• Wiissa

    Wiissa is the collaborative photo archive between Wilson Philippe and Vanessa Hollander (a combination of their nicknames: wii and ssa).  After meeting in Miami at 15 and 14-years-old, the duo became hooked on photography, using each other as their subjects to help them learn and grow.  Their use of film and video brings moments to life that are nostalgic, genuine and youthful, which together create the timeless world they seem to live in.  See more at their website, including their first prize winning entry to our Crush video contest and the Flickr Favorites photo featured right now on our homepage.
  • Wizard Oz "Flashing Lights"

    The Australian band Wizard Oz is releasing their latest album Flashing Lights on their Bandcamp on April 16, just in time to rule my spring with their super chill songs. Here's a track from the new album, called "Pull Out Slow." - Hazel
  • Wanderlust: Laos

    I biked “The Loop” in Laos from Thakhek to Naiki and then to Ban Na Hin, which is the base town to visit the big highlight: the Konglor cave. The cave is a big side trip (26 miles in each direction) so instead of biking out and back on the same road, I decided to take a minibus.  I got on the first one that left at 10AM, but it took 1.5 hours because it stopped a lot to make deliveries of food and gasoline along the way.

    The Konglor cave was pretty cool to see—7 km boat ride through and you see some rock formations inside—but the effort to see it has cost me an entire day. This experience has reminded me how great it is to travel independently by bicycle and to always avoid buses and boats.

    Here’s where I slept last night. I got the lover’s room.

    The main road through Southern Laos is really boring. It’s well paved and flat, but it’s barren and mind-numbing. Apparently 80% of Laos’ population is in the North, so in the South, towns are small and spread out, leaving long stretches of nothing in between. 

    To get through this wasteland, I’ve been biking long distances everyday of 100-120 miles. I’ve considered taking a bus to skip it so I can spend more time in better places, but the problem is my ego. 

    So far I’ve biked the entire way. If I was to take a bus now, I’d be embarrassed to explain my trip. “You biked through all those countries?!” “Well, I biked most of it, but then I took the bus.” I’m willing to put myself through a little more agony to avoid a long explanation of how I travelled. Plus I think I’d be disappointed in myself for being a wimp. The sense of accomplishment will be more pure if I bike the whole way. 

    Do I need to just get over myself?" -Eoin

    See more of Eoin's trip here.
  • Decathlon Books at Printed Matter

    Wiggle yer little book worm tush over to Printed Matter (195 10th Avenue) because it's T.G.I.Friday.  Tonight marks the launch of Padraig Timoney's book, which is also the last piece of the Decathlon Books puzzle we have all been waiting for. Risograph posters of the artists' work will be exhibited, eee! -Maggie Lee

  • Flickr Favorites: March 30

    "And one day we will die and our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea. But for now we are young, let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see."-Neutral Milk Hotel

    Submit your photos to the UO Flickr pool!
  • Louis Vuitton FW12 Bags

    I may not normally be much of a monogram kinda girl, but throw on a ton of purple sparkles and I'm sold. Louis Vuitton's FW12 accessories didn't just have the sick sparklers going for them though because my jaw literally dropped when I spotted these beautiful goat fur handbags! Please be mine! X - Jen
  • Eviana Hartman

    Meet Eviana Hartman, our green-friendly blogger for the month of April, who believes that style and substance should coexist. After working as a fashion writer at Vogue and Teen Vogue and as the fashion features editor of NYLON, she created Bodkin, the Ecco Domani-award winning fashion line with a sustainable twist. She is now a featured designer for Hessnatur, the world’s largest and oldest organic and fair-trade clothing company. She has written for everyone from Purple to The Washington Post, and has recently relocated from Brooklyn to Elysian Heights, Los Angeles, where her neighbors include owls, coyotes, and LL Cool J's brother. Follow Eviana's posts all month for earthly issues—just don't blame us when your thumbs start turning green.
  • Inventory Magazine Launch Party

    Inventory Magazine has launched their anticipated 6th issue with features on vintage dealer Bobby Garnett, Batten Sportswear, Tory Leather, and Visvim. I'm honoured to have a photo essay in the issue too. In celebration, they will be hosting their West Coast launch party at the Inventory Stockroom (45 Powell Street) tonight, March 30. The combination of good people, nice clothing, drinks and new reading make the event something that shouldn't be missed. If you can not make it, the magazine will be available at these selected retailers.  - Jennilee


    Alexandra Gorczynski

    Alexandra Gorczynski is a multimedia artist whose 'no shame' approach to life and art is exactly what we love about her (and the internet).  Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get weird!
  • KarlKam Episode 5: "Revenge of the Skrillex"

    KarlKam gets freestyled by Kosha Dillz, interviews Araab Muzik for like two seconds, and gets bass sickness from Skrillex in this epic finale episode of KarlKam Live in Austin 2012.
  • Sessun S/S 2012

    Sessun never fails to make us happy.  The lookbook for their S/S 2012 collection brings us back to a carefree, easygoing time where there were no iPhones, men still opened car doors for women, and scarf headbands were a must.  Our goal is to try to live that way this summer (except we still want to update our Instagram).

