of those rad DJ sets were performances by our special surprise guest Delorean, and Glass Candy who put on one of the best live shows I've ever seen! Maddie

    GODDOLLARS was first up, pumping the tunes while the giant crowd was filing in.

    The venue was transformed into a total disco!

    Next up were Delorean, who brought their incredible electronic infused rock to LA all the way from Spain. Delorean mainly performed tracks off of 2010's Subiza, which the crowd was super excited about, plus new songs from Apar, coming out next month! They also performed at FYF the next day.

    After Delorean, Making Time DJs Dave P. and Sammy Slice filled the time before Glass Candy played quite nicely, with some of the best mixes around. My favorite being their mix of David Bowie's "Golden Years."

    Magical DJ hands hard at work.

    Next up were the headliners, Glass Candy! The electronic duo, consisting of Ida No and Johnny Jewel, starting their set off nicely by releasing giant balloons into the crowd. The crowd could feel Ida No's energy immediately, it was so cool. Glass Candy played plenty of their synthpop hits, like "Warm In The Winter."

    They went on to play for about an hour, and did an encore, where Ida crowd surfed and seriously got close with the fans. She's such a cool lady! Plus, they had pretty much the coolest light show ever. Check out those geometric graphics. I was in love.

    After Glass Candy finished up, Dave P. and Sammy Slice DJed until the night was over, and brought this giant dance party to a close. Thank you to everyone who attended, and made the LA event totally rad! Until next time, Afterfest!
  • Alone With Other People

    I love writer Gabby Bess' zine Illuminati Girl Gang, which brings together some of the coolest female artists, poets, and more across the 'net in one publication, so of course I knew her debut collection of poems and stories Alone With Other People was going to be good. The new book frankly explores the inherently complicated experience of being a young woman through Bess' intimate poems and stories, which tackle topics like fame, alienation, and constant digital performativity. One of my favorite aspects of the book is the collection of graphic text pages that punctuate the longer pieces, which include darkly funny lines like: "go back in time to warn self about self (if possible)." The book is a beautiful collection for the tragic female figure whose identity is intrinsically tied to her Macbook (aren't we all, though?) and it's pretty damn good. Hazel

  • Trend: Transitional Dresses

    The transition between summer and fall is always a tough one; the weather is still pretty hot, but you want to start changing your look up a little bit. You're over the summertime florals and light prints, and you're ready to try some new trends. UO has endless fall dresses in new hues, prints, and fabrics that you can still wear in the lingering summer months. Since it's probably still blazing where you are, maybe just do without the jacket for now! Maddie

    Stolen Girlfriends Club Death Moth Tee Dress

    Kimchi Blue Prairie Rose Frock Dress

    Band of Gypsies Button-Front Swing Dress

    Otis & Maclain Zuma Plaid Tee Dress

    FAMILY AFFAIRS Oh Boy Velvet Babydoll Dress

    Lucca Couture Lace Fit & Flare Dress

    Shop Dresses.
  • "Run Fast" by The Julie Ruin

    We're pretty sure that Riot Grrrl queen, third wave feminist icon, and general badass lady Kathleen Hanna is totally the queen of the neighborhood. We even had her play Rookie Fest last month! So, naturally, we're stoked that we can finally listen to the latest album from her band The Julie Ruin, which is now streaming on NPR. We're screamin' (with excitement, and also rage, but the good, fun, mosh-worthy kind of rage!) Hazel
  • UO x Converse: Live in the Lot

    This Saturday, August 24, we're teaming up with Converse to present our first Live in the Lot performance at our brand new Malibu store (3806 Cross Creek Road)! There will be live performances by Bleached and Dum Dum Girls, as well as food trucks and other refreshments. The party starts at 12 p.m. and ends at 5 p.m. but since there's limited capacity, we do recommend getting there early! Follow @uo_losangeles on Twitter and Instagram for more details. See ya there!
  • Awesome Sh*t: Kigurumi Costumes

    All of these costumes from Kigurumi are amazing and magical and never did I know how much I needed a flying squirrel costume until this very moment. Halloween? Done and done. —Katie

  • Interview: Emily Spivack of Sentimental Value

    Emily Spivack curates Sentimental Value, a website that focuses on the stories behind clothing items on eBay, and she spoke to us about the site's beginnings, her plans for the future, and the craziest stories she's come across.
    Interview by Katie Gregory

    Hi Emily! Introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about Sentimental Value.

