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Jessica Hart's Blog

Australian model Jess Hart is one of the biggest babes in the industry and has one of the coolest blogs on the internet, tracking her travels, outfits and much more. X - Jen

Japan Relief Event

This Saturday, April 2 from 1-4pm, please join us at Space 15 Twenty for the Japan Relief Event, where you can shop special merchandise from Stones Throw Records, get a cut or mustache trim from Rudy's Barbershop, do arts and crafts and pick up raffle tickets– 100 percent of the proceeds go to support The Real Medicine Foundation.  

Waiting for the Sun S/S 2011

New York is supposed to get snow tomorrow.  Hold on to whatever hope you have left for warm weather with this video from Waiting for the Sun sunglasses and maybe, in a few weeks, you too can paint your nails Tangerine Orange and relax in a kiddie pool. 

Steak Mountain x Blood Is The New Black

When Chris of Steak Mountain (of Against Me! cover art fame) told me he was doing a couple tees for Blood Is The New Black, I was elated. I knew they'd turn out to be the raddest shirts on the planet and boy, did he prove me right. Collect them all, because once they're gone, you're really going to be kicking yourself if you didn't. X - Jen

Joon and Jung

Joons and Jungyou are "designtellers" based in the Netherlands who make objects that "you see are strange, but you will find a way to use [them]."  We can think of a couple ways we'd like to use their pillow-blanket right about now.


Fani Vogiatzi splits her time between her home in Athens and the tiny island town of Amorgos, making these bags from "kourelou," a small kilim made of recycled strips of cotton jersey fabrics.


Nothing quite beats an afternoon at the skate park with your dog. Unless... 

Forage Bow Ties

Forage bow ties are handcrafted from found fabrics by Something's Hiding in Here.  All are self-tying and shipped in vintage-style mason boxes with metal loop closures– classy. 

Zoomorphic Collection

A fascinating look at taxidermic antiquities from collector Emma Hawkins, the daughter of industry veteran J.B. Hawkins.  The Zoomorphic Collection, being shown in London, boasts everything from hummingbird head necklaces to boxing squirrels. (Via Cool Hunting)

Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons Leather Wrists

I can't even begin to describe how soft and amazing these leather wrist bracelets are from Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. Whether you wear them peeking out from the sleeves of your hoodie or with your favorite shredded vintage tee, they are going to look amazing. X - Jen

Yowayowa Camera Woman

We know Natsumi is just jumping in her daily levitation photo blog, but what we can't figure out is how she makes it look so believable (and adorable). 

Bacon Toothpaste

Because there's only one way to get rid of that clean, minty feeling.

Tumblr Tuesdays: March 29


Leather Beer Holsters

The only thing that could make enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon beer lazier: A custom all-leather hands-free beer holster

Butch Anthony's Museum of Wonder

Alabama-native and former taxidermist Butch Anthony gave Etsy a tour of the "Museum of Wonder"– his junk/art shop– and more importantly, his absolutely beautiful home.  Never judge a book...


"Echoes" is the first chapter of just-launched brand MOONCHILD– 100% natural Alpaca fiber sweaters and fringed jackets made through the "prism of retro-futuristic psychedelic folk."  Not entirely sure what that means, but who cares when they look so damn cool.

Field Notes Colors: Dry Transfer "___ Edition"

Field Notes' new "_____ Edition" lets you customize your notebook with dry-transfer lettering, so you can label yours "I Love UO." Naturally. 

Vans X Jesse Jo

There's no denying just how completely RAD Jesse Jo Stark is. So, doing a collection for Vans makes complete and total sense and obviously looks pretty killer. Check out a behind-the-scenes look of the collection above! X - Jen

A Merry Mishap

A Merry Mishap makes geometric stone-like jewelry out of polymer clay. 

Cover Song Archive

Booooooom just launched its Cover Song Archive: "A collection of songs you know, by people you don't."  Two of those girls look familiar...