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Sticker Nation

Get your sticker paper ready! Issue 3 of Wallspankers is out now. Check out their site to download the PDF sticker zine, featuring over 250 black & white stickers. This issue showcases work from 80 artists, including Mista Breakfast, Ryan North, Pedro Lourenco and Amy Rice.

Good Morning

If the start of your day usually consists of falling out of bed 20 minutes late and rushing to the train with a stale bagel in your hand, take a little inspiration from 3191 A Year of Mornings. Created by early-rising friends Stephanie and Mav, this collaborative photoblog is their way of sharing their mornings with each other every day for a year.

One Thing Leads to Another

Tim Fort’s kinetic art illustrates just what can be accomplished by a man with a plan, plenty of spare time and an arsenal of dominoes. (Speaking of spare time, you’re about to experience six whole minutes of domino rally madness. You’d better be sitting down.)

Foreign Films

The French music blog La Blogotheque films bands performing out of their element, from Islands walking down the street to Jens Lekman in the middle of a school gymnasium. They call them Concerts a Emporter, or “Concerts on the Go.” Filmed on the spot with a simple camera and microphone, they capture some pretty amazing musical moments.

Back to the Future

If hindsight is 20/20, what does that say about foresight? Find out here, where you can write yourself an email and have it sent sometime in the future. Not into talking to yourself? Browse around and read other people’s emails to themselves, from the hilarious to the tragic to the just plain strange.

New Year New Art

My 2007 is an exhibition at Colette of work by tons of artists, such as Amber B, Fafi, Shepard Fairey, Jeremyville, Ryan McGinness, Gary Baseman and Takashi Murakami. Each piece represents what the artist hopes for in the coming year.

Mick Noses Was Here


He was here


When: Friday, January 5th Where: Urban Outfitters/935 Rush Street/Chicago What: Tunes, pictures, people Why: Why not?