• Crush

    Crush is an collection of nostalgic, dreamy works from two of our local friends, Erin M. Riley and Jason Andrew Turner, and Pakayla Rae Beihn from Brooklyn. If you're in Boston, stop by the opening tomorrow from 8-11pm, and the show's up until Jan. 7.
  • Best Party Scenes

    Party scenes in movies are the actual best because mostly it's shit that could never happen in real life. Giant ragers at mansions! Giant ragers at frat houses! Giant ragers on the beach! The cops very rarely come, everyone at the party is cool (unless you're the lovable nerd trying to get into the party), and there's limitless alcohol. Let's all aspire to throw some movie-level ragers this holiday season and take some inspiration from the best party scenes of all time. -Katie

    10 Things I Hate About You 
    When I was 12, this is what I imagined high school parties to be like. "That must be Nigel with the brie!"

    She's All That 
    People need to start clearing dance floors to show off their moves more. I love when the mean girl in this movie dumps her drink on Rachael Leigh Cook and makes her cry. I love the Not Another Teen Movie parody of it even more.

    Mean Girls
    This movie is the perfect reference for anything that ever happens in life. The party scene at the end of the movie is also a solid representation of a good party, but this scene brought us the classic line, "I'm a mouse! Duh."

    Can't Hardly Wait
    I mean, this entire movie is a party. If my life was a movie, I'd pick this. And I'd cast myself as the hot girl walking in with fans blowing in her hair.

    Almost Famous
    Everyone should scream "I'M A GOLDEN GOD!" at least once in their life.
  • Jared Leto x Terry Richardson

    Jared Leto has lost a ton of weight for his role in the upcoming movie Dallas Buyers' Club and Terry Richardson decided to photograph him. I'm normally not the biggest fan of Terry Richardson, but I have to say, these pics do make me want to see the movie. Jared Leto really knows how to commit to his roles. I hope he stays away from music and mohawks from here on out. -Katie

  • Pop Up Flea Five

    Starting today is the fifth Pop Up Flea at Drive-In Studios (443 West 18th Street) which brings together an awesome lineup of brands offering a wide variety of goods. Read more about the event at A Continuous Lean and check out coverage from years past. Open today from 3-9pm, Saturday 11am-7pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm.

  • Unicorn Parade

    Do yourself a favor and check out the Etsy shop Unicorn Parade. Tanie, the owner of the shop, makes custom glitter banners, and she makes 'em good. She's like a wizard, but instead of a wand she has an exacto knife. I can't wait to order a dozen of these and drape them from every available surface in my apartment. I mean, shit, she can do ombre glitter. I'm sold. -Katie

  • What Would George Costanza Want?

    Seinfeld character George Costanza is far from perfect. He's cheap, a total liar and can't be in a relationship longer than (what seems like) a day—which is why he's awesome! Here's some picks for what to get George if he was your Secret Santa, or something. - Hazel

    Herschel Supply Co. Hank Wallet
    A new (and normal sized) wallet to neatly store all of George's extremely important things like, you know, Irish money.

    You'll Love This Book As Much As You Hate Your Job
    Perfect: a book of cards featuring people who hate their jobs for the man who always hates his job! I bet there aren't any architects or marine biologists in here...

    Stapleford Ruckus Flannel Shirt
    George can never have too much flannel, right?

    Party Mustache
    Give George a mustache so he can "take a vacation away from himself"

    The Kramer Tee
    Because WHY NOT? And also I would love to see a Seinfeld episode where Kramer gives George a T-shirt of himself for Christmas. 
  • Trend: Party Plaids

    Plaids might not be the first thing that comes to mind when picking out a party outfit, but during the holiday season it's perfectly appropriate. That's not to say that you should show up looking like a lumberjack or the great Rodney Dangerfield—moderation is the key.  To get you started, here are a few things I'm feeling that will ease you into the plaid life. -Bob

    Pendleton Plaid Bowtie
    One way to incorporate a little plaid is to play it safe with a nice red plaid tie, either the bow or neck variety depending on what works best for you. Just make sure you wear it on a solid color, or white, shirt to avoid pattern clashing.

    General Assembly Old Tartan Blazer
    If you're feeling confident in your formal plaid abilities go for the blazer! Again, avoid wearing a shirt that'll clash with the jacket and don't over do it by matching your tie. The key to pulling it off is playing down the pattern in the rest of your ensemble.

