• Lauren Porter Knit Ferrari

    Lauren Porter Knit Ferrari

    In this economy, it'd be crazy to buy yourself a Ferrari. Better just to get yourself 12 miles of yarn and make one instead. (Via What's Wrong With the Zoo.)
  • Catalog: The Illustrated History of Mail-Order Shopping

    Catalog: The Illustrated History of Mail-Order Shopping

    In this tome, author Robin Cherry traces the catalog from the farming supply days of Montgomery Ward to the infamous J.Peterson and all the goods in between—from submarine to aquarium bathtub—once available to be shipped to your door.
  • Peter Beste

    Peter Beste

    As one of our graphic designers said, "If there were two subcultures I wouldn't want to fuck with, it'd be Norwegian Black Metal and Dirty South Rap." In 2008, Peter Beste released a book called—what do you know—True Norwegian Black Metal, and 2009 promises to bring his monograph of Houston Rap Culture. It's his world and we just live in it.
  • Fleathers


    This brassy collection will make you remember just how much fun dangly earrings can be.
  • Yiorgos Kordakis

    Yiorgos Kordakis

    In his current show, Global Summer, Yiorgos Kordakis presents hazy photographs of vast beachscapes giving the uncanny impression of miniature isolated dioramas. Through January 24 at M+B Gallery.
  • Goodone


    Do I, punk? Do I? (Via StyleBubble.)

    Ilirjana Alushaj

    Ilirjana Alushaj, our latest About A Girl, is the charismatic lead singer of Apache Beat and she’s also the editor and founder of online magazine The Pop Manifesto, which features exactly what the name might suggest—pop culture taken seriously and intelligently.
  • Mercedes Salazar

    Mercedes Salazar

    A more polished version of the bracelets you pick up on vacation and keep on until they're moldy, wet pieces of string, Colombian jewelry designer Mercedes Salazar bases her Putomayo collection on traditional South American designs, but updates them with a magnetic sterling clasp.
  • Isaacymanu


    You don’t need a protractor to wrap your head around Paris-based Spanish designer Isaacymanu’s geometrically-inclined garb.
  • Smith + Butler

    Smith + Butler

    Newly opened Brooklyn boutique Smith + Butler has everything a little hipster heart could desire: APC fragrance, Filson bags, Manimals moccasins and even vintage motorcycles.
  • A Thing For Me from Metronomy on Vimeo.

    Metronomy - A Thing For Me

    The new video for Metronomy's 'A Thing For Me'
  • Jon Burgerman Color-In Wallpaper

    Jon Burgerman Color-In Wallpaper

    Remember being little and getting yelled at for drawing on the walls? Here's a chance for revenge. Brought to you by Jon Burgerman, the U.K artist famous for his doodles, this color-in wallpaper gives you the chance to indulge your inner ornery brat without getting put in time out.
  • Noir


    What is the future of sustainable fashion? This.
  • New Rock Church of Fire

    New Rock Church of Fire

    New Rock Church of Fire is as up-and-coming as they come - in just a year they've gone from opening up at Velvet to selling out RnR - and finally they've got the full-length to prove it. Pick up Of the Wild at their record release party this Saturday, December 27 at 8PM at 9:30 Club.
  • Dice Magazine

    Dice Magazine

    Quite simply, Dice is the Easy Rider of motorcycle magazines: groovy, indie, and stylish as fuck.
  • T-Post


    With T-Post, the news just got a whole lot more interesting—and less depressing. Sign up for a subscription, and the company mails you a T-shirt—with a news article printed on the inside—every six weeks.
  • Recycle Wrapping Paper

    Recycled Wrapping Paper

    Rip open your gifts guilt-free this year with recycled wrapping paper, such as this design from Fish Lips.
  • Hansel from Basel

    Hansel from Basel

    We just really appreciate a good pair of socks.
  • Luella Bartley and Linda Farrow

    Luella Bartley and Linda Farrow

    Luella Bartley's much loved SS08 collection was largely inspired by Ghost World's wisecracking Enid (played by Thora Birch), and the look relied heavily on heavy, square black glasses created for Luella by Linda Farrow. Now the glasses are available to all, so that you too can accentuate the negative.
  • We Are Experienced

    We Are Experienced

    Photographer Danielle Levitt spent years documenting the teenagers in We Are Experienced, and the resulting cross section includes pageant queens, prom goers, suburban goths, band members (both punk and marching), skaters, Wiccans and wanna-bes. The result is a compendium of adolescent life more accurate than any yearbook could ever be.