• UO x Converse Vine Contest

    Our UO x Converse Vine contest has some pretty awesome entries so far! If you haven't yet entered, it's easy; just upload a vine documenting a day in the life of your Chucks (#yourchucks), and if you win, you get a boatload of awesome things, including $1500 in UO gift cards and 2 nights in San Francisco. Amazing, right?! Check out the rest of the entries here and let them inspire your own Chuck-filled vine. —Katie

  • Cat Gifs

    Our cats are back in stock! (Um, ok, so they never really went away.)

    Apple, who belongs to our Print Production Manager, Sheena Allen.

    Benson, who belongs to our Assistant Catalog Stylist, Stephanie Iselin.

    Ellie, who belongs to our Graphic Designer for Web, Victoria May.
  • Neutral Milk Hotel 2013 Tour

    That's right! Neutral Milk Hotel will be reuniting this fall to play a handful of shows. Just try not to think about what a nightmare scoring tickets is going to be. —Katie
  • Happy Birthday, Willie Nelson!

    Willie Nelson is 80 years old today and still as delightful as ever, as evidenced by the above video he did with Conan yesterday. The man has still got it! Here's to hoping he keeps rockin' a spliff and those braids for another 80 years. —Katie

  • Arrested Development Premiere

    Buzzfeed has pics from the Arrested Development premiere and party, and they are just as glorious as you would imagine. Except for David Cross, who looks like he just stopped by on his way back from the mall? IDK.—Kate
  • Pattern is Movement

    Tomorrow night, April 30, watch and listen as Pattern is Movement unveil their new record at this week's Tuesday Tune-Out presented by the Cinedelphia Film Festival. Their music will be synched with scenes from There Will Be Blood as an album screening and listening party. The film will take you through the band's journey of the past four years, with an additional Q&A with the band members and the album's lead engineer. Plus, there's going to be free pizza from Pizza Brain. There are like, four wins here: music, film, an interview and the best food on earth. You've been warned in advance, so if you miss it, just don't come crying to me about it—I'll be busy in my bowling alley drinking milkshakes. The film starts at 7:30PM at the PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th St.).—Ally
  • 'Lost Then Found'

    Last week, Interview Magazine released these incredibly simple yet perfect photos of one of my favorite artists, and the magazine's founder, Andy Warhol. The color portraits, taken by a British photographer named Steve Wood, were taken at the Deauville American Film Festival in the early '80s, and were just uncovered last year. I am personally a huge fan of Warhol, and its really cool to see some portraits of him in a normal setting, rather than The Factory, or even a self portrait. Wood's portraits are now going to be part of a week long exhibition in New York City, running from May 3 until May 12, called Lost Then Found. This seems like something cool you're gonna want to check out! Maddie

  • Savages Silence Yourself

    Savages have made their debut, full-length album Silence Yourself available to stream via Matador's site. Out May 6, the album sounds preeeeetty cool, especially if you've been looking for some badass lady music to blast. (Who hasn't?!) —Katie

  • Cool Art: Von Zos

    Von Zos is an independent publishing company that distributes limited edition art, books and other goodies. Based in New York City, the company has worked with a ton of cool artists, showcasing their creations in a way that bigger companies wouldn't be able to. Their current collection of items can be found here (check out the Death Box!), and today they're also releasing a limited edition, Lohan-inspired print by Sara Lyons. Keep an eye on their website to see what other new projects they'll be working on! —Katie
  • (via Gothamist)

    How To Use Twinkies

    Twinkies are coming back this summer, everyone! Praise and glory be. Stoners everywhere are shedding tears of joy. Even if you've never actually wrapped your mouth around a Twinkie, you know that they embody the American spirit, and what better time for them to return than the summer, the most American of all times? Memorial Day! Fourth of July! Labor Day! Stars and stripes, y'all. If you're sober and still a little unsure about whether or not you actually want to consume the questionable (but delicious) snack cakes, then here are some other uses for them to keep your summer rockin'. —Katie

    Eat 100 and see what effects the tasty treats have on your body. Maybe they're the secret to everlasting youth. You won't know until you experiment.

    Throw Them
    You don't need a reason for this. Just think about how satisfying it would be to lob these things at a brick wall.

    You can turn Twinkies into art and if you don't believe me, then just look at the beautiful creations made by artist Nancy Peppin. Shit is serious.

    Apparently you can submerge a Twinkie in Mountain Dew and it will not dissolve or fall apart. It just floats. Since Mountain Dew is the most questionable beverage of all time (7,000 pounds of sugar and glowing green), this is pretty good testament to Twinkie's staying power. It could be the most indestructible pet ever
    —the new pet rock, if you will.

