• Get Your Shit Together

    It's time for you to get your shit together this year, litter-ally.
  • The best, worst and WTF moments from the past year. 

    2012 Year In Review: Part 1

    20. Holographic Tupac: Tupac Shakur was shot in 1996, when most of the Coachella-going population was, like, 10. But when he was resurrected in the form of a hologram on the final night of the three-day music festival, the crowd went INSANE. It was like we had seen the past and the future at the same damn time. Unfortunately, a couple of months later, the company who brought us HT went bankrupt. Wah-wah...

    19. Boy bands are back: Maybe we can attribute it to more '90s nostalgia, but One Direction and The Wanted put boy bands back on top this year. And here at the UO Blog, we define 'on top' as 'when Lindsay Lohan gets in a fight over you.' (PS-OMG, Harry we love you!!!)

    18. Seapunks vs. Azealia and Rihanna: Seapunks united to decry Azealia Banks and Rihanna for having teal and turquoise hair and loving dolphins, because apparently only TRUE seapunks are allowed to have teal and turquoise hair and love dolphins. Oh yeah, and 'seapunk' was a thing. 

    17. This dude: Kreayshawn blew the door open in 2011, and so in 2012, atrocity rappers such as Riff Raff, Brooke Candy, and Lil Debbie had their best year ever. And...the rest of us suffered for it. 

    16. Ikea Monkey: What do you get when you combine a monkey, a shearling coat, camera phones and a Canadian outpost of a Swedish furniture store? An internet sensation, that's what. 

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  • The best, worst and WTF moments from the past year. 

    2012 The Year in Review: Part 2

    15. Tumblr discovers a new icon: In The Hunger Games, 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence was a total badass. In real life, she was an animated goofball (albeit a hot one) with serious GIF potential.

    14. YOLO: Drake's "The Motto" actually came out in 2011, but YOLO became 2012's most oft- and most over-used expression. Especially when used by idiots to explain why they did something stupid. 

    13. The Rookie Road Trip: We went on a road trip with Rookie Mag and The Ardorous that culminated in an awesome art show at Space 15 Twenty. We'd say that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, except that we really wanna do it again... 

    12. Grimes: From her songs to her videos, her artwork and her style (not to mention the pussy rings), there are more than enough reasons to go ahead and crown her Miss 2012, Queen of the Electronic Universe. 

    11. We met Lisa Frank: We went to visit Lisa Frank in Tucson, Arizona. On the outside, we were like 'Oh yeah, NBD. Just another day here at Urban Outfitters,' but on the inside we were all like 'OMFG!!!!!@#$%^%W$FHOLYCRAPITSLISAFRANK' and were so excited we thought we might puke rainbows. 

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  • The best, worst and WTF moments from the past year. 

    2012 The Year in Review: Part 3

    10. Lena Dunham and Girls: When it came to Lena Dunham's HBO show Girls, people either drank the Kool-Aid and dubbed in the best new show on TV; or gulped the haterade and denounced Dunham for everything from her weight to her famous parents and her all-white cast. Both camps are likely counting down the days until season two premieres in January. 

    9. Lana Del Rey: Speaking of haters, remember Lana Del Rey? When she appeared on Saturday Night Live, her performance went over about as well as if she had "clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem." Even Brian Williams hated it, but LDR went on to release two albums and a couple of very epic videos—co-starring alternately some hot dudes, and then some very un-hot dudes

    8. Instagram: It's doubtful that there was a single second of 2012 that WAS NOT documented on Instagram. And if there was anyone out there who got nail art but failed to 'gram it, well, then, we feel bad for you—just think of all the 'Likes' you missed out on.

    7. Hostess shuts down: Talk about a bummer: Hostess goes out of business the very same month that marijuana was legalized (oh, the irony). For a while, there was talk that PBR was going to buy the cupcake manufacturer to revive it, but that was just a rumor made in hipster heaven. So, for now at least, if you want a Twinkie, you'd better start bidding

    6. The US Gymnastics Team: At the 2012 Olympics, the US Gymnastics team took home the gold, and 16-year-old Gabby Douglas won the individual gold, becoming the first African-American woman to do so. McKayla was not impressed, and the Internet loved her for it. 