    Stubbs and Wootton Black-Watch Plaid Slippers
    Oh, you fancy huh? These slippers should be reserved for the guy that prides himself as a classy dandy individual. I would if I could!
  • R.E.M. "That Someone is You"

    R.E.M.'s video for "That Someone is You," directed by and starring the obnoxiously talented James Franco, features what looks like a behind the scenes view of a remake of the dance routine to "You're The One That I Want" from Grease. Danny Zuko is played by Franco with Sandy played by the body of a babe and the face of a... cat head iPhone app?  Not really sure what that's all about, but I love cats, Grease and JF totally kills it as a young John Travolta so IMO, it's electrifying! -Ally
  • Girl Meets World

    Just in case you haven't heard, there's going to be a spin-off of Boy Meets World called Girl Meets World. (Has this been breaking news on CNN? Because this shit is important.) Apparently, Rider Strong/"Shawn Hunter" is not going to be a regular character (travesty, much?), but he did write a beautiful statement about his time with Boy Meets World, and I might have cried just a tiny bit reading it. So far, only Ben Savage/"Cory Matthews" and Danielle Fishel/"Topanga!" are signed on at this point, but that's okay because I think they deserve to become relevant again. I'm 75% nervous about how much this could potentially suck, but that other 25% of me hopes that this show becomes just as magical as the first one. While we wait to see how this pans out, let's all tweet at Rider Strong to tell him how cute he still is. Shawn Hunter forever! -Katie
  • Disappointments Diary

    I have to say that I've fallen in love with this melancholy little 2013 planner, the Disappointments Diary. Designed by Hat-trick Design and published by Asbury & Asbury, this seriously demotivating planner is chock-full of depression, sorrow, and just downright terrible vibes. My favorite section is the contacts section, for "People Who Never Call." At least this planner is honest, right? The perfect gift for your most disappointing friend. - Hazel

  • Donna Wilson's Scarves

    Donna Wilson's adorable House Scarf and Sky Scraper Scarf would make great gifts for the holidays. Who wouldn't want a cozy and colorful piece of architecture to wrap around one's neck? Stocking stuffer, for sure! - Hazel

  • 4 Artists 1 Cause

    We're excited to help present this awesome event in New York City to help raise money for hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Sleigh Bells, Grizzly Bear, The Antlers, Cults and more—and all for a good cause. Boom. 

    Get tickets here. 
  • Jing Yu's Pinatas

    You know what your party really needs? A candy-filled piñata of your face. If you think that's weird, step back and really think about it. Think about all the haters that will probably show up at your awesome party. What do you want them to kick the shit out of? YOU? Or a piñata that looks like you? Probably the latter, right? Basically what I'm saying is, artist Jing Yu can make a piñata of anyone and that sounds like the perfect addition to any party. - Hazel

  • Illuminati Girl Gang Vol. 2

    The Illuminati Girl Gang is back with Volume 2 of their literary and art zine which showcases some of curator Gabby Gabby's favorite women creating on the web.-Ally
  • Subscribe

    As a lover of all things print, I would love to receive a subscription to any one of these beautiful publications as a gift. Digital subscriptions are great since it saves trees and bulk but it's just not as satisfying as opening up some thick printed pages. Give the gift of print with a subscription to Wilder Quarterly, Apartamento, Kinfolk, or Blind Spot. -Bob
  • Parties Worth Crying Over

    It's holiday season aka PARTY TIME! But remember, just because you're throwing a party, it doesn't mean it will be a success. Actually, a lot of parties (or, you know, the ones in the movies or TV shows) are total disasters and end in tears, overdoses and the occasional arrest. Here's my list of the absolute worst parties you could have possibly thrown or gone to, so be thankful you didn't and learn from their mistakes! You can cry if you want to, because jeez, who wouldn't?! -Ally

    The Valley Party
    So, OK, Cher was at this party, and her designated driver tried to attack her, so she got out ‘cause they stopped, and then he drove off and deserted her, and then this guy with a gun held her up, took her money, and her phone and he yelled at her and he forced her to ruin her dress!!!!  Nothing like a good sob story in your Alaïa to get your super cute former step-brother Josh to pick you up in the valley.
    Hostess Gift: Cry About It Bandages. Just incase you find yourself facedown in a mini dress, you'll have some cute bandaids to wear when you're telling everyone at school about your near death experience.

