• Designed By: Hawks by Geren Ford

    The line: Hawks by Geren Ford and GF by Geren Ford

    The designer: Geren Ford

    Best holiday memory: Wandering 5th Avenue in the snow with my dad late at night after ice skating at Rockefeller Center. He lived downtown so Rockefeller Center seemed like a movie when I was little.

    Favorite holiday movie: It's a Wonderful Life.

    Best present ever given: A perfect vintage Rolex.

    Holiday shopping: get it done early, or last minute: Late now that I have the company and I love it!

    What present are you hoping for this year? Time off!

    Favorite holiday tradition: Long languid dinners with my favorite people on the planet.

    Most annoying holiday song: For this one I actually consulted with Jennifer Hawks (who the collaboration was named after—she's a big shot in the music industry and has a special disdain for holiday songs): "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire!!"

    Best New Year’s kiss: The turn of 2000 in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in paris while it sparkled and the streets were jammed with millions of people.

    Favorite things about the holidays: The turning of another year. It's always a marker for me and for whatever reason I grow much more still in December than the rest of the year. It's a nice change. The quality time spent with my close friends. My grandma's chocolate walnut fudge!

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  • Flickr Favorites: October 29

    Happy Halloween!

    Upload your photos to the UO Flickr Pool now.
  • Deanna Templeton Show

    One of the raddest art couples out there has to be Ed and Deanna Templeton.  They met when they were just teenagers (he was 15, she was 18), and have been snapping together ever since. Deanna's new show for her Scratch Your Name On My Arm exhibit, for which she photographed a series of young people letting their bodies be branded by their favorite idols and companies, is opening in L.A.'s Paul Kopeikin Gallery tomorrow night from 6-8pm.
  • Clarissa Labin

    After years of working for Dior and as head designer at H&M, Berlin-based designer Clarissa Labin has finally launched her own line of jersey-wear and knits.  With a yellow tunic of pillowy folds and a dress intertwined with a Rapunzel-like braid, this is one line where the devil is definitely in the details.
  • Local Natives "Who Knows Who Cares"

    Here's hoping your weekend is this much fun.  Read the exclusive Local Natives' tour blog here.
  • Street Culture Mash

    Street Culture Mash is a blog that was started by Mike Han (top photo) to try and promote street art and Detroit culture with the goal of making street art respectable and sustainable in today's culture. This logical outlook to positive promotion has definitely caught the eye of the city's youth.  Mike is also the co-publisher for I Am Young Detroit, which is another blog with the purpose of promoting the Detroit art, music and fashion scene, and through it, Mike was a guest writer for TIME magazine's website. 

    Also, follow Han on the Detroit Fixed Gear Facebook HERE and he will keep you posted on all of the noteworthy bike events in the D! -Aren

  • Moni Haworth for Exit Magazine

    Moni Haworth is easily my favorite photographer and we also tend to share a brain. When I saw these great photos she took of Sky Ferreira for EXIT Magazine, there was no mistaking it was Moni behind the lens capturing a real girl in all her beauty. X - Jen
  • Heavy Metal

    "We Are Ugly But We Have the Music" is the title of the latest jewelry collection by Stolen Girlfriends Club. If you've ever seen this crew you'll know that the first bit's a lie, but the second bit might be true– if the music is metal. - Nadia
  • EON Awards

    Instead of the plastic fangs-white powder-black lipstick combo this Halloween, we're thinking some of the elaborate looks from China Fashion Week's EON make-up styling awards might be in order. (Via Zimbio)
  • G/IRL Exhibit

    While you were tweeting your favorite Social Network quote, a whole slew of talented female photographers were using the internet to establish their careers.  G/IRL: Girls in Real Life is a new exhibit showcasing the photography of talented women using Tumblr, Flickr and other social media sites to promote their work.  Opening reception is tonight at 6-9pm at 300 W. 22nd Street at 8th Avenue.  By the way, you can promote your own work in the UO Flickr pool. 
  • Philadelphia Bike Expo

    We at Urban Outfitters love bikes.  Mountain bikes, racing bikes, cruiser bikes, tandem bikes...we should probably just start a gang.  Instead, we're sponsoring The Philadelphia Bike Expo this weekend, October 30 & 31, at the 23rd Street Armory in downtown Philly.  
    Helmet up and ride over anytime to catch bike-related seminars and exhibits, as well as a cocktail hour, a fashion show and a Halloween Party at Bonner's Irish Pub Saturday night.  

