• The Like

    We Like The Like

    L.A. band The Like are cute as hell and gifted in the way of the dreamy pop hook.
  • Motel Gallery

    Motel Gallery

    Portland's Motel Gallery has an impressive roster of artists. A fave from the list is Megan Whitmarsh, whose knitted, intergalactic worlds featuring yetis, crystals, boomboxes, and Flying Vs are pure gold.
  • image

    The Ponys Kansas In-Store

    More FreeYrRadio madness. This time The Ponys ripped it at our Lawrence, KS store. (Donate to KJHK here. More pix here.)
  • Smile Forever

    Smile Forever Zine

    There is something so sweetly demented about the characters in Michael Sieben's artwork. If you're quick, you can grab his latest zine, which is a signed edition of 200.
  • C.H.U.N.K. 666

    What is C.H.U.N.K. 666?

    We think they say it best: "C.H.U.N.K. 666 is a mutant bicycle jaunting club, tallbike youth brigade and civic betterment society based in Portland, Oregon, USA."
  • Jen Stark

    Jen Stark

    Jen Stark probably wasn't thinking of her future when they handed her the safety scissors back in kindergarten. 20 years later she's busting out these intricate, kaleidoscopic, rainbow construction paper explosions.
  • selfportrait


    Selfportrait is a new online artist community where you can post your photography, studio art, film, writing or whatever creative juice you're sippin'. We liked the cosmic factor of the Eric Shaw piece we found there.
  • Suupa Pop

    Suupaa Pop

    Suupaa Pop: Package Design from Japan is going on now through May 25th at The Gallery at AIGA National Design Center. Check check it out. (Via Fly)
  • Liness

    Deanne Cheuk's Creative Juggernaut

    Australian export Deanne Cheuk is an unstoppable tidal wave of creativity. Whatever she touches - art direction for Urban Outfitters' catalogs, her portraits of celebs, the apparel line Liness (which finds her teamed up with Rilla Alexander of Rinzen) - is imbued with a sense of the sublime and ethereal.
  • Quiltsryche


    Bed down with one of these evil rock quilts and you're guaranteed some heavy metal dreams. They're one-of-a-kind and come from the sinister studio of Boo Davis.
  • Late Spring 2007 Video

    A video from our late Spring catalog.
  • Dazed

    May Dazed

    Counting the days until the new Dazed.
  • Marc Jacobs

    On Your Marc

    Super cheap and seriously limited, these Marc Jacobs totes are only $12. Unless of course you miss out in stores - then they're as much as the stranger bidding against you on eBay is willing to pay. (Only for sale at Marc Jacobs stores.)
  • Chau Frau

    Chau Frau

    Philadelphia artist Kris Chau makes pretty pictures of pretty girls. Check 'em out here.
  • Preen

    Sarah Style

    We heart Sarah (you know her from our catalog and our website, right?) and it's good to see her getting some shine. Here she is taking charge on the cover of Preen, one of our favorite new mags.
  • Klaxons

    Klaxons Chicago In-Store

    Klaxons showed up at our Wicker Park store on Sunday for their Free Yr Radio gig and blew doors. (Donate to WLUW here. More pix here.)
  • April Playlist (streaming)

  • The Whitest Boy Alive

    Geoff McFetridge strikes again. This time he provides hand-drawn animation for The Whitest Boy Alive's beautiful "Golden Cage" video.
  • Uffie


    Uffie, part of the Ed Banger heat pack, spits brat-tastic electro-rap over squiddly finger snaps on her recent "Pop The Glock" and "Hot Chick" 12"s. Stay out of her way -or don't- as she's already let us know that she's "Ready to Uff". Dangerous.
  • Miami Winter Music Conference

    Let the Rhythm Hit 'em

    This is how they do in Miami when the Winter Music Conference is in town. (Via The Cobrasnake.)