• Kurt Vile: "Never Run Away"

    Kurt Vile, one of the many artists performing at Coachella this year, is back from his 2011 success with an adorable DIY commercial plugging his new song, "Never Run Away." I'm digging this song because its more upbeat than most of his other material, plus it is accompanied by some crazy awesome dance moves and a zebra mask provided by his daughter. I am most excited to see him perform some new things! - Maddie

    Hattie Stewart

    Illustrator Hattie Stewart makes crazy incredible drawings while watching documentaries. We are seriously freaking out over her new Hattie Stewart X UO collaboration!
  • Festival Beauty: Everything Goes

    When it comes to beauty trends, it's usually a good bet to follow the 'one-at-a-time' rule, but there's one magical time of year when wearing hair chalk, body glitter, face gems, fake tattoos and henna designs all at once is actually encouraged. And that time is called COACHELLA. Just be careful not to become one of those girls.—Kate

    Lime Crime Cosmic Glitter
    "Oh, my, god. That is crazy. Crazy! I can't believe that you're a Virgo and my mom is a Virgo, and I love Grimes and you love Grimes and I just knew from the moment I saw you that we were going to be best friends."

    Henna Kit
    "No, I've never been to India, but I go to yoga, at my gym, and the teacher there is really good. I can do three push-ups now."

    Body Rock Temporary Tattoos
    "I know what tattoo I want. I just need to have someone draw it up. It's going to have the Chinese symbol for water, because I'm a Pisces—water sign...duh—carved into the trunk of an oak tree and above that in the sky there's going to be a cloud in the shape of a buffalo because that's my spirit animal and the Little Dipper constellation, then next to the tree there's going to be a gravestone that says R.I.P. Marilyn, Gone Too Soon."

    Face Gems
    "These face gems are modeled after the traditional ones that were originally worn by Gwen Stefani in the 1990s to signify the third-eye connection she felt with Gavin Rossdale."

    UO Hair Chalk Rainbow Set
    "I really want to look like a mermaid but my mom won't let me dye my hair, so I had to use chalk. Which reminds me, I didn't tell her I was coming here, and I need to be back by 10. In L.A. So, yeah, sorry I didn't mention this before, but we need to leave, like, now. Don't be mad! I said I was sorry."

    Katy Perry Color Pop Faux Lashes
    "Is she here? Oh my god, I heard she was here. She was here last year. Is she here? You'd tell me if you saw her, right? I would die if you saw her and I didn't. Is she here? Someone said she was here. Is she here?"

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  • Lollapalooza 2013?

    According to the internet, the Lollapalooza lineup for this year has leaked. Oh shit! Looks like a pretty decent lineup, so if you want a chance to see The Cure alongside 2 Chainz, you better buy your tickets quick; single-day passes are the only ones left! —Katie
  • Look of the Week: Josiah Nedd

    Introduce yourself!
    Hey-yo, I’m Josiah Nedd. I was born in California, raised in Massachusetts, and I'm a current Philadelphian. I'm a T-shirt junkie whose head you will never see because it’s always under a hat.

    What do you do here at UO?
    I’m the Sr. Financial Analyst for Urban. I help prepare and track our budgets, forecasts, and analyze financial blah blah blah… I basically help with the money stuff so the really creative people can focus on the creative stuff. 

    We've spent the past two weeks taking photos of you wearing nothing else but a tee and hat, but today you come in all dressed up. What are you wearing today and why the switch up?
    Tonight we're going to happy hour with my crew here at UO and today I’m a little more dressed up than usual. I’m wearing an Express dress shirt with a skinny black UO Silk Tie, my Brooks Brothers tuxedo jacket (that I actually wore to my high school prom), Levi’s 514 jeans, and my drinkin’ shoes (black dress shoes that I don’t mind spilling drinks on), topped off with a Brooklyn Dodgers fitted. 

