• Nilay Lawson

    Nilay Lawson

    Fans of DC's APES will recognize Nilay Lawson's work from the album art for their latest record, Ghost Games. Her first multimedia solo show, If You Didn't Know What This Was, Would You Know What This Is?, opens this Saturday, November 1 at Transformer Gallery (1404 P St., NW) and runs through December 6.
  • : "Fuck This Life

    Fuck This Life

    Sayeth Biggie Smalls: "Fuck the world, don't ask me for shit." Sayeth Weirdo Dave: "Fuck This Life." (Via The New York Glob.)
  • Nothing But Trouble

    Bad Newz Productions Presents Nothing But Trouble

    The difference between Halloween and just a regular night out is that most of the time, you want to stay out of trouble. On Halloween, you go looking for it. You can find it here: Bad Newz Productions Nothing But Trouble; 11pm-4:30 am. $20 gets you all you can drink at 1935 N. Front St.. It's all you can dance, too, with DJs Strawberry Mansion, Mason & D-Star, DJ Curlylocks, and DJ Rico; and bands We Thieves, London Victory Club, and Philadelphia Slick.
  • Kistune Noir Mixtape: Hellaween

    Kitsune Noir Mixtape: Hellaween

    Don't you sometimes wish there was trick or treating for grown-ups? And you could go door to door in a witch's hat and people would fill up your plastic pumpkin with beer, cab fare and hunks of brie? Oh, well. Kitsune Noir brings us an intentionally horrific mixtape with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Lil Wayne, and the Ghostbusters theme song.
  • Pegleg NYC Womenswear

    Pegleg NYC Womenswear

    It only makes sense that when Pegleg NYC branches out into womenswear, they make leggings. Pegleggings. (Via Refinery 29.)
  • Totally Halloween Skate Jam

    Ever wanted to watch a bunch of guys in costume consume free drinks and skate a bowl? Here's your chance! The Totally Halloween Skate Jam: Don't Miss the Destruction happens this Sat. at 7pm at the Philly Warehouse, Alter St. between 17th and 18th, with free drinks and costume and best trick contest. Sponsored by Totally, Kinetic, Bones, Exit, and Zola. Final note: Please don't park on Alter Street. Please.
  • Fluo Kids

    Fluo Kids

    One of the best things about reading blogs in languages you don't speak is that you occasionally come across posts with titles like this " J'avale une bouteille et j'mendors avec du Wu Tang," and somehow it all makes sense. (Photo by kidpaparazzi.)
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    Deerhoof Offend Maggie Video Premiere

    San Francisco foursome Deerhoof have a new album Offend Maggie, out this month on Kill Rock Stars. We called firsties on the title track video, which was directed by Vice Cooler of Hawnay Troof and xbxrx. You saw it here first.
  • Our Thing #1: A Creative Community

    Our Thing #1: A Creative Community

    We think the best thing about living in Philadelphia is all the creative people who chose to call it home, so this is our own paean to the City of Brotherly Love. Philly is a city that thrives on cooperation rather than competition, so from Space 1026, the collective nexus of art happenings, to Diplo’s legendary nights as one-half of Hollertronix, we think you’ll agree that this thing of ours is a good one.
  • Worship Worthy Sex Dress

    Wearing the Worship Worthy Sex Dress at home for someone special? Good idea. Wearing it out in public? Probably kinda like in that episode of Arrested Development where Lindsay goes to visit her dad in prison while wearing a shirt that says "slut."
  • Rubitone


    Unfortunately, industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto's Rubitone cube is just a concept. If it wasn't, we'd know what all the graphic designers on our list would be getting for Christmas.
  • David David SS09

    The video for David David's SS09 collection, directed by Zaiba Jabbar, showcases David's signature colorful crazy prints, and though we can't say for certain, we're pretty sure there's a halter-top body suit in there (whoa!). The video is also set to a song by Philadelphians Santogold, Amanda Blank and Diplo (holla!).
  • Tompkins Square Park

    Tompkins Square Park

    On August 6, 1988, Lower East Side residents united to protest New York City's attempt to impose a one a.m. curfew in Tompkins Square Park, a move that would have effectively displaced the many homeless living in there. Demonstrators clashed with riot-gear clad police, and the ensuing violence set to boiling a neighborhood already seething with drugs, poverty and social unrest. In Tompkins Square Park, photographer Q. Sakamaki collects many of the photographs he took at the time—they are raw, gritty and entirely involved, and present a valuable history lesson for anyone who's ever bar-hopped their way down Avenue A.
  • The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

    The aural/visual dichotomy of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is half the appeal: Copenhagen-based TAGT is Mette Lindberg, an icy blonde pixie, and scruffy hoodie-and-sneakers clad Lars Iverson, and they make handclap party jams so infectious even your parents might like them. TAGT's first digital EP, Around the Bend, dropped yesterday: Full of Lindberg's sultry pop vocals and soulful, funk horns and snares, it's as much fun as getting wasted at your best friend's wedding and dancing with all the groom's elderly relatives—but then going home with the hot cousin.
  • Patagonia Synchilla Fleece

    Patagonia Synchilla Fleece

    This fall, we've partnered with Patagonia to re-release two of their classic Synchilla fleece styles (No, not chinchilla!) in their original, bright colorways and an updated slim fit. Patagonia was one of the first clothing companies to pioneer socially and environmentally responsible business practices, and since 1993, their fleece has incorporated post consumer recycled plastic bottles. The Snap-T is made from 80 percent recycled fleece, and the Zip-Up, 85 percent. Both crepuscular-rodent friendly styles are exclusive to UO.

    Rapscallion for UO Interview

    Brooklyn-based designer Samantha Pleet graduated from Pratt in 2005, Pleet established her design studio, working on rebellious, fantasy-filled collections. Continuing in this vein, Pleet frolicked on her enviable rooftop with jaw-dropping views of Manhattan to tell us the story behind Rapscallion, her new collaboration with UO.
  • Something, Something Else

    Something, Something Else Tuxedo Coat

    Let this be the winter that you finally buy yourself a proper coat, like this tuxedo-inspired one from Natalie Wood's Something, Something Else. You'll never have to wear that dress/North Face-fleece-hoodie combo again.
  • I'm on Fire

    I'm on Fire

    Obviously, no one does it better than the Boss, but check out these two female singers covering of one of our favorite Springsteen songs, "I'm on Fire." British folk singer Catherine Feeny delivers a classic, raw acoustic cover, while the Chromatics' is haunting and electric. Both versions, though, reiterate that Springsteen was one sexy guy, which makes us wonder what Bruce really meant when he sang about "dancing in the dark."
  • Cooperative Designs

    Cooperative Designs

    Cooperative Designs is Annalisa Dunn and Dorothee Hagemann's Parliment-Funkadelic-meets-the-Jetsons knitwear label, and this is definitely the most far-out adult onesie we've ever seen.
  • Lina Rennell Punk Pillows

    Lina Rennell Punk Pillows

    Granted, we'll probably never find ourselves shouting "OMG, those throw pillows are so punk rock!," but we still like these simple, hand-printed hemp "Punk" pillows from Lina Rennell.