• Symbols

    Joel Evey's latest collaboration with Medium Rare is Symbols, a zine where the name says it all. 
  • The Man Repeller

    The Man Repeller says things like, "Opening Ceremony is where the sexually active vagina goes to die," and "because nothing says "do me" like a buttoned-up crop top and harem sweatpants," and she will have you laughing out loud—just like we are right now. 
  • John Hughes: We Can't Forget About Him

    We accept the fact that we will sacrifice a whole Saturday in...remembrance of one of our favorite directors of all time.  Yesterday the Film Society of Lincoln gave word that it will hosting a two day event called "John Hughes: We Can't Forget About Him" in the Walter Reade Theater.  They'll be screening the good stuff too: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Home Alone, Sixteen Candles and of course The Breakfast Club.  Get tickets here starting August 5. (Via NYTimes)
  • Morgane and Salome

    Morgane and Salomé effectively combine femininity and functionality by sewing frilly collars, vests and lingerie that double as jewelry. Many of their crépe bras look equally lovely under a loose tank, or under nothing at all. 
  • Top Magazine Issue 2

    The second issue of TOP is out and somehow looks to be even better than the first, if that's even possible. I haven't been more stoked about a new mag in so long. Check out a quick glimpse into the issue above and then grab yourself a copy quick! X - Jen
  • Osborn Booties

    Slipping on these floral booties by Osborn must feel like a slumber party for your feet.  The entire shoe is made from velvet minus a padded leather sole.  Make that an ethical slumber party- the shoe is made in Guatemala city using fair-trade materials and factories. 
  • Hobes

    Hobes are simple shoes for people who appreciate the simple things in life. They are designed in Melbourne using buttery suede and sturdy canvas and come in sizes to fit girls and guys at a very simple price. - Nadia
  • Flickr Favorites: July 30

    So much beauty and movement from your photos this week, making it that much harder to choose just a handful.  See the rest in our Flickr Pool.
  • Danger Friends USA!

    Space 15 Twenty hosted UO's Got Talent, its first search for the most talented Urban employees in Southern California. Fire dancers, bands, poets, and musicians all blew away the crowd with their diverse and captivating acts. However, no other act blew away the judges more then Thousand Oak's own Danger Friends USA! and their performance. "We are influenced by a lot of early punk and new wave bands, and bands like Devo and Aquabats as far as our stage presence goes. We want to put on a show rather than just play a concert," says Danger Friends USA! frontman Jay Richardson, "Some other bands that we feel we sound similar to are the Hives, Murder City Devils, and any band with a wacky video game sounds." Currently, the band is gearing up to record a full length record and do a short tour, as well as working with a new manager. They are also going to be featured in the latest issue of AMP Magazine under 'unsigned bands.' Check out more here.
  • Tree Hotel

    Just how do you access Sweden's new Tree Hotel Mirrorcube room?  By rope bridge of course.  And why won't birds be colliding into it all day?  Infrared film that only they can see.  For $4,200 a night, they had better think of everything.
  • Peter Callesen

    With projects ranging from large scale staircase installations to thumb-sized angels trapped in birdcages, Peter Callesen's paper sculptures are amazingly intricate.  He only uses standard white printing paper, glue and some serious carving skills to create the kind of tragic themed art that would leave most people covered in tears and paper cuts. 
  • Chromeo "Don't Turn the Lights On"

    Sometimes a song can make your morning, and this is definitely one of those songs. Also, Chromeo has a ghost story—it involves wall-to-wall carpeting, and shows what good friends this unlikely duo actually are. Ah, sweet...
  • Kerry D'Noit

    No hyperbole, just the truth: This is the coolest airbrush work that we have ever seen. 
  • Margarita Saplala

    Margarita Saplala is a Phillippines-born and NYC based designer who makes some awesome silky/drapey dresses and slouchy pants.  For her Fall collection (soon to be released) she used hand-drawn patterns that borrow from fur, skin and feather textures straight out of the animal kingdom, like a long-sleeved sky blue tee that looks like wrinkled elephant hide.
  • You Just Have Your Eyes Closed

    Karl Hughes-Odgers is Creepy, a Perth-based artist whose illustrations peer from tall buildings and concrete pockets all over the city. On August 13 he will open a solo show, You Just Have Your Eyes Closed, at Perth's Turner Galleries featuring works on wood and canvas. Creepy is just one resident of the seminal creative space Last Chance Studios, home to artists such as Daek One and Kid Zoom. - Nadia
  • Karolina Eriksson

    Karolina Eriksson's patterns are intoxicating, and have names like "Conversations I've Never Had" and "People I've Never Met."
  • Erin Everly

    Erin Everly was Axl Rose's first wife, and the awesome pink hair dye that she's sporting in this photo probably lasted longer than the marriage. 
  • World War

    I am 100% obsessed with Biet Simkin's new band, World War. Her voice is brilliant and the music is so beautiful. If she's not the next big thing I don't know what possibly could be. X - Jen
  • Anna Selezneva in Dior Make-up

    Absolutely loving this photo of Anna Selezneva backstage at Dior. It's a ballsy example of this summer's bright-eyes trend. (Via Little Plastic Horses.)
  • Style Stalker Wipeout

    Style Stalker's new collection hints at scuba-wear origins using neon colored racer-backs and straps, and the Wet T-Shirt Dress is an ingenious way to live out spring break fantasies without getting raunchy.