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Hobbyist No. 1

Hobbyday is a beautiful blog dedicated to peoples hobbies, whether it be collecting, skateboarding, gardening or hiking. Creator and graphic designer Pierre Hourquet recently released his first zine, Hobbyist, showing the hobbies of photographers Nicholas Gottlund, Ye Rin Mok and Suzanna Zak. Order it here. - Jennilee

Ellery eyes

Ellery and Graz make a good looking pair. Their new range of sunnies is really hot too. - Nadia

Mister Mort at Pitti Uomo

Mister Mort is a man who pays attention to the details, and these are some of the best that he saw recently at Pitti Uomo in Milan. I'm especially inspired by the first gentleman's layering skills with a duffel coat over a denim jacket and gingham western shirt. See more of Mort's Pitti Uomo coverage here. -Bob

Lucile Prache

Make it look like you know a thing or two about cooking—even if you don't—with Lucile Prache's kitchen artwork.  If only cooking it was as easy as hanging an amazing illustration on your wall.

Have A Nice Book

Have A Nice Book is a video blog created by Salva López and Yosigo that showcases interesting and beautiful photography books and publications in their entirety. - Hazel

Mates + Rubbish

These Sole Mate greeting cards by Mates + Rubbish are just a little too perfect for shoe lovers.  This Valentine's Day, give one of these to the guy or girl in your life who has more shoes than clothes.  We're sure they'll get a kick out of them!

Sydney Food Trucks

Sydney's finally got off its ass and into the food truck craze. Not one, but 10 trucks will cruise the streets this year, including mouth watering vegetarian stuff (seriously) from the Veggie Patch van and a Taco Truck from Raph Rashid of Melbourne's Beatbox Kitchen. My stomach's already rumbling. - Nadia

Lazy Oaf

This may sound a little gluttonous but we want and need every top from Lazy Oaf right now.

Ello There

Although we're not planning on getting married anytime soon (sorry, mom!), we can't help but feel a little lovey-dovey looking through Ello There's wedding invitations.  Their Vintage Record invitation is one of the coolest we've ever seen.

Eurobus by Taylor Holland

Either European tour busses are a lot cooler than the ones here in the US, or we haven't been paying much attention.  In Taylor Holland's new photobook, Eurobus, we're given the chance to appreciate the designers of these rolling artworks that were taken by the photographer during bicycle commutes in Paris.

Eleanor Friedberger "Heaven"

Eleanor Friedberger has been a bad, bad girl.  See for yourself in her latest video for the song "Heaven".

Motorhead x The Great Frog

As if I could love Motorhead more, they've just made a couple rings with legendary company The Great Frog. Need these ASAP!!! X - Jen

Wanderlust: The Start

"I’m feeling a few lifestyle changes now that I’m away from home and starting this bike tour.

I have one outfit. Besides my cycling clothes, I only have one button-down shirt and some navy pants. The pants are too tight actually—the button is strained at the waist revealing the top of the zipper and the pockets are riding out on the sides. I figure these pants are going to get really loose from all the wear, especially at the knees—flopping like your comfy socks on Christmas morning. If not, I guess they’ll be my goal pants—I’ll be losing a lot of weight, why not set a goal. 

Hand-washing laundry sucks. I’ve got two pairs of underwear and three pairs of socks. Every night I’ll have to be dunking some clothes in the sink, washing the brown-grey out, and then hanging them overnight to dry. 

I didn’t bring deodorant; I brought a crystal. I’m very loyal to Old Spice Pure Sport but the stick is too big. I saw a magical deodorizing crystal on Amazon, so I got it for its small size and magic. 

Not knowing the language makes you an outsider. I’m just going to have to deal with being an outsider for a few months. At least when I was in Central America I picked up on some Spanish and could make sense of it, but I really have no chance with Vietnamese. I’m going to learn the basic basics to give greetings and say thank you but there’s no way I’m going to have a conversation.

I’ve been growing a rat-tail for a few months now in preparation for this trip to Southeast Asia. If I want to be all Zen and free-flowing over here I need a Zen Haircut. And Buddhist-Monk-haircuts are totally trending right now. Namaste y’all!"-Eoin

See more of Eoin's trip here.

Soft Shocks

Lani Sommer was completing her second year at Melbourne's RMIT Uni when she found herself 'without bag' and 'without cash'; we reckon that most students can relate. Unlike most students, Lani could actually stitch something together, so she did. The resulting Soft Shocks shoulder bag is freaking cool and made from good stuff: merino wool, cotton and polymer clay. Top marks Lani. - Nadia


Bracelets made out of braces! Who knew such a token of awkwardness could make such a cool piece of jewelry? - Hazel

Music Mondays: January 30th, 2012

Urban Outfitters Early Spring Catalog

The Early Spring Catalog was photographed by Tim Barber up and down the Northern California coast, with models and real-life best friends Bambi Norwood-Blyth and Hannah Holman. Here, watch a behind-the-scenes video of their adventures along the way.

Urban Outfitters Early Spring Catalog (Teaser #4)

Behind the scenes photographed by Tim Barber. Full video coming soon...

Flickr Favorites: January 27

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

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Lego Man in Space

Two high school seniors launched a Lego Man into space. So what have you been doing in your free time? Watching more Saved by the Bell reruns? Psshaw.