    Shop Sessun
  • Dum Dum Girls "Coming Down"

    Cut off a piece of Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls while you can.  She's giving it all away in one shot in the band's new video for "Coming Down", off their album Only In Dreams.  We're selling ours on Ebay.
  • Slanted Mansion

    I'm a sucker for any project that involves exploring beautiful and creatively decorated interiors. Slanted Mansion, a blog that photographs the homes of creatives from around the globe, is no exception. Interviewing everyone from Swedish tattoo artists to Argentinian musicians, photographer and interviewer Siobhan Frost definitely has an eye for interesting homes. - Hazel
  • Neuw Denim S/S 2012

    Neuw Denim's S/S 2012 collection lookbook, titled Northern Hemisphere, is all about simple, clean and classic looks.  With sleeveless button-ups, feminine tanks, and their perfect Marilyn High Skinny Leg jeans, this collection will be great inspiration for all of your summer days.

    Shop Neuw Denim
  • Tutto Bene

    "Tutto Bene" is a joint art exhibition that will feature the work of 01 Magazine co-founder Nathalee Paolinelli, alongside Phillip Melvin, Joey Haley, Jonathan Petersen, and Barry Doupe. The opening reception takes place Friday, April 6 at Interurban Gallery (1 East Hastings) and is curated by Vancouver-based artist, Mark Delong. Be sure to check out the artworks, especially this amazing larger than life sized hamburger made by Francisco Grassi in collaboration with Nathalee! - Jennilee
  • Jimmy Cricket

    Jimmy Cricket is for those out there with an imagination.  Just take one look at their website and you'll know what we mean.  From bird houses and robots to porcelain plates and scrapwood, your rooms will be brought to life with this wallpaper.
  • Hide & Seek

    Really into this new tee from Montana label Hide & Seek. Even if you're like me and barely sleep a wink, you'll still fully appreciate this perfect shirt. X - Jen
  • DIY With Luv AJ and Honestly WTF

    Come hang out with Luv AJ and Honestly WTF for a night of demonstrations and styling tips at the Urban Outfitters in Glendale (260 Americana Way)!  It's all happening tomorrow night, March 29, from 6-9pm.
  • Wanderlust: 40 Days

    "Here is my (Road Bone's) trip summary after 40 days of cycling:

    Distance travelled: 3,158 miles
    Hours cycling: 235 hours
    Average speed: 13.5 mph
    Average distance per day: 78.9 miles
    Average time cycling per day: 5:52 hours
    So, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing, I’ve been riding, mostly.

    Longest ride: 121.1 miles in 8:30
    Shortest ride: 36.6 miles in 3:40
    Notable-st ride: Kasi to Luang Prabang, 95 miles in 8:30, 10,150 feet total ascent with a peak at 4,600 feet, and the steepest gradient of 14%. This is a famous bike touring route through the mountains in Northern Laos that’s done over two days, but Road Bone did it in one. You go, Bone!

    Body weight lost: 15 pounds (from 175 to 160)—I’ve been told that I look tired and “worn out,” which only means my summer beach bod is gonna look super tight, like a tight bone.

    Favorite country: Cambodia. The people there were the friendliest. It also has the most interesting history, the best food, and is cheaper than Vietnam and Laos.

    These two months of bike touring through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos has been an amazing journey—a journey of self-discovery. It’s incredible to realize the power within myself and the child inside. At 29 years of age, I’m finally finding myself.

    Backpacker culture has been the defining influence. The late-night talks in the dorm over a beer with a new hostel friend has directed me along a new path. What is life? Where are you from? Which lonely planet are you using? How long is your trip? Mine’s a lifetime and it truly starts now!

    So with that, I don’t think it makes sense for me to return to the US. I’ve tapped into something truly special within myself here in Southeast Asia. This is my last post and the end of my blob and internet presence. If you need to find me, I’ll be shirtless, dreadlocked, and wearing patchwork fisherman pants on Khao San Road in Bangkok. Ask around for Chi.

    Peace and love,
    Road Bone"-Eoin

    See more of Eoin's trip here.
  • Maison Martin Margiela Sheer Boots

    Oh these? Just a pair of mesh and transparent heeled boots from good old MMMargiela. No big deal. These boots may be just what your feet are looking for this summer, especially if you're not much for flip flops! X - Jen