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    My So-Called Bike
  • Carolina Fontoura Alzaga Lamps

    Carolina Fontoura Alzaga combines her love of Victorian interiors and bike culture by making chandeliers entirely out of recycled bike parts, including gears, chains and brake pedals.  
  • Four Day Weekend

    We love music festivals, but between the mud, ticket prices and Port-o-Potty lines...sometimes we can't remember why.  Enter Sezio's Four Day Weekend, an "anti-festival" bringing eight west coast bands together for four nights of performances in an intimate, living room setting.  This year's event will kick off November 4 at Sushi Art in San Diego's East village, with a line-up featuring The Tree Rings, Dominant Legs, The Dodos and Avi Buffalo.  Additional cool points are awarded for the ticket price of $10-$15! (Via Holiday Matinee
  • Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience! Part 2

    You know you want to dance "The Freddie" every time you see it.  Here's your chance: Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience! is coming back to L.A. on November 13 at the Downtown Independent Theater.  Catch a screening of the '80s cult classic and Christina Applegate in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, plus a Q&A session with director Jeff Kanew and actor Keith Coogan! Get tickets here.
  • Justin Barlett

    Justin Bartlett created this work for Antisweden but how sick would this be as your new wallpaper? Hear that Justin? Make it happen! - Jen
  • Hello Sailor at The Grace

    This weekend's Hello Sailor Vintage Fair at Melbourne's Grace Darling is going to be bigger than Halloween! Kinda. Ok, not really. But with heaps of vintage summer-wear, home-wear and cheap (price, not quality) winter coats, it could come close. Runs on Saturday, Oct 30 and Sunday, Oct 31 from 12pm-6pm. - Nadia
  • VooDoo Experience 2010

    Where better to host a Halloween weekend music festival than the land of voodoo itself, New Orleans?  2010's Voodoo Experience is a massive three-day festival that will showcase over 100 acts.  Sure bets for a good time: headliners like Muse, Ozzy, MGMT, Interpol and Deadmau5 and high-quality openers like Florence and the Machine and Die Antwoord.
  • Ottawa Fashion Week

    Ok, maybe Ottawa Fashion Week is more like a weekend, but you can still expect beautiful Spring/Summer 2011 collections from Nixxi, LABEL, Adrian Wu and more at the National Gallery of Canada this weekend, October 29-31.  
  • Behind-the-Scenes Beauty: October 27

    Our resident hair-stylist and make-up artist Russell Oden is back with more of his new favorites he's picked up from this last week of making models camera-ready in the photo studio.

    Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal

    "Pixi Tint & Conceal is something I should save for last, but decided to start with! The top of this product is a concealer that should probably be called a brightener, since that's what it does, but when you unscrew the concealer it reveals a tinted moisturizer that blends beautifully. When I realized that my concealer unscrewed to reveal a tinted moisturizer, I felt like a kid at Christmas realizing his new toy did something else! I love this product!"

    Stila Eye Shadow Pans

    "This fall I am all about gray eyeshadow. If you look close at our girls' eyes online, you will see a subtle hint of heather grey– that's Diamond Lil.  This is a color that you could easily use throughout the fall and winter season."

    Tip: "To intensify the effect of any eyeshadow color, simply apply it with a wet brush.  I mist my eyeshadow brush with A Beautiful Life Toning Mist featured in last week's post, but you can use water.  Then, use a dry brush to contour and blend."

    JK by Jemma Kid I-Tech Liquid Liner

    "I used to be a bit nervous with liquid liner—you can easily make one hell of a mess. This is more a gel liner than a liquid. You can put it on thick if that's your thing. I go for more subtle drama and clean the applicator well before applying. It dries so fast and stays all day. I have used other liquid liners that flake off after a few hours, sometimes minutes, but this stays put."

    The Name is PRODUCT Pomade

    "I can’t get enough of this! I use just a pea-sized amount in our models' hair before we begin shooting for a bit of protection from the heat of my styling tools.  It’s also great help to soften and defrizz hair after a long day of outfit changes, and it's great for both men and women."

    Blow Up Root Lifter

    "I have been experimenting with root lifters for sometime now. I never really liked them because they either made the hair feel like crunchy straw or did nothing at all, but this actually works. The nozzle lets me get right to the root and helps me to achieve just enough volume that lasts all day."

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  • Paper Lilies Photography

    It's hard to believe Paper Lilies (aka Georgia native Michele) is only 16-years-old when her photography is so haunting and inspired.