• Music Mondays: October 29th, 2012

  • BRB!

    Frankenstorm's a coming and we're going a runnin' (from our desks). Be safe everyone and we'll be back for Halloween!
  • Sh*t Girls Say at Urban Outfitters!

    I have heard this all said (or have said it myself) at least five times.-Ally

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  • Happy Birthday, Hillary!

    Today is Hillary Clinton's 65th birthday and she deserves 1,000 cakes and 100 puppies and everything else good that people get on birthdays. She is an angel among men, and the HBIC of the political world. She's like a real life Leslie Knope, that's how great she is. In honor of Hil, here are some of the best Texts From Hillary memes. -Katie

  • Styleblaster

    Styleblaster is like people watching on crack (and online). I can seriously sit here and do this all day. Right now, I'm just waiting for my first celebrity or IRL friend spotting. -Ally

  • Rag Union for Urban Renewal

    I can't wait to get my greedy little hands on pieces from the Rag Union from Urban Renewal collection.  Filled with camo prints, foiled denim, ombre and tie-dye, just wearing one of these outfits will make you looks super badass and intimidating!  If I spotted someone wearing this collection with some serious stomping boots, I'd start running for my life. -Ally

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  • Christopher Owens Solo Debut

    Over the summer Christopher Owens announced that he would be leaving his band Girls to start his own solo project. Sad. Today it was announced that Owens will be releasing his debut solo LP in January, and the first two songs are available for streaming. Usually I feel sort of ugh when artists feel the need to go solo, but I have to say, I'm interested to hear the album in its entirety. And maybe now that he's free as a bird, he'll feel like cracking a smile once in a while. (via Pitchfork) -Katie

  • (via The Hairpin)

    Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

    AHHH. I was on The Hairpin earlier, reading this delightful article about turning a doll's head into a wine glass, when I saw that they had an entry called "Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark." YES! Scary Wikipedia entries are my lifeblood. While they've gathered a lot of the classics (Taman Shud, anyone?), here are five more Wiki entries that will sufficiently creep you out just in time for Halloween. -Katie

    "What a nice looking fellow!" you might think. Guess what? YOU WOULD BE WRONG. The man above is Armin Meiwes. You know, just that guy who found another guy on the internet who was willing to be killed and eaten. NBD.

    Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?

    I'm cheating because this isn't a real thing, and also it's from the Creepypasta Wiki, but Squidward's Suicide is literally the scariest thing I've ever read. LAUGH ALL YOU WANT, but I had the above picture of Squidward saved on my computer and I couldn't even look at it. It's horrifying. Look under your bed, he's probably there.

    Alien hand syndrome is a real thing!!!

    I'm cheating again because this isn't from Wiki, but the bodies on Mt. Everest are extremely interesting (and depressing) to read about. Stop climbing Mt. Everest, everyone! Nothing fun ever happens there.
  • Lana Wachowski's HRC Visibility Award Acceptance Speech

    You should watch the awe-inspiring acceptance speech from Lana Wachowski (co-director of The Matrix) after winning the Visibility Award at the Human Rights Campaign's annual gala. This is one video that is well worth a half hour of your day (or for those unable to watch, you can read the transcript here). Then, go support her and her brother's new film, Cloud Atlas!-Ally
  • Powder Town

    Gotta love a cozy knitted bobble cap on a cold day, there's something about the little pom-pom on top that keeps my head extra warm–seriously! These handsome Powder Town caps from Patagonia come in some pretty fun colors with tri-color poms to top them all off. -Bob

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  • (Photo via Print & Pattern)

    Sanna Annukka: The Fir Tree

    Sanna Annukka is a designer and printmaker who draws her inspiration from the Finnish landscape and, as a result, creates very organic looking patterns and prints. Although she is currently working as a designer for Marimekko, she was still able to find the time to illustrate a Hans Christian Anderson classic, The Fir Tree. Annukka's designs are beautifully done, and remind me of a winter fire (okay, that's admittedly cheesy, but seriously, I dare you to look at these illustrations and not feel cozy).

    Like the illustrations in the book? Check out this video that highlights Annukka's creative process while also showcasing some of her designs for Marimekko:

    POHJOLASSA from jasper goodall on Vimeo.

    I want to like, wrap myself in those blankets and go build a wooden canoe now. NATURE! While I will more than likely only be wrapping myself in blankets to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, Annukka's designs can help us all feel a little bit closer to nature. -Katie
  • 20 Spooky Songs For A Halloween Night

    Whether you're having a costume party or driving around town smashing pumpkins, you're going to need a killer (pun totally intended) playlist for Halloween night. Here's a playlist of 20 spooky songs to listen to while you wreak havoc in the night! - Hazel

    Hazel's Halloween Playlist
  • (Photos via Katie McCurdy)

    Urban Outfitters Presents: Making Time Recap

    Last Friday's UO Presents: Making Time was a super hazy night—and I don't just mean because of the drinks.  Le Bain was filled with smoke, lights and packed to the brim with people dancing along to the music of Blood Diamonds, Tanlines and DJs Dave P and Sammy Slice.  Aside from the occasional elbow to the ribs and the inability to find a friend once you lost them, it was a blast.  For the lucky ones who stayed long enough for the a cappella version of Wonderwall, I commend you.  NYC, you are true party animals. Okay, enough reminiscing, I'm ready for next year! -Ally

  • Cheap Monday Monday Pop Up Shop Finale!