    Sure! So, I started Sentimental Value as a web-based art project back in 2007. I’d been spending time on eBay for years and I’d always been interested in vintage clothing and weird tchotchkes, all the fun random things that you could find on eBay, clothing and beyond.

    One day I think I was looking for a pair of vintage heels and I came upon this Playboy bunny costume from the mid-'60s; it was complete with the earpiece, the tail, the stockings, and it had the vintage heels and everything the woman would wear. It also came with her ID card. It was like a very basic black and white photo of this woman. It was fascinating. Obviously I didn’t bid on the shoes because the whole thing was expensive since it was a collector’s piece and I didn’t need the rest of the bunny outfit [laughs], but it was this moment where I was like wow, there are people and stories behind these things being sold, and really seeing a name and face with the garment, and in that instance the contrast between the ID photo and the more extravagant outfit, that was the moment when I had the idea for Sentimental Value.

    After that, I started looking around on eBay to see if there were any more stories I could find. Once I did, I started putting them on the website, and then in 2010 I started bidding on the actual items. On the website I’ve collected about 600 stories and I probably have about 60 physical objects in my collection. [A selection of which are on display now at the Philadelphia Art Alliance.]

    Is there anything in particular you like to search for on eBay or do you just dig around?
    I sort of just do a lot of digging around. I know that vintage things are going to tend to have more of a story, obviously. A lot of the time a story might be kind of basic and not all that interesting, but just when you think you won’t find anything else, you find another incredible story.

    Anything you tried to bid on but lost out on at the last minute?
    One thing I feel like I should have bid on but I did not was this Jawbreaker hoodie. It was this incredible story, but it was expensive. I don’t just bid on anything because it’s like a weird thing to bid on these items since I’m not wearing them, but I should have bid on this because the story is just incredible. It’s a love story, it talks about Myspace; it kind of taps into all the elements of why I like this project.

    What’s one of the craziest stories you’ve come across?
    There’s a pretty amazing story about a woman who would shop in her sleep. Things would arrive in the mail and she’d have no recollection of purchasing them and they wouldn’t be things she’d normally purchase. She realized that she was sleep shopping. She had to set her alarm every night to remember to check and see if she had bid on anything the night before.

    And you also have a book coming out soon. Is that tied to Sentimental Value?
    It’s a different project, a different website. It’s called Worn Stories. That’s where I go and interview people about a piece of clothing that has some story, memory or extraordinary event attached it. Sentimental Value, everything is really found, but with Worn Stories I’m going in and talking to lots of different people, and the book will be coming out in 2014 on Princeton Architectural Press.

    And where do you keep all the things you buy for Sentimental Value?
    [Laughs] Well, I have a spare closet and I try to keep it all organized in bins in this extra closet. Eventually I’m going to have to figure out something else because that can only last so long. If this project keeps going, and I can’t imagine it ending anytime soon, I’m going to outgrow the closet at some point!
  • Interview: Jessie of Bleached

    Bleached have been touring the world in support of their debut record, Ride Your Heart, and now they're headed back to their home state to play our new store in Malibu. We spoke to Bleached about what they've been up to in the last year.

    Interview by Maddie Sensibile

    Hi Jessie! Introduce yourself!

    I’m Jessie from Bleached!

    Since the last time we talked to you guys, Bleached released its debut record, Ride Your Heart, which, in my opinion, is the perfect summer album. What was your favorite part of the process of creating the record?

    There were so many fun parts to it because I feel like there’s so many different stages of making a record. Getting together, me and Jen, we sit down in a room just me and her, you know just kind of working on stuff, and the most fun part is when you kind of like already record everything. You track the bass, the guitar and drums, and that’s all recorded, and you’re almost done with the record but you’re not quite done, then you kinda start listening to it, and you’re like, oh my god, I can’t believe this is sounding really awesome, and you’re adding those last minute things. Maybe those last minute harmonizing parts, and that is the most exciting part.


