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Camper Bike

Kevin Cyr's camper bike isn't such a bad idea, really. In addition to a functioning sculptural piece, he also immortalized it in a series of drawings and paintings.

Brian Dettmer

Atlanta-based artist Brian Dettmer crafts animal and human skeletons from molded cassette tapes, making beauty out of something as gnarly as an old MC Hammer single... (Via DesignBoom.)

The Year of the Wolfbat

Wolfbats come to roost at Space 1026 this Friday, with a woodcut installation that includes sculptures and murals, snakes, eagles, angry beasts and wolfbats, of course.

Rachel Freire

Central Saint Martins grad Rachel Freire is a fashion designer and costumer whose creations run toward the post-apocalyptic mind-blowing—with an emphasis on hair, and lots of it.


Okay Mountain presents SuperStupid, a look at the past 10 years of Devin Flynn's—the creator of Ya'll So Stupid—animation. It'll be stoopid, in a good way.

Miranda July Pillowcases

Australian brand Third Drawer Down has enlisted Miranda July to scribe two pillowcases. One says "Here you will dream of endless kissing," and the other says "Here you will dream of people you admire exposing your fraudulence." It makes choosing which side of the bed to sleep on all the more important.


Because you never know when you'll need Avoid the Noid, Naomi Campbell or Geo Tracker desktop wallpapers. It could be soon.

The Plane Jane Project

Cutie, almost creepy, little guys.

Lonely Hearts Club

Lonely Hearts Club SS10 is entitled Brains for Dinner, and the zombie-inspired collection is full of delicious amounts of black lace.

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez's shoes were most definitely made for gawking, not walking. (Via Style Bubble.)

Sunshine and Shadow SS10

A peek at the Sunshine and Shadow SS10 lookbook reveals a lot of bright colors and the surprising hotness that is socks and sandals.

Rafael Rozendaal

Prepare to zone out for the next, oh, several weeks or so. (Via Today and Tomorrow.)


With Maiden-Art's origami ring, give yourself to someone you love.

Showpaper Benefit

Showpaper, the volunteer-run, DIY publication of all-ages shows and art listings, is hosting a benefit tonight at Brooklyn's Kidd-Yellin gallery in Red Hook. Admission is $8-$25 on a sliding scale, so show up and show support. 

Brian Lee Studio

Robot Dixie is artist Brian Lee's eight-foot-tall robot, constructed from a piano, Barbies, Tonka trucks and matchbox cars. It's like a childhood dream come true.

Pretty Sneaky

 Pretty Sneaky lets you indulge in one of this season's biggest trends—fair isle—from head to toe.

Cardon Copy

The people behind Cardon Copy take fliers they find on the street, re-design them and hang the new fliers in place of the old ones. They would either get ripped down a lot less often, or a lot more.

Darkcloud Silver

Darkcloud Silver's DJ collection includes mini speakers, turntables, headphones and record crates. The headphone ring will set you back about as much as an actual pair of headphones.

Love Hotels

We'd ask which one is your favorite, but that might be getting a little too personal.

Freeboard Video Game

Still not really sure what Freebording is, but this is cool...