• Lanvin Ad Campaign

    We love the new ad campaign for Lanvin!  Watch the models keep their high-fashion faces on while they dance to Pitbull.
  • Gross Magic's "Sweetest Touch"

    I'm definitely in love with this latest single from Brighton based band Gross Magic. You can listen to their debut Teen Jamz EP here! - Hazel
  • Desktop Jellyfish Tank

    Have you ever wished for your own pet jellyfish?  Neither have we, but after seeing plans for the Desktop Jellyfish Tank we're starting think it would be a great idea.
  • NZFW 2011

    New Zealand's had a rough time this past year, but the island is nothing if not resilient - and super talented. Speaking of which, New Zealand Fashion Week starts today showcasing the smarts of our favorite Kiwi labels like: Blak, Jimmy D, Huffer, Lonely Hearts, Stolen Girlfriends Club, twenty-seven names, WORLD and Zambesi. We'll be posting the best bits over the next week. - Nadia

  • One Management's S/S 2012 Show Package

    One Management's S/S 2012 show package is so cool.  We wonder if they come poster-sized?
  • Iconic Earrings

    Iconic Earrings has Buffy inspired jewelry!  We would prefer Xander and Anya earrings, but the rest of the cast will have to do.  Stop by their Esty page to see more characters from TV shows, movies, and pop-culture.
  • Theo Wenner

    Every photograph Theo Wenner takes is extraordinarily beautiful. I can't figure out why his name hasn't been on my radar before but I'm really happy it is now. A legend in the making for sure. X - Jen
  • Wooden Camera iPhone Case

    Photojojo's Wooden Camera iPhone Case was made to look like your favorite old camera.  It's perfect for those of us who started leaving our real cameras at home so we can use Instagram instead.
  • Lauren Moffatt Fall 2011

    Lauren Moffatt's Fall 2011 collection was inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder and is just too pretty to handle. If you want to look like a super stylish prairie girl, this is the place to shop! - Hazel
  • Tumblr Tuesdays: August 30

    Cosmic Spread

    Deep Pentagon

    Facial Awareness

    I Don't Practice Sanity

    Of Another Fashion

    The Daily Kev

    The Impossible Cool

  • Geoffrey O'Connor

    Geoffrey O'Connor's synthy pop is big news in Melbourne right now and this clip for his latest track, 'Whatever Leads Me To You', proves why. - Nadia
  • Black Sheep & Prodigal Son Half A Person Candle

    Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons have made quite possibly the coolest candle on the face of the earth. Yeah, your eyes aren't lying, it's Morrissey! Light it the next time you pull out the ouija board. X - Jen
  • Wowch

    These Wowch tees are awesome.  Where else could you find a shirt that has a cat sleeping on an American flag that is about to get eaten by a shark?
  • Spencer Wohlrab

    Spencer Wohlrab is taking the photos we wish we were taking.  His Diary is great, too. We especially love his story on "How to Run Away."
  • SGC N-Y-C Fall 2011

    We love the video for SGC N-Y-C's Fall 2011 collection.  It makes us want to call up our best friend for a girls night out.
  • Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update August 29

    The Levi's Bike Shop has already rolled halfway across the country and the crowds keep growing. By the time we reached Austin, TX we realized we were going to need bring on one more to join Errol, Capricia, and I on this whirlwind tour.

    As luck would have it, our man was waiting for us at the Urban UT Campus lot as the shop rolled up, asking if he could help the day of our pit stop in Austin. Little did he realize he was about to get recruited.

    Dustyn, one of Urban Outfitters' own and a mechanic from Fast Folks, was a natural for the job.  Dustyn has jumped right in to work opposite Errol and help sort through all the roughed up bikes. He has an infectious enthusiasm about bicycles, loves helping people figure out what's wrong with them, has a natural gift of gab, and a penchant for arm wrestling. 

    Dustyn taught this young rider how to put on her own bike bell. 

    We're off and running now as a four person team in Chicago, and gearing up for a group ride in tonight's Critical Mass.

    Today is also Dustyn's birthday. Happy Birthday pal and welcome to the team.

    Follow us on the road @GetInTheSaddle! —Dom
  • LCD Catsystem

    Because you definitely needed a kitty cat cover of "Dance Yourself Clean." - Hazel
  • (Photos via Oregon Manifest)

    Levi's Bike Shop Tour: August 29-September 3

    The Levi's Bike Shop Tour is making it's way across the American Midwest.  Don't miss your chance to get your bike tuned up and your jeans tailored—all for free!

    Omaha: RSVP Here
    Tuesday, 8/30
    UO Saddle Creek (745 North 14th Street)

    Boulder: RSVP Here
    Thursday, 9/1
    Pearl Street District (Pearl Street & 18th St.) 

    Salt Lake City: RSVP Here
    Saturday, 9/3
    Washington Square

    Check back for more information, updates, and on the road stories. Follow along with Dominic and the crew @GetInTheSaddle.
  • Music Mondays

    This September, keep your eyes out for the amazing photo shoot we did with artist Nikki Lane.  In the mean time, here are some songs to get you warmed up!
  • Arts & Leisure: Closing Party!

    Hopefully you've had time to shop, party, and see Dicked this month at the Arts & Leisure Pop-up Shop at Space 15 Twenty (1520 Cahuenga Ave).  If not, the closing party is this Saturday from 7-10pm and includes a 50% off sale.  Au revoir!