• "10SNE1?" by The Harrys

    Harry and Harry of The Harrys are the creators of the second Crush video "10SNE1?".  Find out what their favorite sandwiches are, who they're constantly crushing on, and why Erik is playing tennis all alone.

    Introduce yourselves!
    Our names are Harry. One of us is browner than the other; one of us has larger ears. We can both agree on liking sandwiches (in general) though one of us is a meatball hero kind of guy, the other a prosciutto, asiago and fig spread kind of guy.

    How did The Harrys come together?
    We grew up together in the same building and had a lot of play dates. Now we make videos together.

    What was the inspiration behind "10SNE1?", the Crush video you made for us?
    We liked the idea of a guy playing tennis against himself because that’s how we feel everyday.

    Tell us about Erik, the tennis player.
    We met Erik in Ohio but he now lives under the Long Island Expressway.

    How about the grandma in the video?
    That’s Bernadette Coughlin, she’s a method actor who has been preparing for the role in our video for 85 years.

    What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get the attention of a crush?
    We killed a homeless man and ate his heart. JK, we didn’t eat the heart.

    Who are your crushes, past and present?
    Can we say Susan Sarandon for both?

    Describe the perfect Valentine's Day date.
    It involves a sea bass and a smooth surface.

    Give us your best pick-up line!
    Girl, I’ll make your tuna melt.

    What will you be doing on Valentine's Day?
    One of us will be with his girlfriend, the other hopelessly alone.

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