• Bohemian Rhapsody Icon: Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin was the embodiment of the 1960s: passionate, free-spirited and excessive to a fatal flaw. Her bluesy, throaty voice and powerful stage presence put her on par with male contemporaries like Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger and Joe Cocker, which was unprecedented for a woman in rock 'n' roll. 

    Her style was an extension of her personality—hippy, but no wallflower-child—and she was usually decked out in beads around her neck, wrists and fingers, flowing scarves and long loose locks, vests, feathers in her hair, tye-dye, velvet, bell-bottoms and anything else she fancied. A lot has been written about how Joplin never considered herself pretty, which is especially sad consider that her beauty, grace and style still have a little bit of fashion's heart. See more.
  • Kitty Caller

    The people sitting around you are gonna love this
  • Employee of the MonthNathaniel Wojtalik

    Nathaniel Wojtalik

    The first in our series of features that look at some of Urban Outfitters most interesting and inspiring employees, we talk to Nathaniel Wojtalik, a display artist in New York.
  • Piers Atkinson

    Since Piers Atkinson's latest collection is entitled "Sex on the Brain," it really doesn't take much to decipher these visual euphemisms. Wait, are these really even euphemisms?
  • Nadastrom

    It's Friday morning. You most likely went out last night. That cup of coffee isn't enough to wake you up. But this probably is. (Via Mad Decent.)
  • Warren Isensee

    Warren Isensee's paintings are visual layer cakes for those of us obsessed with geometric abstraction.

  • Unhappy Hipsters

    "Ever the realist, he built his table for one."
  • R.I.P. J.D. Salinger

    JD Salinger, author of iconic American novels The Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey, died at age 91. Salinger was a known recluse, and hadn't published anything since 1965. (Via The New York Times.)
  • Shula's Wigwam

    This Friday, Chrissie Abbott kicks off her new night of curated art and DJs (plus a bubble machine!) at Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch. It will probably be just as rad as you would expect.
  • Quadron

    Quadron's sound is a mix of jazz, '60s pop and stylized rhythms. It's quickly addictive, and our love for them is fueled even more by this incredibly sweet video that hints—merely hints—at love's darker side. 
  • Dracula Studio

    An art direction and design team managed by Elena Gallen and Alba Plaza, Dracula Studio snagged what is perhaps the best name ever. 
  • Twenty-Seven Names

    Twenty-Seven Names is another beautiful offering from down under—a collaboration between New Zealand designers Rachel Easton and Anjali Stewart. Catch the release of their next collection, Butter Not Bombs, starting February 25th at Good as Gold. Sounds rich.
  • Allston Store Opening

    Tomorrow night, a new Urban Outfitters opens in Allston at 226 Harvard Ave. How do we celebrate? With a party, of course. Come by between 6-8pm to catch a live DJ set by Taylor Walker and a performance by The Appreciation Post (above). Ten percent of the profits from opening weekend benefit the Coolidge Corner Theater, Boston's famed indie movie house. 
  • The Apple Tablet

    Today is Apple Tablet Day. As if you didn't already know. 
  • Von Sono

    Von Sono is designer Stephanie Osberg, a former design assistant at Bless. These are some of her anthropomorphic sweaters.
  • To Higher Places

    Maximilla Lukacs's video for Cavern Collection takes the brand's apocalyptic hippy look to a new level—and the clothes look awesome, too. 
  • Oregon Cats Classic

    On February 6 and 7, there's a cat show—"Featuring Championship, Premiership, Kittens, Veterans, Household Pets and Agility." Not to mention a costume contest. There are so many reasons not to attend, but you should really just ignore them and go.
  • Re:Collection

    Been looking for a good online archive of Australian graphic design from 1960-1980? Done.
  • Residual Energy

    To support the release of his Residual Energy zine, Ryan de la Hoz has an exhibition at Gallery Heist, opening February 5, of framed works and site-specific installation. 
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Skeleton"

    An atmospheric track and beautiful video from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to carry you through the afternoon.