• Your Golden Opportunity is Coming Very Soon

    Your Golden Opportunity is Coming Very Soon

    Photographer RJ Shaughnessy's book, Your Golden Opportunity is Coming Very Soon, is a simple black and white collection of the aftermath of scrapes and fender-benders. Viewed together, the photos are eerily and unsettling, and serve to remind us that we really never know what's around the bend—it could be another bend.
  • Chanel Paris-Moscow Pre-Fall Accessories Video

    I honestly don't know how they do it. This Chanel Pre-Fall video brings you into this fantasy mindset for just a few minutes before reality sets back in and you then realize you are unfortunately not one of the lucky girls trying on one of those spectacular headdresses. Nice 7 minute daydream though. X - Jen
  • Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

    Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

    It’s officially BBQ season and with it comes the need for BBQ music. Our recommendation? Nick Catchdubs and Mr. Ducker’s Radio Friendly Unit Shifter mixes. The two volume series, presented by Mishka, cuts up 90’s alt rock (Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, etc.) into BBQ-sized doses.
  • Vans Pony Hair Hi Fi LX

    Vans Pony Hair Hi Fi LX

    With a release date not happening until August, I will be waiting on pins and needles for these Hi Fi LX pony hair Vans to land on my feet! Just can't get over how incredible they are! X - Jen
  • Kim Gordon's Daryl K Vintage Collection on eBay

    Kim Gordon's Daryl K Vintage Collection

    Seriously, there is only one thing that could be better than scoring vintage Daryl K—and that's scoring vintage Daryl K worn by an actual rock star—which is what you can do now. We're helping Kim auction off more than 20 items ranging from vinyl pants to tapered jeans and brocade jackets, each piece was worn by Kim Gordon and comes with an autographed tag, complete with description of when and where the item was worn. All of the proceeds will benefit Community Resources for People with Autism, a charity of Gordon’s choice.
  • Cool, Casual, by Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    Cool, Casual, by Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race, the conceptual New York-based fashion line, has now created Cool, Casual, a collection exclusively for Urban Outfitters that combines clever construction with a humorous, quirky, and casual aesthetic. In conjunction, the Slow and Steady Wins the Race pop-up shop is now open at Space 15 Twenty, as well as Slam Dunk, a Slow and Steady Wins the Race-curated art show at Space 15 Twenty’s Gallery Space. Here, you can find the entire Cool, Casual, lookbook, and a special video Slow and Steady Wins the Race created just for UO.
  • F%#k Cander We Love Justin

    F%#k Cancer We Love Justin

    On Friday, June 5, Poketo will host a silent art auction to raise money for artist Justin Van Hoy, who's been battling leukemia. Participating artists include Kime Buzzelli, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Ye Rin Mok, and Shepard Fairey, and all the money raised goes directly to Justin and his wife, Holly.


    Do you have a coworker who always asks you "What's the capitol of Minnesota? How long do you microwave a baked potato? What time is it in Sydney?" Or a brother who calls you long distance to ask the dollar to Euro exchange rate and is it hot in Norway right now?—when you have no fucking clue about any of those things? Send them here.
  • Alexander Olch

    Alexander Olch

    Opening Ceremony finds a way around the skinny-model debate, and employed a few of these beautiful faces to model Alexander Olch's ties. (Via Refinery29.)
  • Summer Camp

    DC pools are a mythical thing. Everybody's got a cousin with a brother whose ex-girlfriend still has the access code to that one you heard about on that roof in Adams Morgan, but somehow that never seems to work out. The tides change this Saturday, May 30 when BYT is hosts its first weekly Summer Camp at the Capitol Skyline Hotel (10 I St., SW). Every Saturday from 12PM to 8PM, now until Labor Day, it's $10 admisson for bands, DJs, fun in the sun and—most important of all—a real, live swimming pool.
  • The Putting Lot

    The Putting Lot

    The pleasures of a summertime game of mini-golf isn't something that New Yorkers typically get to experience, but with the opening of The Putting Lot, a few rounds of put-put are close at hand. Or as close as an L train to Bushwick. The Putting Lot is a usable art project of sorts, as it takes an empty lot and aims to make it a community space, complete with nine holes and a snack shack. Each hole is being designed by a different team of young designers and/or architects, so this little slice of urban suburbia will still be about as Brooklyn as you can get. (Via The New York Times.)
  • Boone's Farm and the US Air Guitar Championship

    Boone's Farm and the US Air Guitar Championship

    If you previously thought Boone's Farm was only for those with learner's permits, think again: It's now for air guitarists, too. Boone's Farm is now the official beverage sponsor of the US Air Guitar Championships, and is even debuting a new flavor, Sunshine Pink, with the event. Hopefully, this sets a precedent for future such partnerships: New York Fashion Week Brought to you by Colt 45, maybe?
  • Henry Holland Meets...

    Henry Holland Meets...

    Who wouldn't spill their guts to this guy? Henry Holland puts his formidable interviewing skills to use for a video series for British Vogue: "I’m here with Alexander Wang. We’re going to ask him very probing questions. Or not. Whatever.”
  • Space 15 Twenty Blogger Shop Day

    Space 15 Twenty Blogger Shop Day

    Blogs are a great way to covet someone's wardrobe, but now at Space 15 Twenty's Blogger Shop Day, you can actually buy someone else's wardrobe. Fashion blogs such as Fashion is Poison (pictured), Lulu and Your Mom, Fashion Intel, Taghrid and That's Chic are among the many who are generously letting you snap up their own personal goods for a song, and the event's hosted by Alexi Wasser of I'm Boy Crazy.
  • image

    Twitter the Movie

    The world cannot get enough Twitter. Or Twitter jokes. At least we're praying it's a joke—we wouldn't want to sit through that, even if it was only two seconds long. (Via The World's Best Ever.)
  • image

    Le Fashion, Le Love, Le Smoking

    A trio of well-curated image blogs dedicated to clothes, romance, and cigarettes—two things a girl can't live without, one that she really should learn how to.
  • The Music Tee

    The Music Tee

    LNA and Invisible DJ paired up to make the Music Tee, which comes with a tracklisting on the back and a code to download an exclusive playlist with songs from the likes of Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Afternoons, Magic Arms, Holmes and WAZ. Sounds good.
  • Luxirare Ice Cream

    Luxirare Ice Cream

    Luxirare makes Black Truffle Ice Cream, which would be the Coco Chanel to Ben & Jerry's Kathy Ireland. Um, yum...
  • Lamar Langston

    Lamar Langston

    Lamar Langston's photoblog is refreshingly free of all that stuff you expect to see on a young photographer's blog.
  • Tiny Art Director

    Tiny Art Director

    When a parent scathingly critiques their child's art, it's mean. But when Bill Zeman's daughter (age 4) scathingly critiques his art, it makes for a hilarious blog. For example, of the above monkey drawing, which was done at her request, she said "Stupid ugly angry monkey. I hate him." Chronicle will publish a book of Zeman's collaborations with the Tiny Art Director next spring, and she'll probably have rejected a lot more of his work by then.