    LC's Black and White Party
    It's only the first episode ever of Laguna Beach and Kristin is ALREADY starting some drama. At LC and Morgan's totally lame "Black and White Affair," Kristin arrives at the party and the eye rolling begins—cue the fighting, pouting, and whining over Stephen for the rest of the series.  From this point on Lauren cries in like, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, so watch all the DVDs for a crying extravaganza.
    Hostess Gift: Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color. For a stain-free face, LC should waterproof everything she wears/owns.

    Rayanne Graff's Birthday Party
    Oops! Rayanne had a little too much to drink again at the party she throws with the $270 she gets from her dad on her birthday.  The life and host of the party bounces around her mom's apartment, almost gets a tarot card tattoo, then gets saved by Angela's mother.  (Side note: in my MSCL dreams, RG gets totally sober in Season 2, turns her life around and works as a stylist at Urban Outfitters.)
    Hostess Gift: STAY SOBER. That and Bliss Baggage Handler Eye Gel so she doesn't look too awful leaving the hospital with the hangover of a lifetime.

    DJ Tanner's 13th Birthday Party
    In the Full House episode "13 Candles," DJ and Kimmy are scheming to get DJ her first kiss with Kevin at her boy and girl birthday party by playing spin the bottle.  The kiss gets ruined by Danny, Joey and Jesse who are snooping (of course) and DJ is soooo embarrassed. Lucky for her, Kevin sneaks back for a after-party kiss and makes the night all worth it! Yay, tears of joy!
    Hostess Gift: Some Kissing Elixirs Fresh Breath Mist for all the future smoochin' DJ's going to be doing.

    Any Bluth Party Ever
    I mean, COME ON! It seems like the Bluth family can never catch a break. Whether they're throwing a benefit party for TBA, a no-show birthday party, or ANY party on a boat, they're totally screwed.  The family would probably cry if any of them had any emotions (except for Tobias) but they don't so, LOL.
    Hostess Gift: An Awkward Family Photo Album for all of the past (and future) photos of the family that are stashed in that secret back room along with Tobias' bodybuilding magazines.
  • Family Sweatshirts

    Yo dawg, I heard you like Family so I put some family in some Family so you can Family while you family.

    Shop Family

  • Cats I Know 2013 Wall Calendar

    I love cats—a lot. Like in the creepy and obsessive eHarmony kind of way. Illustrator Kaori Mitsushima has created a Cats I Know wall calendar for 2013, based off her blog which is filled with, well, CATS.  Thanks to her, every day of every month can now be filled with them too. Woooo! Cat party! -Ally

  • Roxy Marj

    Roxy Marj is my latest Etsy obsession, and could be your next one too. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Roxy Marj is a graduate of Parsons and designs THE cutest, detailed accessories (clutches, and an icicle hair clip!), coloring books, stuffed animals, stationary, and best yet: holiday garlands and gift tags! Each print is created by the designer herself, ranging from creepy cool eyeballs to simple and understated black and white polka dots. Roxy Marj's designs will definitely make some of the best gifts this season, whether its one of her clutches for your best pal or one of her adorable garlands for your home! - Maddie

  • What Would John Waters Want?

    Filmmaker, artist, writer, and all around filthy dude John Waters would no doubt have a totally whacked-out Christmas gift list. The Pope of Trash loves all that is shocking, campy and generally ridiculous. For the holidays, here are just a few gift ideas for John Waters. - Hazel

    Fart Bomb
    As a die-hard prankster and a lover of, well, disgusting people, John Waters would love these fart bombs. Ugh, gross? Or sneaky and awesome? YOU DECIDE.

    PX 600 Silver Shade UV+ Instant Film by Impossible Project
    Waters takes a polaroid of every person that visits his house, so he might appreciate some of the Impossible Project's vintage film, like this Silver Shades set of film!

    Lana Del Ray - Born To Die LP
    BABY WE WERE BORN TO DIE, right? I have this feeling that John Waters would love Lana del Rey in all her kooky campiness. Start him off with her debut, even though I swear "My P***y Tastes Like Pepsi Cola" is totally something Babs Johnson would snarl at tabloid photographers.

    The Art Book: New Edition by Phaidon Press
    John Waters has an art collection that most modern art museums would drool over. Give him MORE art with the latest edition of Phaidon's Art Book. Does he need it? Probably not, but one can never have too many art books. I think J.W. would agree.

    Bacon & Eggs Ornament
    What do you buy a man who has fake food in every room of his house? Fake food for his Christmas tree, duh.