• 10 Years of Justin

    In case you didn't hear, we are all going to be blessed with a second installation of Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience. Set to be released September 30, the album's release date will also coincide with (ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?) a Justin Timberlake tour. He's also doing a tour with Jay-Z this summer (because bestiez always tour together), but the fall tour will be his first solo outing since 2007. That's six years without Justin! And I can't even believe that his first solo album came out way back in 2002 (much love, Justified). So, in honor of 10-ish years of solo Justin, and the month of May, and everything else good in the world, let's take a look back at J. Tims illustrious solo career. —Katie

    "Cry Me A River" 2002
    Remember when this first came out and it was like, "Oh my god, Justin is so edgy! This is about Britney! Cool dance moves! Hot bod! Did you see the way that sliding glass door shattered!?" And then it's 2013 and you watch the video again and get a little depressed because you realize Justin was actually being a total weirdo stalker and even the sexy countertop dance moves don't help us forget that? Me too. :(

    "Senorita" 2003
    If you ignore Justin's baggy & casual cargo khakis, then this video is pretty much timeless. Everyone in it is so hot. Justin was on his A-game with his head hair and face hair in this video. Also, the red-dress-wearing dancing girl is someone I still aspire to be if I'm ever trying to woo someone at a bar. Of course, when I attempt to be her, it looks more like this, but it's the thought that counts, right?

    "SexyBack" 2006
    I mean, do I even have to tell you about the cultural impact this little ditty had on the world? No. I do not.

    "My Love" 2006
    This is when we realized Justin had thrown all his fedoras in the garbage for good ("Goodbye, hats! I am now a serious artist!"), and was now permanently doing the "I'm a cool, sexy guy in a suit" thing. Which was sad for a minute because Justin in legit clothes isn't as fun as this. But the beauty of this song helped us move on.

    "Babyback Ribs" 2002
    And also, how can we ever feel sad when this video is just a short YouTube trip away? LYLAS forever, dude.