• Keith Haring's "We Are The Youth" Mural

    The Keith Haring "We Are The Youth" mural, located at 2147 Ellsworth St., has come under close observation after the building it is painted on recently went under construction.  The now partially stuccoed mural was created by Haring along with the children from the Brandywine Workshop around 25 years ago. The renovator of the building that the pop art lives on has promised to help restore the mural after some much needed rehabbing. (via Naked Philly)
  • Win a Set of NXNE Wristbands

    Attention Toronto Shoppers!  For every $25 you spend in stores, you'll earn one raffle ticket to win a pair of NXNE wristbands,  Shop at either of our two Toronto stores (235 Yonge St., or 481 Queen St. West) to enter!
  • Native x Field Study x Farm League Present: MACHOTAILDROP

    Catch a special screening of MACHOTAILDROP, a film by Alex Craig and Corey Adams, tonight at Space 15 Twenty's Field Study pop up (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.).  They'll be giving out prizes, beer, and popcorn for the film, and will start the night off with DJ Paul Devro at 6pm. The film starts at 8!  RSVP here
  • The Skatorialist

    Above are photographs by London based photographer Sam Ashley highlighting some notably fresh skaters from his aptly titled blog The Skatorialist. Most people might not envision great style when they think of skate fashion but these guys definitely know what they're doing. -Bob
  • The Dough Rollers

    One of the best bands around right now is The Dough Rollers. This will become fairly obvious to your ears when you watch the above video, but their sound is absolutely incomparable to anyone around and their lyrics are genius. I mean, they've already gone on tour with Bob Dylan! Get into them now before they really blow up! X - Jen
  • The Chosen One

    The Chosen One is a selection of one-off vintage items chosen by Melbourne's finest taste-makers Perks and Mini. Zucca, Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe and Margiela are all currently in the mix and the plan is to offer seasonal clothing, accessories and books. - Nadia

  • Herman Miller Pop Up

    Modern furniture company Herman Miller opened a pop up shop earlier this month in Soho which will remain open until July 1. The company has put together a really amazing arrangement of their pieces complemented with other objects and accessories. The shop is located at 68 Wooster Street and open seven days a week. For more information visit their site here. -Bob
  • Ca$h Cats

    TGIF! How happy was I to come across this amazing tumblr. My favorite is the Canadian cat (obviously) with her bedroom eyes and $100 pillow! -Jennilee
  • Sneeze Mag #15

    My favorite magazine these days is the seriously impressive SNEEZE. It is beyond crucial that you pick yourself up a copy. Just look for the raddest magazine cover on the rack. The last issue featured Iggy Pop, this issue Erik Ellington, and they were both photographed by the genius Kenneth Cappello—clearly the non-stop shredders are happening over there. X - Jen
  • The Great Gatsby

    Watching this trailer is like seeing your old crush for the first time in years and discovering that they still make your heart beat faster. Luhrmann, Leo, and a little bit of Watch the Throne? Hell. Yes. 
  • Tumblr Tuesdays: May 29

    Yr Wi-Fi

    Wedding Equality

    Life! Death! Top Tips!

    Fake Science

    Fuck Yeah Jesus Men

    X-Men With Googly Eyes

    Movie Simpsons

    Should You Wear That Fedora?
  • Benjo's Lacing

    Give an old pair of shoes some new life with a simple pair of colored laces. Benjo's Boot & Shoe Lacing produces their colorful laces in ten shades and four lengths for a range of shoe types. Made in the USA. -Bob
  • Surf Daze Interviews: Tallow

    Tallow are one of the latest labels to be picked up at Urban Outfitters for the Surf Daze Collection. We spoke to Ali Mandalis about finding inspiration in far away travels and a life spent obsessed with waves.

    How did you and Shannon Clynes (your partner at Tallow) meet?

    We met through the surf company we were working at, Insight. We became friends over a beer while watching the famous horse race in Australia called the Melbourne Cup. We were the only two girls in the company that surfed, so from then on we hung at the beach after work and surfed together.  It ultimately created a strong bond between us.