    During Fall 2013 fashion week, you guys played at the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony presentation, along with some other incredible ladies, including Kim Gordon. How was that for you guys?

    That was super fun, because it was this last minute thing. It's awesome to be on a level with Chloe, where we’re kind of like, hey, we’re just friends, and would you mind playing my fashion show? Like, what? That’s crazy and really awesome. It was so cool. There were a bunch of bands, and we were all set up next to each other making kind of a circle. We were right next to Kim Gordon who was doing a little side thing which was really rad. The models were just off-stage, and we got to wear Chloe’s clothes.


    Speaking of female musicians, are there any female acts that you specifically have drawn inspiration from throughout your musical career?

    We grew up with punk music. It was the music that got us to even start playing music. I feel like me and Jen, weirdly, are on the same path of music and don’t even realize it. Lately we’ve been listening to a lot of psychedelic early Pink Floyd stuff. Even Blondie is such an inspiration, and the Rolling Stones. My first tape I ever got was a Velvet Underground tape. Even when I was a kid I was listening to the Velvet Underground. I still listen to them; so inspired by their music.


    Bleached has also been touring all over the place in the last year, and your gigs always turn into an all out moshing and stage diving extravaganza, like the one in May at the Troubadour. Whats the most memorable gig you've ever played?

    I mean the Troubadour was definitely one. I would say the most memorable gig, there’s a lot, but what really just came to my head when you mentioned crowd-surfing was the show we did in Chicago. We were on tour with this band Hunters; really, really, really awesome people and cool band. We met up with them halfway through this tour, and they played their show and we were headlining that show; it looked like it was sold out. But it was really fun and everyone was going crazy. Me and Jen both were just going crazy too.

    All of a sudden, I don’t know how it happened, but I was crowd-surfing while playing guitar. I don’t even know how that happened. All of a sudden I was up there, and I just remember seeing Jen from a distance, and I’m still playing and our friends were running off the stage and jumping into the crowd. It was so much fun.


    What is your end all, be all favorite record of all time that you never get sick of?

    This one record always comes to my mind. It's actually a compilation record, and it has every awesome band on it from Patti Smith to Richard Hell. Hold on one second, I’m going to ask my boyfriend the name. We’re finding the record! It was almost one of the first records that I got when I was a kid.

    It was kind of the first time I ever heard a lot of those bands on it. Patti Smith is one. Okay, it's called Rock at the Edge. It’s a really cool compilation. Patti Smith does this really awesome cover of Gloria. I’ve never actually picked a compilation before, but every song is so cool. There’s like Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Richard Hell, Graham Parker, Blondie is on it, Television, yeah. It was a really great turning point in my life when I found that record.


    If you weren't playing music, what do you think you would be doing?

    With no music involved, I would definitely be making films. I can even answer for Jen, because she’s not here right now: Jen would be doing fashion. Jen would be doing fashion and I would be making films. I always say when I don’t feel like touring anymore and I’m too old to be in a band I just want to be making music for movies, like score music. If it was really no music at all, I would be doing film or photography.


    Like you guys, I, too, am a San Fernando Valley native. What is something you love about the Valley?

    It was actually my birthday yesterday, and we had this crazy party, and I went out the other night and some kid, I don’t know how we started talking about the Valley, but he was like “I’m from the Valley,” and I’m like, "Dude, I’m from the Valley," and there was this immediate connection we had. Then I was like, "Oh my god, look at my lips," because me and Jen both have tattoos on our lips of “818” and I was trying to show it to him but it was really dark and I was kind of drunk. I’m like, "It's right here, I swear," and he was like, “I don’t see it.” I was telling my friend to shine her phone on my lip; I’m so into the “818.” Valley pride.


    Since you're LA natives, are you excited to be playing our new Malibu store opening? 

    Oh my god, yeah, I’m so excited. I feel like Urban Outfitters is always a place to go for any girl. Whether you’re a total punk girl or whatever type of girl you are, I feel like UO will always have the things you want there. It was funny, recently I went there and they were selling these Metallica sweaters, and I was like, no fucking way, Metallica sweaters? I almost got it but I didn’t have enough money. But I was like, oh my god! I’m stoked because I go to Malibu so much. We're really excited!