• LCD Soundsystem Remix by Holy Ghost!

    This video is just like your average weekend. Face paint, bicycle jousting and drunk girls. 
  • The Making Time Welcome America Pool Party

    Sure, you could spend the Fourth of July with your family (Aunt Helen loves her some sparklers), or you could go to Making Time's Welcome America party with Sleigh Bells and Glass Candy. Yeah, thought so. See you there. 
  • Neverland Lost

    Neverland Lost: A Portrait of Michael Jackson by Henry Leutwyler easily transcends the medium of "book" to become something that matches the spiritual significance of a shrine with the psychological intrigue of a case study. It is also, naturally, a work of art, and it comes from one of our all-time favorite publishers: Steidl. As the publisher puts it, "These still lifes are as close as anyone will ever get to what Jackson once had, and ultimately left behind." 

  • Florence and the Machine "The Chain"

    Florence and the Machine covering Fleetwood Mac is like sticking the "You missed Glastonbury" knife in the heart and twisting it, twisting it...
  • Tristan Blair Leopard Boots

    I once heard a guy I know say that the more leopard print a girl owns, the more crazy she is. That said, I'd be perfectly fine with the mentally unstable label if I could alternate these Tristan Blair pony hair leopard boots every day of the week. X - Jen
  • Entrance Romance (It Felt Like a Kiss)

    Ryan McGinley put Carolyn Murphy through a lot of shit for this short film, but it looks like she's having fun, no? Also, a note on the YouTube page clarifies that not a goldfish was harmed in the making of the fim. 
  • Boot and Breakfast

    There was a young couple who didn't live in a shoe but went there for a romantic weekend getaway. The Boot is a two-story cottage surrounded by hazelnut trees, and it has a spiral staircase, second-story balcony, and a cozy fireplace. Basically, if you do not want to stay in The Boot, there is something wrong with you. 
  • Penguin 75

    Penguin Books turns 75 on July 30th of this year, and Penguinbooks75 explores the history of the groundbreaking publishing company. It's a look back at their archives and some of their iconic covers, and the site's a treasure trove for any literature or design buff. 
  • Pothole Gardens

    Pete Dunghey's Pothole Gardens highlight holes in the road in a very beautiful way. Would be a shame to see it get crushed by a car, though. 
  • Graceland: Asheville, North Carolina

    After many a day at many a Days Inn, it came as quite a relief to spend a few days at Cassie's aunt's house in Asheville, North Carolina. Their house, perched among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, provided us with an extremely well - received change from the highway side motel windows that we've become so accustomed to. Our lovely friend Saree came out from Chicago for the remainder of our trip back to New York, and it seems pretty safe to say that adding a third member to our party did a lot to bring some real-world sanity back to the two of us. As a trio, we discovered Sliding Rock-an amazing natural water slide and swimming hole at the base of some pretty majestic falls. Though it was hard to say goodbye to the home cooking and satelite TV, we packed up the Jeep to head for Summersville, West Virginia. Stay tuned to see if the town lives up to its alluring moniker!
    C & C
  • Stare A Bit

    Indonesia's Stare A Bit (STAB, for short) has one of the coolest lookbooks we've seen in a while. Facepaint. Yeow. 
  • Christian Louboutin Studded Slingbacks

    I've never been the biggest Louboutin girl but how can you resist studs, a bow and a very very high heel? X - Jen
  • Worms In Atlantis

    Massimiliano Bomba's new zine Worms In Atlantis is a trippy little endeavor which, according to the description, "includes worm teeth marks."
  • Music Mondays

    Lighters up.
  • Sun Airway "Waiting on You"

    Another beautiful collaboration between Klip Collective and Sun Airway, and an amazing letter featured on Yours Tru.ly. God, this is dreamy. Want to be on that beach right now
  • Scott Campbell Louis Vuitton Neck Tattoos

    Scott Campbell for Louis Vuitton: We saw this coming from a mile away. But seriously, who didn't? (Via HighSnobiety.)
  • Maison Martin Margiela

    From now until the 5th of September at London's Somerset House, there is an amazing Maison Martin Margiela exhibition celebrating 20 years of the most enigmatic contemporary fashion designers.  The exhibition features fashion, installations, film, and photography, all encompassing the designer's unique style.  The exhibition is open daily from 10 until 6. Definitely recommended if you're anywhere near London! -Molly Donovan
  • girl & the goat

    Stephanie Izard won Top Chef in 2008. What's she doing now? Opening a long-awaited restaurant called girl & the goat in Chicago. Scheduled to open this month, those impatient for a taste of the goods can scour Stephanie's website for delicious hints of what's to come (plus: recipes).

  • Burger Web

    Hamburger Harry runs the International Hamburger Hall of Fame and Hamburger Museum in Daytona Beach, Florida. Harry loves hamburgers, obvs, and here is his custom Harley, tricked out to look like a...well, you can tell what it looks like. 
  • Lux & Ivy's Favorites

    My pal Gabe Hart passed along this link to me and I thought I'd share it with you all: Lux & Ivy's Favs. A 11 volume set of compilations to download all the songs that either inspired The Cramps or were songs they covered. Too fucking cool. X - Jen