    What were you doing before launching your label?
    I took a year off from working in a full time design role and traveled all through South America. I was meant to only go for about three months and I ended up going for 11. It was one of most my treasured times as I gained bucket loads of inspiration through the incredible cultures and colors. I surfed all day, did my art by night, and was simply blessed to have such an incredible journey without the modern day pressures that we all can get caught up in.

    What are your latest inspirations for your next collection?
    I love researching different art in different cultures. For the next collection we’re pointing towards different African colours and prints.  I can't say too much but I'm loving the exploration into their history and present day artisan culture.

    You work with a lot of incredible artists. Are there any dream collaborations you would like to make in the future for Tallow?
    I usually cross paths with an artist somewhere along the way or they just jump out at me from the net, then I ask them with my fingers crossed that they’re interested in collaborating. I love using artists that I haven't heard of before but have that something special that I resonate with, being technique, colour palettes, or simply ocean inspired.

    What is your playlist like at work?
    When I work I love listening to all the old classics. Pixies, Jane's Addiction, Led Zeppelin, Mudhoney, Fugazi, The Velvet Underground.

    I noticed you guys support and take part in a lot of events for girls in surfing.  Did you both grow up surfing or is it something you grew to love?
    I had no direct influence of surfing, I was just always obsessed by it for as long as I can remember. A lot of my early days were spent on the beach, hanging in sand dunes and beach bonfires at night. Always salty and sandy. Shan was much the same and nothing much has changed for either of us.

    Where would your go-to surfing destination be and why?
    Right now we’re in autumn and I am loving my own home beach breaks. The east coast of Australia is at its best during autumn—crisp days, warm sunshine, perfect waves, and no crowds. There are hundreds of perfect little secret breaks up and down the coast. Solitude and the beauty of the Australian bush.

    Do you have any favorite surfing films?
    Love all the old classics like Morning of the Earth, Forgotten Island Of Santosha, Sproutanything old school that meets present day.

    Besides your own incredible line, what are some key pieces in your closet?
    I just raided all the op shops on a recent surf trip up the east coast of Australia and scored some great additions. My favourite is a jade green chinese smoking coat and retro bright red pom-pon beanie. My new uniform :)! Other key pieces and staples are cut off shorts, oversized retro shirts, boots, hatsd and lots of jewels.

    What are you doing in your downtime, when you're not in the office?
    Downtime is spent on the beach on a blanket with friends talking nonsense, drawing, reading, skating, musicing and smiling!

    X - Jen

    Shop the Surf Daze Collection
  • Flickr Favorites: May 25

    Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

    Submit your photos to the UO Flickr pool for a chance to be featured on our blog!
  • Drifters: Artwork by David Browne

    Visit the Field Study pop-up tonight, Friday, May 25, for the Drifters exhibition with artwork by David Browne.  The event starts at 7PM at Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.) and will be featuring a special guest DJ!
  • The 3-Day Freakin' Weekend Memorial Day Sale

    It's the unofficial start to summer and baby, we're about to have us some fun!  (Psst... we hear this sale might even last till Monday.)
  • Bright Shades

    Really loving the O'Malley sunglasses from Oliver Peoples that come in six different frame and lens color combinations. They are a classic shape with some updated pizzaz to keep those eyes of yours seeing clearly on sunny days ahead. -Bob
  • Charlotte and Sture Johannesson at New Jerseyy

    Swiss art gallery New Jerseyy is running an exhibit showcasing the works of Sture and Charlotte Johannesson—two rebellious Swedish graphic designers whose political and experimental medias were infamous in the 1960s. They were also two of the first Swedish artists to actually produce art using computers. Talk about artistic revolutionaries! The show runs May 25 through June 9. - Hazel
  • Music Mondays: May 28th, 2012

  • Sonya Kozlova

    Moscow-born Sonya Kozlova's photographs are simple, raw, and occasionally haunting, which causes us to always come back for a second look (and makes her a frequent Flickr Favorite)!