Young + In Love

    Love is a many splendored thing, and in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we bring you four lovely couples who are smart, cute, creative and, from the sound of it, pretty fun to hang out with. And as they prove, as much as love is about romance, it's also about fat cats and getting caught in the rain
  • LSTN #3

  • Nerd Merit Badges

    Nerd Merit Badges

    Give that nerd the recognition they deserve: Nerd Merit Badges. We're crossing our fingers that nerd-sashes start popping up around the office.
  • Mike Mills at Pool Gallery

    Mike Mills at Pool Gallery

    Mike Mills' The Only Way Out Is Through opens this Friday at Pool Gallery, and presents a collection of drawing, pamphlets, data and music and video installations.
  • Rabbit on the Run

    Rabbit on the Run

    Rabbit on the Run's winter collection is a wee one—only three items—but it includes this limited-series sweatshirt, which looks about as cozy as curling up by the fire under a futuristic, pixellated Navajo blanket.
  • Pendleton and Opening Ceremony

    Pendleton and Opening Ceremony

    At this point, we can't wait for spring, but here's one reason to skip spring and summer and move right on to Fall: Opening Ceremony's collaboration with Pendleton, which hits in August. We can't wait to wear flannel again, and we're already wearing it right now! (Via Refinery29.)
  • Harley Boots

    Harley Boots

    While there's no comparing to the classic motorcycle boot that everyone has a pair of, I have to say I am really into this new pair I spied from Harley Davidson over the weekend. X - Jen
  • Yunju Lee

    Yunju Lee

    Aw, if we had a nickel for every time we've worn a shirt with a stain and just pretended we didn't know it was there, well, we'd be able to buy a new shirt. Central St. Martins grad Yunju Lee wants you to stop hiding those stains and be proud of them. And, with ketchup dribbles, lipstick smooches and inkblot brooches, even fake 'em if you have to!
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    One Sound Each Day

    Taylor Deupree took one Polaroid a day for all of 2008. For 2009, he's moved on to sounds, recording one sound a day and posting it on his aural blog. Our favorite so far is January 22: His cat Pixel, asleep on his desk and snoring away.
  • Wood Wood X Edsor Bow Ties

    Wood Wood X Edsor Bow Ties

    Wood Wood's paired up with German tie makers Edsor to create this natty little number. Goes well with a bell and basket, surely.
  • The Book Cover Archive

    The Book Cover Archive

    The Book Cover Archive presents a highly-curated collection of modern and classic covers, searchable by photographer, art director, publisher, author and genre. Whoever said "Don't judge a book by it's cover" obviously wasn't a graphic designer.
  • Missbehave Goes Digital

    Missbehave goes digital

    We're sad that Missbehave will no longer present us with a wealth of colorful pages to flip through, but we're happy that at least they're sticking around online.
  • Skye Parrott

    Skye Parrott

    Aside from having a beautiful name, Skye Parrott also creates beautiful, dreamy images, many of which are presented in Perfect Days, her show opening tonight at Galerie Plume.
  • Inner City Snail

    Inner City Snail

    Slinkachu's new book, Little People in the City, documents his art—which, if you're not paying attention, might end up stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Another project is Inner City Snail. We imagine a lot of waiting went into this one. (Via Beautiful Decay.)
  • Shigenobu Twilight

    Not a purse perfume, but Shigenobu Twilight is amazing nonetheless. (Via iainclaridge)
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    Jethro Lazenby Cave by Hedi Slimane

    Hedi Slimane's latest subject on his Diary is named Jethro Lazenby Cave. He is the son of Nick Cave and has basically blown up within the last week while he's been in Paris walking in the menswear shows. He takes the half short and half long hair to new levels while channeling his Dad and will probably be seen everywhere by summer. X - Jen
  • The Laughing Man

    The Laughing Man

    The Laughing Man is D.C.'s newest buzz band. Believe the hype.
  • David Horvitz

    David Horvitz’s art plays with the ideas of patronage, value, and ephemerality. For one project, he’s trying to raise $1,626 for a trip to a small Okinawan island called Taketomi. If you donate more than $100 to the cause, he’ll send you an envelope filled with a rare star-sand once he gets there. At last check, he’d raised $27 toward the journey.
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    Mini Arcade

    Now you can decorate your cube of solitude with these tiny, toy versions of your favorite arcade cabinets from years long gone. In the wise words of one of my elders, "Holy nerd dream!"(Via Gizmodo)
  • Pistol Youth

    We'll never look at Betty White the same. This is what nightmares are made of.