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  • The best, worst and WTF of 2012.

    2012: The Year in Review Part 4

    5. Honey Boo-Boo: We're not going to go as far as Barbara Walters here, but if you don't know who this six-year-old is, you clearly have not read magazines, been on the internet, or turned on the TV this year. And the rest of us envy you, because we can't seem to get away.

    4. Cats: They're still popular! As for the Official Cat of 2012 award, it has to be a tie between Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat (who's real name is Tard, no less). We take this to mean that the Internet is finally starting to value inner beauty. At least when it comes to cats.

    3. LA Hip-Hop: After Odd Future dominated 2011—more for their behavior than their music—L.A. represented in an unassailable way in 2012 with Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar. Ocean's Channel Orange and Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city dominated year-end lists, and we can only imagine that up in hip-hop heaven, Tupac is giving Biggie some serious shit about it. 

    2. November 6: Let's just say it was awesome

    1. Call Me Maybe: Duh.

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    Employee of the Month: Crystal Carroll

    Our PR manager really knows how to fill a room. Here she takes us through her event planning process and gives us tips on how to have the ultimate party.
  • 2012 Year in Review: The Best, Worst and WTF

    2012 may have been bad, may have been good, but whatever it was, it was definitely NOT boring. Here, we compiled a list of our favorite moments from the past 12 months. Full disclaimer: This list does not represent all of Urban Outfitters, just the blog team. And admittedly, we're a bunch of dorks who spend too much time on the internet, and the rest of the company probably has way better taste than we do. XOXO—The UO Blog

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  • NYE At Home

    If you're spending New Year's Eve at home, no need to be bummed about it. I mean, definitely don't start thinking about how you used to be a lot more fun while stroking pictures from past New Year's Eve parties and bemoaning the loss of your youth. Stay posi! Having a solo N.Y.E. can be fun. Big parties are usually such a letdown, anyway. Accept your life for what it is, and lean into your future status as stay-at-home cat-mom. I know I have.Katie

    Cupcake Booty Buddy

    Yo, I mean, even if you have an actual party to go to, you should probably wear this.

    Disposable Camera

    When none of your friends show up to your party, whip out this camera to take pictures of yourself. The super adorable cat graphics that show up on the pics will help hide your tears.

    Rextarossa Crew Sweatshirt

    If you're gonna phone it in this year, at least get yourself a totally rad sweatshirt to flop on the couch in. Because c'mon, look at that.

    BDG Tapered High-Rise Lounge Pant

    Sweatpants that almost pass as regular pants will make you feel like you could go somewhere if you really wanted to, even if deep down you know you're not moving from the couch until January 2, 2013.

    Minnetonka Cally Slipper

    As you wander sadly around your house looking for Peanut the cat, your only friend, at least your feet will be toasty warm.

    BDG Floral Button-Up Long-Sleeved Romper
    The floral pattern will help hide the Velveeta cheese stains you're gonna get all over this thing.

    Wanted Cat Pint Glass
    Fill this with your beverage of choice at midnight and like I said, lean into that cat-mom status, man.
  • Five Resolutions You Can Keep

    New Year's Eve resolutions are hard. Does anyone manage to keep them anymore? I don't think I've even bothered making a N.Y.E. resolution since like, 2003 because it's such a hopeless cause. This year, I've figured out an easy way to stick to some common resolutions, and it happens to involve pizza and beer. You're welcome.—Katie

    Collapsible Pizza-To-Go Box
    1. Bring lunch to work.
    No one said it had to be healthy.

    A Cat's Life By Gemma Correll
    2. Read more.
    Reading cartoons about cats is just as prestigious as reading War & Peace, I promise. If you're looking for a way to be terrible all year long, the book A Year Of Living Sinfully would also be a fantastic way to start off the new year.

    Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
    3. Be more active.
    Why run on a stupid old treadmill when you can rollerskate?

    Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit
    4. Learn something new.
    Most people want to learn a new language or something, but let's not kid ourselves with that. Learning to brew your own beer means you're one step closer to your REAL N.Y.E. resolution of never getting off the couch again. (If you're underage, mix together different sodas and imagine.)

    Kozyndan For Society6 We Came Together Art Print
    5. Become more cultured.
    Cat art is art, too, people.
  • Otto Splotch's "Freedom From Want" T-Shirt

    What happens if you take a classic Norman Rockwell painting and make everyone in it a pizza-eating, cigarette-smoking, brain-munching Satanist? This T-shirt illustrated by Otto Splotch, that's what!Hazel

  • (Photos by Felisha Tolentino)

    Holidays with (PUR) Project Urban Renewal

    Now that Christmas is over, your New Year's Eve outfit is what's up next on the agenda, I presume. If you find yourself in Los Angeles this week, stop by Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd) and visit (PUR) Project Urban Renewal to find an entirely unique look for NYE. (PUR) is one of my favorite spots to shop in L.A. because it is perfectly curated for each season, and they've always got the cutest things for the holidays. Perhaps you'll find something to create an entire look, or something to top one off with! The shop is located inside Space 15 Twenty, open Tuesday from 12-5 PM, and Wednesday-Sunday from 12-8 PM.Maddie
  • Dressed To Kill

    New years celebrations are upon us and I haven't got a stitch to wear.. well, a tuxedo at least. I confess that the only time I had a new years event fancy enough to attend in a tux I had to borrow it from my father. To boost your confidence in sporting a tuxedo I offer generations of Bond men who seem to make it look oh so easy. At top we've got the Bond of today Daniel Craig in the new Skyfall, take note of the baller watch just peeking out of the cuff.

    Let's take it back a little bit to the days of Sean Connery, my personal favorite Bond actor. Pictured here in 1964's Goldfinger Mr. Connery sports a classic off-white jacket with a red carnation. Also notice the pleated shirt in contrast to Craig's more minimal and modern shirt without any sort of embellishment.

    In between those two we had Pierce Brosnan with his first Bond movie Goldeneye in '95 seen above with the lovely Natalya. Brosnan's tux style here is a bit more traditional with a big ole bow and a puffed up pocket square. Not nearly as streamlined as Daniel Craig's tuxedo but still, the man looks sharp and he even gets the girl. -Bob
  • Shallow Rewards' "Goth Is A Four Letter Word"

    I love music critic Chris Ott's series of video essays on music, "Shallow Rewards," and this episode on the history of goth is awesome. You might be surprised to find out that modern bands like Iceage and Deerhunter are actually totally goth. - Hazel
  • Five Songs That Need To Stay In 2012

    2012 was a year full of songs. Some of them were great, and some of them were not-so-great. Here are five of the not-so-great ones that need to stay in the black hole that will soon be 2012 and never come out.—Katie

    Karmin "Brokenhearted"
    "'People look at Amy and expect her to be a straight-up pop singer, but she busts out a rap and she just slays it,' Nick Noonan says." Does she, Nick? Does she? (Hint: The answer is no.)

    Train "50 Ways To Say Goodbye"
    Is Train a real band? Sometimes I can't tell. Sometimes they feel like a parody of a parody, what with their nonsensical lyrics and all. Am I missing something here? Are they in on the joke? Are they actually geniuses? Their songs do make them a gazillion dollars. What kind of witchcraft are you enchanting us with, Patrick Monahan?

    Gotye "Somebody That I Used To Know"
    This one almost goes without saying, like "Call Me Maybe" (I love you, though, Carly), and I'm sure Gotye is a lovely man, but seriously—this song needs to blow away in the sands of time like all the other pop songs of yore. "Now you're just some single that I used to know." (See what I did there?)

    Alex Clare "Too Close"
    I am so mad at this song because every time I hear it on that Internet Explorer commercial I find myself singing the one line "I FEEL SO CLOSE TO YOU RIGHT NOW" six hours after it airs, so damn you, Alex Clare.