    Let the Halloween festivities begin! This Friday night, October 26, at Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Caheunga Blvd) Cheap Monday is hosting a closing party for their super cool Fall/Winter collection pop up shop with a Day of the Dead theme! The fun starts at 7PM, and there will be live music, drinks, and prizes for the best 'Dia De Los Muertos' costume for both a guy and girl. The giveaways include up to $1,000 in Cheap Monday gear. Living Things will be performing, and Jacob Cooper of Wavves will be playing DJ! Put on your best sugar skull makeup for Friday night, and head on over to Space 15 Twenty, because Cheap Monday knows how to party. - Maddie

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  • Patrik Ervell x ALDO RISE F/W 12

    Patrik Ervell's F/W 2012 video for his collaboration with ALDO RISE is so incredible. I know the models are being flipped through the air by one of those indoor sky diving wind tunnels, but I'd rather pretend they've just been sipping on some Fizzy Lifting Drinks (minus all the drama). Either way, the collection looks great in motion and if anyone's willing to pay for it, I'll totally recreate this video to confirm how great it is. -Ally
  • Love Letters to Skateboarding Girls: Cara-Beth Burnside

    Dear Jeff Grosso, my swellbow thanks you for your Love Letters to Skateboarding Girls series.  Hopefully videos like these inspire some of you babes out there to get into skating and get hyped about it!  We already run the world, next it'll be the skateboarding world. Sorry I'm not sorry, dudes. -Ally
  • I Wish I Knew

    We're dying to know what Andy Rementer figured out in his new exhibit I Wish I Knew opening tomorrow, Thursday October 25, from 6-9PM at Mondo Cane (174 Duane St., Tribeca).  I guess I'll haven to wait and see, just like everything else in life!
  • You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: A Fortune Teller

    What's in the stars for me? When will I get married? When will I die? And will I ever be good at algebra? I don't know! That's for you to tell me, when you dress up as a mysterious and mystical fortune-teller for Halloween. This costume rules because it's not just about looks, it's all about the act too. Once you tell people what your costume is they're probably going to ask you a bunch of wacko questions about their future and you can just say anything. It's fun! Here's how to look like you actually know what you're talking about. - Hazel

    Constantine Goddess Chain Headwrap
    A chain headband draws attention to your (unseen) third eye!

    Magical Crystal Ball Necklace
    If you don't feel like lugging around an actual crystal ball, take this necklace as a little portable one. It still does the trick (aka showing you absolutely nothing about the future).

    UO Stacking Bracelets
    Pile on the bangles! That way when you make lively and intense hand movements as you describe someone's fortune, you'll make sooo much noise. It'll be very dramatic.

    Ecote Wanderer Scarf
    Wrap this colorful scarf around your head or wrap it like a turban.

    Sparkle & Fade Pleated Chiffon Skirt
    A flowy skirt for dancing around the party without a care in the world because you know when everyone is going to die and they don't, hahaha!

    Anna Sui Eye Crayon
    Line your eyes with this smokey sparkly eye crayon as you stare into the future of everyone you meet.

    MK Totem Pony Hair Bucket Bag
    You're definitely going to need a bag to carry around your crystal ball, tarot cards, incense sticks, crystals, gems, and more.
  • Buried Diamond

    There's always that great feeling when you find something really lovely on a website like Etsy, and recently I came across Buried Diamond, a line of cute and equally quirky brooches, jewelry, stickers and postcards created by NYC-based textile designer Martha Porter. Martha creates each of her accessories and prints from scratch, which is the coolest part, because every piece is unique. She has crazy hand painted clay pins and necklaces shaped like eyeballs, earrings that look like hands (perfect for Halloween), and super adorable and bright sticker designs that remind me a little bit of Lisa Frank! Shop her rad selection here. - Maddie

  • We Asked, You Answered: Best Survival Tactics

    While watching any movie, one game I love to play with my friends is to ask them what character they think they are in it.  When it comes down to horror flicks, the disagreement between who dies first, who makes it halfway, and who is the star of the film that lives, always gets super heated.  I always admit I'd be the first to die, or the one to trip while running, but most people I ask swear through and through they'd make it until the end.  On Twitter, we asked you what your best survival tactic would be to make it to safety, and here are some of our favorite answers and some appropriate .gifs to match them. -Ally

    @Yellow108brand Running away/knowing where the stake's at.

    @_Lizzielove be a virgin.

    @imani_ervin Never split up! #uohalloween

    @LuckyMagazine using telekinesis to seek revenge at the prom works best.

    @ismikeis staying awake #onetwofreddyscomingforyou

    @emilysujo Lock yourself in the Winchester and wait for it all to blow over. #shaunofthedead

    @ironmanperson stock up on Urban Outfitters attire and hope for the best. #uohalloween

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