    Gemma Shiel

    The founder of London-based label Lazy Oaf loves the '90s, hates cats and insists that fashion is supposed to be fun. Her closet is exactly as awesome as you’d expect it to be.
  • Austin Psych Fest

    Austin Psych Fest is upon us, y'all! If you can't get down to Austin today for the start of the fest, then you'll be able to catch what's going down here on the blog and all of our other social media. We'll be posting pics to Instagram, tweeting the events, and Vine-ing anything cool that speaks to us, as well as recapping the weekend once the festivities end. Phew. See you there!

  • Look Of The Week: Alexandra

    Introduce yourself! Tell us what you do at UO.
    Hi! I'm Alexandra. I am a freelance stylist for ecommerce at Urban.

    What are you wearing today?
    The cardigan is by Üterque, t-shirt by Rag&Bone, necklace and ring are my mother's, and the bracelet is vintage.

    We've heard you are well-traveled. Where do you think the best shopping can be found abroad?
    For vintage and thrift the US is fantastic! Towns vs. cities are better because you find more unique articles of clothing. In Spain the best stores I found were Le Swing, Boo, La Comercial, Santa Eulalia, and Los Encantes; it's a wonderful kitschy market. In Paris Colette, Merci and Kiliwatch are some of my favorites, along with shopping at Le Marais. In London I have always loved Dover Street market and Opening Ceremony; Portobello Road market is also always fun.

    Is there a holy grail item you always keep an eye out for when shopping?
    Well, there are two: the perfectly worn leather jacket and the perfect white button-down. I am still searching for both that will fit absolutely perfect.

    What clothing item can you just not seem to stop wearing lately?
    A leather jacket! I also just got some pieces by Isa Arfen's spring collection that are so amazing! They go with everything and anything.

    Where can we find you online?
    Just Instagram: @alexandritag
  • 'Magic Hour' by Tara Subkoff

    The grass always seems greener on the other side of the country.  While I'd give just about anything to live the Los Angeles life (I think?), MOCATV's Magic Hour, directed by Tara Subkoff, gives some insight into what it's like on the West Coast when I'm not there.  Even if there's a dispensary on every corner, featured actress Chloe Sevigny ONLY sees the sunny side in L.A., which scorches you with melanoma! Stay stoned, Cali, or you'll start NYC dreaming and end up in a cold, cramped apartment all of next year.—Ally
  • Trend: Backpacks

    Backpacks never really went out of style, but now they're cooler than ever. They're also the perfect bag for summer because who knows when a spontaneous beach trip is going to pop up. If you want to do right by Douglas Adams and always carry a (beach) towel, then you've also gotta have somewhere to stash it. —Katie

    Get the look:

    Ecote Horse Shadow Backpack

    Herschel Supply Co. Two-Tone Settlement Backpack

    Ecote Mixed Pattern Backpack

    BAGGU Sailor Stripes Backpack

    Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

    Carrot Polka Dot Backpack

    Spurling Lakes Zebra Backpack

    Shop Women's Backpacks
  • Arrested Development Posters

    I hope Army has half a day when Arrested Development premieres on May 26, because boy, we are gonna need time to watch this all in one sitting. —Katie

  • The xx "Together" on 'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack

    Okay, The Great Gatsby soundtrack has been more interesting than the movie thus far, but that doesn't mean I'm not still going to pay $15 to watch Leo yell at things. Plus, I imagine this new song from The xx will have some preeeetty sexy Leo things happening around it in the movie which is an added bonus for everyone. —Katie
  • 'Steve' by Patrick Pearse

    Maybe it's the music—the jazz AND the Freebird—or maybe it's just my fascination with legendary pro skaters, but Patrick Pearse's new video for Desillusion Magazine just makes Steve Olson look SO COOL. He's one of those old school, badass dudes, who lives in Cali, drives a motorcycle and spends his days sitting by the pool (empty ones, duh) not giving a single fuck. 

    One of greatest things Steve ever did was help create his super cute son Alex, which leads me to the following life plan: marry a skateboarder, move to L.A., have a son and force my husband to teach him to skate instead of play catch like normal dads do.  When he goes pro at 16, I'll retire and sit back with my sk8r boi and soak in the sun, waves and cigarette smoke 'til death (or a younger girlfriend) do us part. —Ally

    Ben Kopp

    Meet Ben, a crazy talented graphic designer that used to do math but now mostly just draws awesome stuff while trying not to die from laughing.
  • Stoner Style: Blake, Anders, and Adam

    It's hard being a telemarketer 9 to 5, but it's not that hard for Adam, Blake and Ders from Workaholics, probs 'cause they're fucking stoned out of their brains all the time. Seriously, like sugar honey iced tea they are stoned. Here's how to get the Workaholics stoner style look down 'cause ya gotta, ya gotta, ya gotta be fresh. - Hazel

    Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Shirt
    A simple button down for work.