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    Happy Halloween Part 2

    Yes, you heard us correctly. They assembled this unbelievable feat of engineering specifically to hurl pumpkins long distances. The 2007 World Championship Punkin Chunkin starts Friday.
  • Lindsay Reps UO

    Lindsay Reps UO

    Whether you love her or hate her...we're giving her props for rocking our bag.
  • Hillary Lang

    Hillary Lang

    These pincushions by Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls are the epitome of cuteness. We want to eat them, even though we usually don't snack on felt. (Via sfgirlbybay.)
  • Play Food

    Play Food

    We love this playground in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Who needs swings and monkey bars, when you can have bacon slides and giant fried eggs?
  • Happy Halloween

    Halloween love from your friends at Urban Outfitters. (The Halloween Song by Evangelicals)
  • Last season goes vintage

    Fruition Las Vegas

    Las Vegas, the city of bad fashion, goes good. Fruition Las Vegas expands it's already amazing collection of vintage streetwear with Jeremy Scott's current and past seasons collections.
  • Jeeyun Lee

    Jeeyun Lee

    Jeeyun Lee got in touch via the blog. Her chrysanthemum drawing reminded us of Robin Cameron's wandering hand.

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  • My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow

    Part 2 of the “Do Your Homework" (aka the Western Indie Rock Canon) series: If you don't own MBV's Loveless drop whatever you're doing and get it.
  • Rare Device

    Rare Device

    Brooklyn-based Rare Device opens up an SF outpost this month, bringing a carefully-curated collection of art-meets-craft to the Bay Area. San Franciscans, prepare to trade your cash (in person!) for little fox necklaces and handmade wishbones.
  • Creepin' On The Come Up

  • Haute Alcohol Monitor

    Haute Alcohol Monitor

    Chanel's Spring/Summer 2008 collection gives you your very own alcohol monitoring anklet with out the hassle of getting arrested. Inspiration comes from the strangest places.
  • Pete Goldlust

    Pete Goldlust

    We would like Pete Goldlust (amazing last name by the way) to carve a castle out of giant sized crayons for us to live in.
  • Fighting


    Fighting is two dudes...Niall and Lukas...but it's also art and online zines and projects and t-shirt ranges. They've updated their site.
  • The Man Who Souled The World

    The Man Who Souled The World

    If you're in any way offended by the above image, you're going to have to take it up with Steve Rocco. The man behind World Industries/Big Brother Magazine, and the subject of the new documentary The Man Who Souled The World, Rocco singlehandedly wreaked havoc in -and re-ignited- the early 90s skateboarding industry.
  • Bryce McCloud

    Bryce McCloud

    Bryce McCloud understands the value of adhering to tradition. When he's not running the business side of the Isle of Printing shop in Nashvegas, you'll find him on the business end of a lino tool, carving his illustrations into linoleum block.
  • The Silver Ages

    The Silver Ages

    Lock up your grandmothers! It’s The Silver Ages, specializing in drinking and singing traditional close harmony men’s chorus tunes from the early 20th century. Um…yeah, we can’t even sorta explain this, but we love it a lot. Basically, a bunch of dudes from Philly indie bands thought it would be a good idea to form a glee club. Really. And it turns out they were right! Even Jens Lekman thinks so. Catch them before they get signed to a major and sell out like all the other glee clubs.
  • Walker Arts Center Teens

    Walker Arts Center Teens

    Waaaay more than sweet gold fronts, the updated Walker Arts Center Teens program site features blogs, links, events and art (and a smart split screen nav to boot).
  • Summer Video

    1, 2, 3, 4...It's the video from our summer catalog, with music by the lovely Feist.
  • Holy Fuck - Milkshake

    Totally lysergic and mindblowing animation at work here.
  • Cat Power - Could We (live)

    Cat Power takes it to the stage, er, runway, at Chanel Haute Couture SS07.