• Yvonne Lau

    For her graduate collection, designer Yvonne Lau decked her models in giant, sparkly letters. We hope she got an A. (Via Dazed Digital.)
  • Writtenafterwards

    Susie Bubble posted about Writtenafterwards and designer Yoshikazu Yamagata's special projects, and this giant bra and undies set was so incredible we had to re-post. Imagine driving through the country and coming across a truly humongous pair of grannie-panties blowing in the breeze. It would be enough to make you wreck your car. (Via Style Bubble.)
  • Peace One Day

    The brainchild of British documentary filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day is a global movement calling for ceasefire and non-violence on September 21, and the campaign has resulted in the United Nations unanimously adopting September 21 as Peace Day. This year, we're selling exclusive Peace One Day T-shirts, and all proceeds go to the Peace One Day campaign.
  • BLAND Halter Playsuit

    I have yet to ever see a playsuit that really makes me say WOW until I spotted this haltered number from BLAND. Designer Teddy Willoughby has become a fast favorite of mine since I saw his first show and he knows exactly what he's doing, especially if he made me fawn over a playsuit. X - Jen
  • College Night

    Asher Roth loves college, and we do, too. The Salt Lake City Urban Outfitters (at 12 S 400 W) hosts college night on August 29th, from 5pm till close. Stop by to see performances by DJ Shanty, Lasergold and Agape, and get 10 percent off your purchase when you flash your student ID.
  • Umbrella Pot

    The Umbrella Pot works when rainwater, dripping off your wet umbrella, trickles down and waters the plant. What a great way to be green and lazy at the same time.
  • Ethel Verduzco

    Ethel Verduzco's photography is rich in color and fun, and in this self-portrait, she shows that she's just as intriguing as her models. (Via Antler Mag.)
  • Ann Demeulemeester Winged Headband

    Ann Demeulemeester's winged headband is perfect for angels considering a crossover to the dark side.
  • Permanent Vacation AW '09

    Permanent Vacation's fall collection arrives, with denim batik, after-ski stuff, and lots of cozy plaid. It's pretty damn sexy—or that could just be the models.
  • Juliana Beasley

    Julana Beasley's City Heat series captures some very awkward, very real moments from the beach.
  • Lara Stone Curates Not Just A Label Shop

    Fashion's favorite face—and body—of the moment has got be Lara Stone, and there's even more to love in September, when the supermodel curates Not Just A Label's shop. Hot, hot, hot.
  • Flare Magazine

    I don't think anyone (apparently not even Madonna) can pull off these LV bunny ears quite as well as Daria Werbowy has for Flare Magazine. Maybe it's the leather pants or that she'd look amazing wearing a burlap sack but this cover has me sold. X - Jen
  • Nicholas Kirkwood

    Nicholas Kirkwood's AW '09 collection is filled with suede, snakeskin, and some seriously sculpted heels. We dare you to walk a mile in these beauties. 
  • Wool And The Gang Knit Kit

    Even if you have never made so much as a scarf, you'll still want to get the Wool And The Gang's Knit Kit because it's just that cool. 

  • Ohio Is A Piano

    Andy Woodruff is a cartographer, and after maping out the counties of Ohio, he made a discovery: Ohio has 88 counties and a piano has 88 keys. Thus Ohio As A Piano was born, so map out a route and listen to the tune. 
  • Amanda Blank In-Store Performance

    If you're in NYC tonight, stop by our store at 14th St. and 6th Ave. to catch a free, in-store performance by Amanda Blank. The trash-talking Philly rapper is back on the East Coast before she starts touring with Matt & Kim, so you can see her on what's almost her home turf. Show starts at 7pm. Don't be late, or Amanda will be pissed! Kidding, kidding. She won't care, but you'll be mad at yourself.

    Eugenia Kim of Eek!

    Though her collaboration with UO is called EEK!, hat designer Eugenia is definitely not a meek little mouse.

    Emma Fletcher of Fletcher by Lyell

    Emma Fletcher, the designer behind Lyell and one of our newest collaborations, Fletcher by Lyell, gives us a peek inside her inspiration files.
  • Anrealage

    Within a sea of women searching for the perfect leather, Anrealage's excessively draped take on the classic moto jacket is incredibly refreshing. X - Jen
  • Cheeming Boey

    Cheeming Boey draws on styrofoam coffee cups. It's as simple as that, and yet it's awesome.