    We love that you have your own personal style with your hat and tee combo. What inspired that look?
    Umm.. comfort maybe? I’m really just a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. When I first interviewed here in 2004 they said there wasn’t a dress code and they weren’t kidding, so I’m living it up. Since then T-shirts have been kind of an obsession and I’ll spend hours trolling the internet to find something unique, weird or mildly offensive.

    The hats started in college when my boy Prince (whuddup Prince!) took me to Cherry Hill Mall where I got my first fitted. Since then you’ll very rarely find me without a hat on.

    What is your favorite hat? Your favorite shirt?
    My favorite hat (for now) is my Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat Hat, mostly because it’s really polarizing—people either love it or hate it. 

    My favorite tee is my Print Liberation “I Survived the Bush Administration” one which is also very polarizing and never fails to get a comment from someone.

    Where are your top five places to shop?
    1. Karma Loop: Endless selection of tees
    2. Print Liberation: Philly screen-printers with great tees
    3. Society6: Really cool artwork on tees
    4. MiLB Store: If you want a fitted that nobody’s seen before, you can’t beat Minor League Baseball
    5. CraniumFitteds: Pages and pages of unique fitteds
    +1 Urban Outfitters: I get a pretty sweet discount

  • Style Icon: Easter Bunny

    Boy oh boy, the Easter Bunny sure is a stylish fella. He really knows how to rock a solid pastel suit, which is definitely something we should all be doing more often. If you're stuck on what to wear this upcoming holiday, take a cue from our fine, furry friend and deck yourself out in pastels, bowties, and uh, more pastels. —Katie

    Tiltawhirl Round Sunglasses
    When you're hopping around in the sun, hiding Easter Eggs for all those crazy kids in your neighborhood, you'll want to make sure you pop on these babies to protect your peepers.

    UNIF Pastel Rainbow Faux Leather Moto Jacket
    In years past you may have gone for a subtler Easter look because of complaints from your coworkers, but this year you're letting your creativity shine. Santa and the other "imaginary" characters you work with can get bent.

    BDG Twill Twig High-Rise Pant
    Because hi, they match the jacket.

    Bike Icon Bowtie
    You wish you could afford a stupid car to make your deliveries in (biking up hills with a sack full of lame plastic eggs is so annoying), but until then, this bowtie commemorating your dumb bike will have to do.

    Critters Lip Balm
    Your lips get really dry after crawling around in the woods all night hiding eggs.

    Water Color Hydrating Hair Color Mask
    Your beautiful white fur is perfect for dyeing, so you decided to turn yourself into a lilac bunny this year. If one of the higher-ups complains (coughSantacough), you can tell them to calm down because shit's not even permanent.

    Cannabis Botanical Poster
    What? It's grass. That shit's all over on Easter! You're being festive! Just, y'know, don't line the Easter baskets with this kind.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Sacrilege"

    "Sacrilege" is the first single from Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new album, Mosquito, out next month. The band just released a video for the song that features model Lily Cole doing lots of scandalous things with various people from her town. Fitting for the title of the song, I suppose. Personally, I'm in love with "Sacrilege" because it reminds me of the band's older material, plus it makes me even more excited for the new record! Pretty much just can't wait any longer for the YYYs to serenade me at Coachella, okay? Maddie
  • Spring Break Forever

    Two weeks ago, when a snapshot of Alexis Gross popped up on my Instagram feed of her rocking a full head of cornrows, I should have known SOMETHING was up. Little did I know that "something" was her starring as a female version of Alien in Vice's Spring Breakers-inspired 'Spring Break Forever' fashion shoot, photographed and styled by Miyako Bellizzi.

