• Street Fighter IV

    Street Fighter IV

    I've dabbled in Street Fighter for years, but never had the patience to learn all the combos. I was the typical button mashing n00b. However after getting a hold of Street Fighter IV for PS3, I may be fighting game born-again. The graphics, sound, super- and ultra-moves all work together to really make me want to learn combos and special moves for the first time in my gaming life: There's nothing more satisfying then ending a match with a brutal 17+ combo.
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    Just a few hours outside DC lie the Shenandoah Mountains and MACRoCk: Harrisonburg, VA's annual Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference. Sure, you could wait for Medications, Obits, and the other 80+ East Coast bands to roll through the Black Cat, or you could throw caution to the wind, jump in your ZipCar, and spend April 3 & 4 catching shows, doing small-town thrifting, and enjoying small-town beer prices. It's your call.
  • My Little Pony Goes Emo

    My Little Pony Goes Emo

    We're pretty sure that My Little Pony has always been emo, but these charms from Brisbane-based Wenopia are cute/sad enough to wear with your best Get Up Kids T-shirt.
  • BikBok


    Norwegian high-street chain BikBok features Fashion Squad blogger Carolina Engman in their latest campaign shot by Isabel Watson. Not only do we want everything in this photo, but we want to be in this photo. On the way to get slushies. Then go to the beach. Sigh. Summer.
  • All-Occasions Stamp

    All-Occasions Stamp

    Ji Lee's all-occasion stamp eliminates for a drawer full of single-purpose cards. Just stamp and check the box that applies. "Go to Hell" has such a nice ring to it.
  • Gods Prey

    Gods Prey

    Gods Prey is a new clothing line spawned from Sean Reveron and Meghan MacRae of Rockers NYC and their first collection, The Night Marchers, is just beyond what I had expected. A variety of wonderful pieces make up the new line and if you so wish to, an incredible head to toe look is provided and perfected. X - Jen
  • Hall of Records

    Hall of Records

    Listen to vinyl and buy it at the same time this Friday at It's a Beautiful Pizza, where Hall of Records hosts its vinyl swap/sale featuring a collection light on its feet but heavy on rare soul, funk, breaks.
  • Summer Wind

    Summer Wind

    Summer Wind, a thematic photo show curated by Elizabeth Santry and featuring work by Santry, Christoper Luxton and Bobby Whigham opens this Friday at Reward. June can't come fast enough.
  • Ladyhawke at Studio B

    We were lucky enough to catch Ladyhawke at Studio B last night, one of the Kiwi's three stops in the U.S. To be entirely honest, she was not a thrilling live performer—seeming more the lead singer in a band than a solo act. But still, we've got to give her props on the Axl Rose attire and smoke machines, which made it seem more like 1989 than 2009.
  • LSTN #4

  • Surface to Air Sao Paulo

    Surface to Air Sao Paulo

    Reading the interview with the new Surface to Air Sao Paulo branch (add this to the NY and Paris offices) had me so excited. This company can really do no wrong in my eyes and beginning with a new collection inspired by old S2A pieces can only mean wonderful things to come. X - Jen
  • We Are Taupe

    We Are Taupe

    Taupe is a new design collaboration from DC artists Victor Aguilar and Mark Keeler. The premise is all lofty-sounding ("a convergence of art for art’s sake, and art as consumable product"), but what it comes down to is that they make cool stuff and sell it - and we're definitely into the limited-edition run of hand-screened posters that make up the current catalogue.
  • Mickalene Thomas

    Mickalene Thomas

    Mickalene Thomas's images of glamorous, bejeweled women are all the more sparkly because the paintings themselves are bejeweled,with thousands of rhinestones that Thomas painstakingly applies. Catch her works on display at the Lehmann Maupin gallery through May 2.
  • Earth Hour

    Earth Hour

    This post should really be tagged "Everywhere" instead of "Elsewhere": This Saturday at 8:30 pm local time, it's Earth Hour, where people around the world show concern for global warming by turning off all the electrical devices in their home or office for one hour. So far, 2,848 cities in 84 countries have pledged to participate, so break out the candles and board games. Or better yet, go outside and go for a walk.
  • Anything can happen, but it probably won't.

    Anything can happen, but it probably won't.

    Jesse Brown and Aaron Harris's two-person show at Cairo Gallery offers more than just a great name.
  • Philadelphia Film Festival

    Philadelphia Film Festival

    The Philadelphia Film Festival kicks off today, with a full schedule of screenings through April 6. In addition to highlighting local filmmakers, the festival also shows an extensive roster of international independent cinema—and a gory splatter of horror films, too. Many films are already selling out, so plan ahead and buy tickets stat.
  • Apple Jackets

    Apple Jackets

    No, not the cereal: Apple jackets, to keep them bruise-free and cozy.
  • Jon Feinstein

    Jon Feinstein

    After we posted about Scanwiches, a very nice reader named Erica directed us to Jon Feinstein's scanned fast food. It looks a little messy. Imagine the interoffice emails that were sent out: "Whoever is responsible for the tartar sauce on the scanner, please be aware that this is a violation of office policy and refrain from scanning Fillet O'Fish in the future."
  • Plazm


    Plazm is a working design collective with clients such as Nike and MTV, and it still finds time to produce an incredibly high-quality art and literature magazine. For those really interested, there's a video on their website of every page they've ever published (28 issues over 15 years), as they are turned by the hand of an intern. Here's hoping someone bought the intern lunch that day.
  • Jack Peñate - Tonight's Today

    Jack Penate "Today's Tonight"

    Wow. There are so many surprises in this video, we can't even begin to list them.