    Chris Brown "Don't Wake Me Up"
    Bye, Chris Brown. Just bye.
  • Six Statement Pieces for New Year's Eve

    A party is always better when you look your best, right? So why not bring in 2013 looking 100% awesome with my six statement pieces that can bring together your whole ensemble? For the ladies, I'm thinking sparkles, sweet kicks, and embellishments. For guys, go with classic silhouettes in cool fabrics that will make you stand out without going over the top, but still look like you're in for a rad time with your pals! - Maddie

    Motel Sheer-Sleeve Sequin Dress
    There's definitely no question that you'll see some sequins on New Year's Eve, but be the girl who shows up in iridescent ones!

    Hawkings McGill Stanton Tweed Blazer
    Bottom line, you can't go wrong with a simple blazer for a night out, and the salt and pepper look of this tweed makes things a little bit different.

    Jeffrey Campbell Brazen Split-Wedge Heel
    If you're going for a pair of shoes that stand out, Jeffrey Campbell has it down with a muted metallic and comfy wedge!

    Your Neighbors Dress Polka Dot Shirt
    A simple oxford shirt in my favorite print of the season: navy background with white polka dots. Need I say more?

    BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean - Pearls
    Who needs diamond encrusted anything when you can have pearl encrusted jeans?!

    Leopard Print Bowtie
    Animal prints aren't just for the ladies, boys. I say add a finishing touch with this bowtie!

    Shop party for girls and guys
  • What Did I Buy Today? Journal

    Saving money is the hardest thing in the entire world, and budgeting is even harder because it's like, before you even know it, you're spending $35 on a mold of someone's teeth and how do you fit that expense into your monthly plan? Luckily this super adorable journal exists to help you organize your expenses. Usually I put on my grumpy feminist hat whenever things are dolled up to be more accessible for ladies, but I can't even argue about this one because one, it is cute and two, it beats using one of those dolphin-covered checkbook ledgers.—Katie
  • God Bless the USPS

    Around this time of year, you really must take a moment and appreciate the fine people who make holiday wishes come together by delivering them. God Bless The USPS is a project that Washington-based artist Mary Rothlisberger took on to showcase the variety in which post offices exist with a particular emphasis on small towns. Without the hard work of flying reindeers and postal workers everywhere, your gifts would have a hard time finding their way! -Bob

  • MTV Movie Awards

    Next year is going to be a glorious year for award shows. It was just announced that Rebel Wilson is going to be hosting the MTV Movie Awards on April 14, 2013, and that means I am going to actually watch the MTV Movie Awards for the first time in a million years.—Katie
  • Style Icon: A Disco Ball

    Wow, remember when disco balls had that spread in Vogue last month? Yeah, me neither, but they totally should have. Disco balls have got it going on! They're sparkly, shiny and, uh, sparkly. We should all follow in their footsteps, especially with NYE coming up. So, suit up, but make sure that suit is covered in glitter and/or sequins.—Katie

    Motel Sequin Stardust Romper
    A sequin covered romper? Be still, my heart.

    Pins and Needles Sequin Blazer
    When you're twirling away on the dance floor, you might get a little chilly. This sequin covered blazer will (probably not) warm you right up.

    Pretty Polly Embellished Sparkle Tight
    Real disco balls don't have legs, but if they did, I bet they would wear these tights.

    Druzy Stone Earring
    While disco hits from 1973 blare from the speakers, let these earrings do the talking for you.

    Le Specs Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses
    This disco ball theme is sort of devolving into a rave theme, but these sunglasses are too fun to pass up.

    UO Nail Polish - The Sparkle Collection
    If you are trying to emulate a disco ball and you don't put on sparkly silver nail polish, then what are you doing?

    Vans SK8 Sequin High-Top Flatform-Sneaker
    These sequined flat-form sneakers will ensure that you tower (and sparkle) over the rest of the crowd so that your sparkling goodness is visible to people far and near.
  • Pinhole Camera

    I literally do not understand how pinhole cameras work. I think it must be some kind of sorcery, but aren't they awesome? This pinhole camera was designed by Gangwoo Park, and uses REAL FILM. Think of all the gnarly NYE pics you could take with this thing.—Katie
    (via Notcot)