    Three viewings, two interviews and a photo shoot featuring my high school BFF dressed up like a gangster James Franco later, I'm calling it a wrap.  Harmony Korine, you've fully succeeded in making your film an all-six-senses mind-fuck of an experience that will stay with me forever, and I am eternally thankful. SPRING BREAK FOREVER, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!! (via Vice)—Ally

  • Spotify Playlist: April Foooolz

    Here it is, our latest Spotify playlist and your soundtrack to April Fools' Day. Not to be confused with the soundtrack to April Fool's Day. Which is better, actually. Anywayyyyyy...get yr iCarly theme on, yo! - Dave
  • Trend: Spring Sandals

    Sandals may be something you've got in your closet year round depending on your place of residence, but nevertheless, you'll need some new sandals to get you through spring break and summertime! If you're sick of wearing flip flops or just your basic leather sandal, there are so many new styles out right now to try. Here are the sandals I'm feelin' right now that will definitely make for some fancy feet. - Maddie

    Jeffrey Campbell Harlock Double Strap Sandal

    F-Troupe Plastic Heart Sandal

    Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martens Aggy Bow Sandal

    Vagabond Banks Suede Sandal

    Kimchi Blue Lexi Canvas Sandal

    Deena & Ozzy Clear Plastic Lace-Up Sandal

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  • "Mumbo Sauce" Art Show

    "Mumbo Sauce" is an art show premiering in D.C. at the Corcoran Gallery of Art that is "a survey of artists with deep roots in Washington, D.C., and explores how such factors as Go-Go, graffiti, punk, hardcore, graphic design and fine art have shaped and influenced the work of these artists." The show goes hand-in-hand with the gallery's current show, "Pump Me Up," which explores D.C. subculture of the '80s. "Mumbo Sauce" features artists BORF, COOL "DISCO" DAN, and Richard Colman, just to name a few. The show runs from April 5-April 21, and can be found at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, 906 H Street NE, Washington, DC. —Katie
  • MINKPINK Global Campaign 2013

    MINKPINK's latest international campaign has just launched, and its focus on everything '90s and No Doubt-y is making us want to run out and buy everything in the line. Make sure to check out the rest of the collection here, and see what else the brand has been up to lately over on their blog. —Katie

  • Riff Raff Reviews 'Spring Breakers'...Sort Of

    Here's a video of Riff Raff trying to review Spring Breakers. Of course, he brings up the Alien and Riff Raff comparison, which leads to a long, nonsensical rant ending with him challenging James Franco to a MGM Grand boxing match. He's out of his damn mind but I have to admit, the thought of James Franco going out and buying a RR Halloween costume and superglueing it to his body made me lol.

    99% of the time, I want to grab RR by the shoulders, give him a good shaking and knock some sense into him (or some cents out of him. I wouldn't mind a diamond or two...). However, maybe he's right about this all, y'all. That other 1% of me believes that he is, in fact, the real Alien. Or an actual alien, seeing as how no human being could possibly be this annoying. How do we get his spaceship to come and transport him back to his former planet? Riff Raff phone home.—Ally

  • Sketchy Bunnies

    Hooray! Easter is coming! A time of fun, candy, and never a sad face! There are so many amazing Easter bunny pictures out in the world, so let's check some out and spread that Easter cheer! —Katie

    Pretty sure that child is literally shitting his pants.

    "It's a shame that my costume was caught under a bus and subsequently lit on fire, but I guess no one will notice, " said the guy inside this bunny costume.

    This bunny may actually be more horrifying than the previous one.


    This one looks like a still from a really sad Dateline story. Or a still from Behind The Music during the inevitable "THEY HIT ROCK BOTTOM" part.

    The designer at the Rabbit Costume Factory needs to learn that a sack over the head with the eyes and nose cut out is never going to be adorable, and unless they want their rabbits to look like the bad guys in The Strangers, then they really need to quit it.


