• 'Sup Magazine

    'Sup Magazine

    We are magazine junkies. We love to hold them, free read them, caress them, stare at their covers, bring 'em home and stack 'em up, tear their pages out, and generally just geek out on them. So we find it especially honorable when print mags like 'Sup Magazine post the entire contents of each of their issues online. Not only does it help us get a taste, but it makes us fiend to buy/hold/ogle the actual hard copy itself. We need a Philly newsstand to pick this title up...like, now.
  • Godard in the 1960s

    Godard in the 1960s

    Yes, the metro ride to Silver Spring is a weary one, but if you've yet to Red Line all the way to the AFI Silver Theater then now is the time for action. The theater's "Godard in the 1960s" series runs through June 3; we have it on good authority that the pizza at nearby Adega goes perfectly with French New Wave.
  • April 77 Needle & Thread

    April 77 Needle & Thread

    Hot on the heels of launching their own record label, April 77 have released a new collection called Needle & Thread. I have a fond affection for their jeans (with their signature pocket for your guitar pick) and am very stoked to see they're back with new moto jackets and fringed trousers that I'm sure will be a hit.
  • Being True Closing Reception

    Being True Closing Reception

    Nike's “Being True – 22 years of American Youth” touring event is wrapping up tonite with a throwdown, er, closing reception, at 222gallery from 7 to 9 pm. In addition to the 22 photogs on display (that's a nod to the 22 years the Dunk has been around) expect a proper dose of mayhem from hometown mic-wreckers Yah Mos Def and the brainbash of Pink Skull.
  • The Ampersand

    The Ampersand

    One thing we don't do often enough here on the UO blog is recommend other blogs that have caught our eye. The Ampersand is just that: a blog about ampersands. (Via swissmiss.)
  • Tugboat Printshop

    Tugboat Printshop

    The title of this print is "Adornment in Treasure: Dazzling Crystal Headpiece" and we sure as hell wish we had one of those headpieces to wear to a fancy soirée or even in our bedroom when the sun is setting and everything is all rainbow crystally awesome. We also want to point out that Valerie Lueth, who is one half of the Tugboat Printshop, hand-drew and etched this bad boy onto a copper plate and ran it on a press so we're reeling from the whole involved process. (Via LPP.)
  • Slick Rick Pardoned

    Slick Rick Pardoned

    Rejoice people, your prayers have been answered. New York Governor David Paterson has granted Slick Rick, né Ricky Walters, a pardon for the 1990 shooting of his cousin and an innocent bystander. The pardon should allow Walters to remain in the US. (Via Papermag.)
  • Solid Gold Rags

    Solid Gold Rags

    Couple everyones favorite burnout shirts with iconic images of Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy and you have what have become my favorite shirts from the amazing Solid Gold Rags.
  • Art In The (Still) House

    Art In The (Still) House

    If you want to see some great up and coming artists who all currently reside in NYC, check out Still House. Their artists all work across different mediums, go to school in NY, and have created a nice new collective for harnessing their creativity. Founders Alex Perweiler and Isaac Brest are artists themselves, and that comes across in Still House's intelligent site design and content. These guys are on to something good. Peace, Spacey Tracy xx
  • Roadkill


    Killer handmade skull ring by Roadkill that, in their words, is "good for when you find yourself in a fistfight or something..." Interesting, wonder what that something would be? (Via Now.)
  • Hatnim Lee

    Hatnim Lee

    Photographer Hatnim Lee may currently be Brooklyn-based, but that's not going to stop us from working that DC-birthright angle to claim her as one of our own. If you missed her solo show at Transformer last month, you can catch up on her recent projects on her blog, which is updated daily.
  • Vice and Vanity

    Vice and Vanity

    Hailing from Singapore, Vice and Vanity have some of the most interesting jewelry I've ever seen. Throw on this Cait collar necklace for your next night out and you'll surely be envied by everyone you meet.
  • Dan Funderburgh

    Dan Funderburgh

    Can you see our mouth? Well, it's been hanging open ever since we came across these stunningly ornate "tools" designed for the Fellow Traveler show (up now at the Rivera gallery in BK) by Dan Funderburgh. We can't identify whether they are leather or rubber or wood (?) but we will vouch for their beauty. (Via +KN.)
  • image

    How To Go Big

  • Animals On The Underground

    Animals On The Underground

    Fulfilling today's cute quotient, this bottlenose whale can be found swimming in the twisted maze of tunnels that is the London Underground. (Via It's Nice That.)
  • RVCA X Cinelli x Barry McGee

    RVCA X Cinelli x Barry McGee

    In Italy the bike obsessed are called fissati, or fixated...another way of saying maniacs. This RVCA and Cinelli Pressure collaboration is bound to drive even more bike nuts insane. The first bike, by artist Barry McGee, will be showcased at the Pressure launch event at SF's VASF Gallery, on Thursday, June 19th, from 7pm to 10pm. The frame kit will be available for $2,100.00. Don't you remember when pure joy could be attained simply by bombing a hill on your Huffy?
  • Lanvin pair up with Acne

    Lanvin Pair Up With Acne

    Alber Elbaz has let it be known that he is going new levels with Lanvin and creating a line of jeans with everyone's favorite denim brand, Acne. His main goal is creating a Lanvin jean with an Acne spirit that will appeal to a wide variety of women. Cannot wait for this.
  • KAWS circa 1997

    KAWS has been blogged to death over the past 5+ years and we're definitely guilty of giving him additional exposure. That said, this video is worth a few minutes of your time as it documents his extremely creative and prolific transitional period of subverting bus stop and phone booth ads. This work garnered a tremendous amount of press and speculation and resulted in the internationally lauded post-graffiti art star we know today.
  • Persian Jigsaw Rug

    Persian Jigsaw Rug

    This modular "rug" from Katrin Sonnleitner is made from a recyclable mixture of synthetic and natural rubber and lets you create your own Persian style rug from jigsaw shaped pieces. You better have alot of coffee -or alot of time on your hands- to get this crafty. Definitely for the Virgos. (Via Torc.)
  • Terry Tennies

    Terry Tennies

    We know how hard it is to find the proper sneaker to match your aqua terrycloth robe. Well, your search is finally over. (Via the coolhunter.)