• Anna Winifred

    Anna Winifred's Snakes on a Chain necklace is price-available-upon-request. Nothing like the combo of 18k gold and B-movie puns!
  • Flickr Favorites: April 29

    "Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting." - John Green

    UO Flickr Pool
  • Kris Martin at Marc Foxx

    For those who've wondered what it's like inside a hot air balloon.  [via Juxtapoz]
  • Strathcona Stockings

    Oh, hello, coolest socks on the planet. Nice to meet you!
  • Joomi Lim

    There will always be a special place in my heart for costume jewelry and that's why I was elated when I heard about Joomi Lim. Everything she makes will look smashing with the full contents of your closet, whether you're going to the bar or the met ball. X - Jen
  • Your Travel Photos

    The theme of our next in-store magazine, WTVR, is going to be international travel. We asked you for your vacation photos from around the world– here are some of our favorites.

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  • RAFW 2011: Stolen Girlfriends Club

    Anyone who has covered a fashion week anywhere knows that a hellavalotta hours go into seven minutes (if that) of catwalk. So for this year's upcoming Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) we decided to grab our favorite designers before they hit the runway. First up is Marc Moore and the gang from Stolen Girlfriend's Club. - Nadia

    What is your latest collection, "The Big Comedown," all about?

    It's all about falling in and out of love – the lightness and dreamy state when you're in that bubble, contrasted with the pain, angst and bitterness of being dumped.  I'm always searching for two opposing themes for each collection. We have collaborated with a fine artist called Karl Maughan for the signature print of this collection. I was really moved by his work. Everything seems so perfect in his paintings but when you look a little deeper you can see a darker, ominous side. It's probably the most color we have ever used in a collection and the signature print is kinda crazy – after manipulating Karl's work in Photoshop the result is a super modern kaleidoscope of gardens and garden paths. 

    The signature print from Stolen Girlfriends' latest collection.

    We have also added this gothic-style paneling to toughen the print up – it gives the garments this feeling of body armor. Our muses for this collection are still the same. We always draw inspiration from our girlfriends and wives because they dress mega-fierce. If I can design something that they will love then I'm happy. I think they will like a lot of this collection...fingers crossed!

    Marc's "fully random" desk wall / inspiration board.

    How many hands on deck does it take to get ready for a fashion week?

    Quite a few. In the design department there is myself and Carina, we work side-by-side along with all our makers to develop the collection samples. Then we have our good friend Zara who styles the collection and puts the looks together.

    Carina isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

    Our main logistics guy, Hamish, ensures all the collection samples are shipped to Sydney in time for our model fittings– this is important! We have a full PR team (Little Hero) in Australia. Rae, Tanya and Dane all work on the press for the show, invitations and seating configurations and also sponsorship for the show.

    Zara has the styling under control.

    Our trusty producers at Alias Creative, Ali and Natalie, do all the ground work leading up to the event. They locate and secure the venue for the show, work out all the logistics of putting the show on, coordinate the special effects we need for production, manage our show budget, arrange model castings and call the actual show. As we are not based in Sydney, we really need to trust the people there to ensure the show is amazing. It's a scary thing when you're so far away and you have to coordinate via telephone, email and Skype. Luckily we have great teams here and in Sydney now. 

    Hamish and Pascale spend some quality time with a logistics spreadsheet.

    What music are you playing to razz up for RAFW?

    Right now I'm listening to a playlist that I made last time I was in NYC – it's called "New York!!".  It's pretty diverse, basically just songs that remind me of New York in some way. Bands like The Velvet Underground, Ryan Adams, Phoenix, Jay-Z, The War on Drugs, The Smiths, Q Lazzaurs, Yeasayer, The XX,  Hole, The Strokes, Florence and the Machine, Mark Ronson and Cut Copy.

    Stolen Girlfriends Club show at RAFW is on May 6.
  • Mysterious Strangers

    L.A.-based artist Derek Albeck will show off a new crop of work during the "Mysterious Strangers" reception at POVevolving Gallery (939 Chung Kind Road) Friday, May 13 from 6-10pm.  
  • Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

    Stevie Nicks's first solo album in more than 10 years, In Your Dreams, drops on May 3, and Rolling Stone is streaming the album on their website until then. And here are a few gratuitous Stevie photos for good measure. 
  • Lykke Li "Sadness is a Blessing"

    Holy hair extensions. And this video makes us want to get drunk and behave poorly at a stuffy family function. (Via Pitchfork.)
  • Handmade

    "Handmade" is a photo project from Etsy and Pictory showcasing modern-day craftsmen–surfboard shapers, mechanics, weavers and cheese makers– still getting their hands dirty in the face of industrialization.
  • Holy Ghost! "Wait and See"

    The real-life dads of Holy Ghost!'s Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser drink beer, skateboard and wake up with pizza in their beds in the new video for "Wait and See."
  • The 39 Steps

    This is your last chance to catch a performance of The 39 Steps, Alfred Hitchcock's hilarious thriller performed at the Walnut Street Theater.  The show is only running through May 1st, so get your tickets now! - Krista
  • Lauren Treece

    Lauren Treece's mastery of light makes for a dreamy portfolio drenched in Holy Mountain-inspired surrealism. 
  • Court High Waist Black Bells

    I think I have always been on the hunt for the perfect pair of bell bottoms that were more rock 'n roll than hippie and, sure as hell, my search has ended with these new perfectly cut bells from Court, exclusively in black for Bona Drag. X - Jen
  • Tom Haverfoods

    Mashed Potatoes are...
  • Rachel Chandler

    You've seen her photos all over Purple and surely spotted her at numerous events and now photographer Rachel Chandler has finally started her own Tumblr. Her photos are beautiful, though it'd be hard to take a bad snapshot of Carine Roitfeld or Patti Smith. X - Jen
  • Declared

    The entrepreneurial arm of Omaha's Amy Lynn Photography, Declared clothing had us at hello with this little number. 
  • Perks and Mini in Sydney

    Our friends at Bamboo Musik are playing the P.A.M. Sydney store opening after party at Goodgod this Friday. Read all about them here. - Nadia
  • Penguin Threads Deluxe Classics

    If you pick up a copy of one of Jillian Tamaki's special edition Penguin classics in the fall, it probably won't have an original hand-embroidered cover– instead, each book will have been treated with a special sculptural-embossing technique so you can feel (almost) every little stitch.