    :) Happy Easter :)
  • Spring Breakers SMS

    Ever wonder what the Spring Breakers characters were texting about when the cameras were "off?" Writer Alex Kazemi takes a stab and I have to admit, it's probably really close.  My favorite are his messages between Brit and Candy—he totally gets their friendship and how they were probably glad that boring ol' Faith bailed. I bet they were even texting each other about it while sitting in the same room as Cotty. That's some true-blue BFF shit-talking right there! (via Logo)—Ally

  • Music Festivals 2013

    Music festivals are the best part of the weather getting warmer. Any excuse to not shower for three days and drink beer at 11 AM, amirite? While we all know the big festivals that go down every year (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza), there are also a gazillion (yes, gazillion) smaller ones that look like they're going to be just as amazing. I mean, if I were in Austin, I'd totally be front-row for everything going on at the Austin Psych Fest. We aren't able to list every single festival (there are 4,000 Jam Band festivals alone), but here are the best of the best. Even good ol' Kansas is getting in on the action, so there's something for everyone! —Katie

    Austin Psych Fest
    Austin, TX
    April 26-28

    Shaky Knees
    Atlanta, GA
    May 4 & 5

    Sweetlife Festival
    Columbia, MD
    May 11

    Bottle Rock Napa Valley
    Napa Valley, CA
    May 8-12

    Boston Calling
    Boston, MA
    May 25 & 26

    The Governor's Ball
    NYC, NY
    June 7-9

    Electric Forest
    Rothbury, Michigan
    June 27-30

    Happy Valley, OR
    August 2-4

    Roots Picnic
    Philadelphia, PA
    June 1

    Kansas City, KS
    June 28 & 29

    Sled Island
    Calgary, AB, Canada
    June 19-22
  • Spring Breakers: What Was Your Favorite Scene?

    We asked you on Twitter if you saw Spring Breakers this weekend, and if so, what your favorite was.  (WARNING: Spoiler Alert & NSFW!)

    Some of the best:

    @Goodmanryan1 yes!!!!!! "i got my dark tanning oil, Lay out by the pool." 

    @SirAbstraxxx The Part Where Gucci Mane Yells "Burr" When He Drove Off And Started Shooting At The Car

    @HtotheDIZZO_ when Gucci Mane got shot while he was in the hot tub #swag

    @ClayPrice15 gotta be the pick nick table scene right after Riff Raff, I mean Alien got the girls out of jail. #springbreakforever

    @KillerrQueenn James Franco deep throating the guns, lmao <3

    @AyvahBurgos Britney Spears moment. Most definitely.


    @_AmandaEly Definitely Britney Spears.
    @_AmandaEly Or James Franco getting deep throated

    And, of course, some of the worst...

    @wayytogocourt NO

    @niallyson no my friends don't want to see it

    @littleladyhaley horrible

    @mcnutters the part where it ended


  • OnStone

    OnStone is a printing company based out of Melbourne, Australia, who instead of printing on what we think of as usual materials (you know, like thin paper, thick paper, shiny paper, matte paper, big paper, small paper, weird shaped paper and papered paper), puts your photos, artwork and other ideas onto pieces of stone. That's right, stone! Each print is handmade with UV-cured ink, framed with reclaimed timber and backed with polystyrene, which makes your order not only sustainable and scratch resistant but completely one of a kind. Learn more about OnStone on their Facebook page!—Ally

  • Jay Shells "Rap Quotes"

    New York based artist Jay Shells has a new project called "Rap Quotes" in which he puts up various signs with, you guessed it, rap quotes. Shells noticed that many hip-hop songs called out exact locations, so he decided to make street signs with those lyrics to specifically hang in the locations mentioned. Putting the signs up is totally illegal, but Shells doesn't seem too concerned about that, especially since he figures the signs will get taken down by fans anyway. —Katie
  • Record Store Day Releases

    Record Store Day is April 20 this year and the list with all of the exclusive releases is finally out. There's going to be a lot of cool shit released this year (I'm personally excited for the Pornography 7" because I will forever back any weird punk outfit that Ryan Adams is behind), so make sure you head out and support your local record stores when RSD rolls around. Vinyl forever, bitches. —Katie

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